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Found 6 results

  1. Quickly move your vectors into Keynote or PowerPoint Dependencies: svgtoppt CLI Libre Office macOS (tested on Catalina and El Capitan) Commands: svgtoppt install basic - Installs svgtoppt CLI under a folder svgtoppt install complete - Install Libre Office then svgtoppt CLI under a folder svg - Convert SVG file to PPT Customize: 6 environment variables Download: GitHub Website: svgtoppt.com Any questions/issues feel free to reach out. This an automated version of the manual solution posted by Kyle Ledbetter.
  2. Here's a workflow that uses Applescript UI scripting to save the currently open Keynote document as a PDF. It uses the print dialog rather than the Export... menu item to give more flexibility in the layout etc. I've tried to comment the script so that the selections can be easily customized. It stops once the Save... dialog is open, so you can change the filename before saving if desired. This was an interesting project, which will save me lots of mouse clicks in the long term. It's surprising how little Applescript seems to have been written for Keynote. --- Updated 2021-01-05 for Big Sur and Keynote 10 Updated 2014-01-31 to fix Applescript UI click issue introduced with Mavericks ( http://macscripter.n...=170632#p170632 for details ). Still only works with Keynote '09. Updated 2014-04-02 to work with Keynote 6 (finally Apple has restored Applescript to the new iWork!) There are now two keywords kpdf - for use with Keynote 6.2 k5pdf - for use with Keynote 5 (i.e. iWork '09 version)
  3. Hey, folks! I need the keyboard shortcut alt+cmd+c to copy styles in Keynote and to open canvas options in Photoshop. Alfred (Powerpack) has taken over this combination globally to open the clipboard snippet window. How can I disable or modify this (and other) shortcuts in Alfred v2? I haven't found a help or forum topic on this, but that could be my bad searching. Thanks in advance for links to the right stuff and/or answers. - horncologne.
  4. Keynote Remote Manage your presentation of Keynote with Alfred Remote iOS App Support Open Keynote, Start presentation in fullscreen, resume presentation and move to back next slides How to install Download package in this link and open with Alfred 2 and then go to Remote tab click in + button > workflow and click in Keynote Remote menu. Enjoy Screenshot
  5. iCloud files that someone shares with me via for example Pages or Numbers, don’t show up in Alfred. Is this a known issue, and are there manageable workarounds?
  6. Hello everybody, I wanted to share with you a little Alfred 2 workflow (based on two AppleScripts) I use to prepare my laptop for a presentation. It switches off certain applications, mute the volume, and it starts Caffeine. You can adapt it very easily for your needs. A corresponding AppleScript starts the application and increases the volume again. You can download the workflow here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5qu6jgfjeqbqii/Presentation%20Mode%20ON%3AOFF.alfredworkflow?dl=0 You can find a little bit more details (e.g., the used AppleScripts and how to make changes) here: http://www.helmuthauser.com/blog/2014/applescript-to-prepare-your-laptop-for-a-presentation Have a great day! Helmut
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