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Found 9 results

  1. It'd be so much easier to read large type of the background was blurred out, especially on screens with lots of windows
  2. I would like to see a possibility to change Large Type to a layout with two (or more) columns. If you have a long text, the font size is quite small. It does not take a lot of words and the font size is to small to read. The effect is even bigger, if you use formatted text, like poems or lyrics. But there is a lot of space besides the text that is not used. Just add to the Large Type visualisation dropdown the two options: Fill the Screen (2 columns) Fill the Screen (3 columns) Or even better, the layout will switch automatically to a column layout, when the font size ist smaller than x.
  3. It would be great to add the option to use a monospaced font with Large Type. I like to use Large Type to show the output of a shell script and a monospaced font would help to keep things aligned. For example, at the moment I want to pop a calendar with columns and rows by using gcalcli and the ouput that I get is not readable since all the columns are not aligned. I think the best option would be to have a global setting in the preference menu and to have another option in the Large Type workfow item that would override the global setting. This way, workflows that need the option can use it and the others will keep using the user preference. Or this could be an option with a selection of multiple fonts (with some monospaced fonts included) that Large Type can use... Right now I can output to a file and call qlmanage to pop the QuickLook preview, but I find it quite slower and I can't close it with the keyboard. Or maybe this will be possible with Alfred 3 or there will be more output options !? Looking forward to what you come out for Alfred 3 !! Thanks!
  4. Hi! I often try to display a piece of text from the Clipboard Viewer in Large Type, using its assigned hotkey (Cmd+L). It seems so natural to me, but it doesn't work. Instead, one have to copy and paste again the desired element in Alfred main window to display it in Large Type. I think it would be a nice little addition Thanks for considering!
  5. As a coder I often use Alfred's wonderful large type key command to quickly display snippets of code to colleagues without all the other distractions on my screen. If alfred provided built-in syntax it would make this much nicer. If built-in is too heavy, I'd be happy to do the syntax highlighting myself, but alfred still needs to provide a method of colorizing Large Type output through a workflow. ASCII escape sequences are one option, but I'm sure our friends at HQ can think of a better solution.
  6. The "Show Alfred on mouse screen" option is a great addition ; however, Large Type has not joined the game. Using Large Type with the latest version of Alfred and the mouse cursor (and Alfred's prompt) on a secondary screen, the Large Type displays on the primary screen instead of the mouse screen as expected. Can we get Large Type to display on the mouse screen when the "Show Alfred on mouse screen" option is selected? Thanks! -Burke I'm running OS X 10.8.4 and Alfred v2.0.6 (203).
  7. large type at present fills the screen right to the edge - this actually makes reading it a little harder, especially for multiple lines - how about adding margins on both sides? the worst it can do is make the size ceiling lower, or add lines.
  8. When creating a workflow, delivering {query} to both the 'Large Type' and 'Copy to Clipboard' output options causes the setting 'Automatically paste to front most app' within 'Copy to Clipboard' to not complete. Screenshot: http://db.tt/Fk4vqGKQ
  9. I love the idea of outputting to 'Large Type' rather than to 'Growl' or 'Notification Center'. Looking at workflow outputs, there is an option to output to 'Large Type', which fills the screen with whatever text you specify. How do I specify the maximum size font used for this? or is there a way to choose where this Large Type appears, and how large the area is? I am looking to output text & results to a nice 'Little Box' with text that is a little more sensibly sized. Thanks.
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