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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am new to Alfred. I have a small question. I want to search inside documents of a certain file type. I have used the "in" prefix which seems to work, but it does not work along with file filter i created. For example, my filter is extension .gaml which is basically a text file with that extension to suit as a input to a particular open source software. While this file filter works, I am unable to use then use the "in" prefix to search inside this gaml files. could someone suggest how i can use both "in" and file filter? Thanks Sri
  2. Hi there, Is there a way to do a "Find" or "In" on a particular volume or folder only? For instance, if I were interested in searching my Dropbox folder only, for a file named (Find) or that contained the words (In) "Blue Sky". Can this be done? Also, can an action be taken on a file in Recent Documents? For instance, if I type Preview, and then select Recent Documents, can I take an Action on one of those items? Perhaps Mail it or Move it? If so, how to I activate the options for the actions? Normally I'd hit Tab or Fn to get the Actions for an item, but this doesn't work for Recent Documents. Am I not doing something right? Thanks! Jeff
  3. Hi there. Is there any way to search "in" of a filtered list of files? I.E.: Search the word "phone" inside all the files that contain "update" in the name. Sure there's a way but I can't realize it. Thx.
  4. I have the latest Mavericks and Alfred and use Alfred's find and open without trouble but 'in' isn't working. You'd expect 'in' to use find then open then a search for the string, but 'in' doesn't even give the same found list as find and open; and 'in' sometimes can't find files at all when find and open can. The function 'in' seems to work sometimes, and when it does you'd expect to be shown the document page with the found string highlighted but it doesn't do this - what it does is to open the document at the page it was at when it was last closed. Also, 'in' doesn't like to find anything containing numbers.
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