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Found 8 results

  1. So I recently installed a community workspace for Alfred and I see it's passing a query to a Python script - which brings me to my question. Where can I see the source of this script?
  2. Good morning folks. I make use of the network location capabilities within OS X and presently the fastest method of switching profiles is by using the option in the Apple menu (Apple > Location > profile). Would it be possible to add this switching capability to Alfred? Perhaps using the keyword 'location' followed by the designator; e.g., 'location home', 'location work', 'location lab', etc. Thanks and great product!
  3. Good Morning. Long time Alfred User/new poster on the forums. I greatly appreciate all the hard work workflow dev's provide to give us fantastic tools. I did have a request if you can point me in the right direction. Is there a workflow to quickly disable/enable location services in OS X Yosemite? That would be very useful. Thanks in advance!!
  4. It is very difficult to get a user's current location via workflow. Alfred, though, can access OS X's Location Services API. A {location} token would make retrieving this data faster, more accurate, and easier. {location:latitude} and {location:longitude} would be cool too Cheers
  5. Because of an unrelated problem, Apple had me switch to a newly created User account. Most data was transferred, but not my Home LIBRARY folder (where the undiscovered problem probably lay). Is there a file or folder I can transfer from my old and to my new User account, so that I do not have to recreate workflows, etc? I did "sync" to the Shared folder and double-clicked on that Preference file to open Alfred in the New account, but no workflows seem to have been transferred. (I also re-entered the (v 2) Powerpack Lic code. I have not been using Dropbox. Just created a DB account 10 minutes ago) I miss my Alfred!!! All help greatly appreciated! - Eliot Alfred v 2 PPack on a Macbook Pro running 10.9.2
  6. Route to contact or location This workflow calculates the route from the current location to a contact from your address book, or a specified location with Google Maps. The scripts are written in python and use the pre-installed objective-c bridge pyobjc to search the address book and determine the current location with CoreLocation. Because of this, OS X will display messages that ask for the permission to use CoreLocation and AddressBook. Requirements: The scripts use the shipped python version and the nice alfred module by nikipore (included). Because of the usage of OS X APIs there are requirements for the OS X version. I developed and tested the workflow on 10.8.4, 10.9.0 and 10.9.1, but perhaps older versions are also working (feedback?). Usage: Simply type "route" followed by the first or last name of a contact and choose the right one from the list. You can also just type an address to which you want the route to be calculated. Download: You can download the workflow from Packal https://github.com/abyth/alfred-route-contact-workflow Feel free to submit error reports or feature requests Important!: After implementing new features, the workflow title was sufficient anymore. You can find the new version here in the forum History 1.1Fixed index bugs regarding multiple addresses per contact 1.0Initial release
  7. Hey I created a now Workflow for you! Search the weather for location with in Google. I hope you love it as I do. Version: 1.2 Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bsk26eloo6jus0/Weather%20Search%201.2.alfredworkflow Screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/s/apg143y0pfk7fsi/Screenshots.pdf Setup Guide https://www.dropbox.com/s/vah3vugvbltmzon/Setup%20Guide.pdf I worked very hard on that Workflow so if you have any question, suggestion or problem please write a comment. When you like me Workflow please give me a rating. Update history: V1.0.1 -Bug Fixes V1.1 -Bug Fixes -Now you can save your location -Default search functionality -Added new quick keyword search V1.2 -Added new Quick Hotkey -New Setup Guide -New Notification
  8. Looks up the location information for your specific location (or, where your provider connects to the Internet), or for a given IP address. Your OS X installation should have PHP 5.3.3 or newer installed. Lion or Mountain Lion should meet the minimum requirements. If not, you can install the latest version of PHP with MacPorts or Homebrew. Download! Requires Alfred 2 and the Powerpack. Updates can be found and installed using Monkey Patch, or the older Alleyoop (discontinued).
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