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Found 21 results

  1. Mavericks Tags - File and Email Tagging with Alfred 2 Features Show tags of a file/folder or email Add/Remove tags of a file/folder or email Search files/folders or emails with a specific tag Show list of available tags Installation Download and import into Alfred 2. Usage File Action The Mavericks Tags workflow is available as Alfred File Action: Hotkeys ⌃⌥T - Show tags of selected file in Finder ⌃⌥M - Show tags of selected email in Apple Mail Select "Add Tag" and ENTER a tag name to add it as new tag to the file/folder/email or select one of the existing tags and press ENTER to remove the selected tag from the file/folder/email. Keywords .tagged [tag name] - Search files/folder with tag .taggedmail [tag name] - Search emails with tag .taglist [tag name] - Show list of all available tags Credits Credit for the included command line utility go to jdberry. The icons are from the Windows8/Metro Icon Pack by Visual Pharm. Changes 1.4 [2014-03-01]"Manage Tags" file action now supports multiple file from Alfred's file buffer 1.3 [2013-12-16]".taglist" command now uses mdfind to query all tags instead of the unreliable Finder plist 1.2 [2013-12-10]new keyword ".taglist" to show list of all available tags renamed ".mtagged" keyword to ".taggedmail" 1.1 [2013-11-25]support for tagging emails chnaged icons
  2. Hi, since Mavericks introduced tabs in Finder it would be really cool if I could open new folders via "open" and "find" in a new finder tab instead of a completely new finder window. Since updating to Mavericks I have put finder in fullscreen mode and just open new tabs for new folders, it would be cool if Alfred could help me in this way.
  3. Hi, my alfred resets its defaultsearch settings every time I reboot or quit/start him. I tried repairing the permissions and I even deleted the preferences files so they can be created from scratch. Also tried setting a sync folder and my Alfred.alfredpreferences file is synced and contains the right values: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>showArchives</key> <true/> <key>showBookmarks</key> <true/> <key>showDocuments</key> <true/> <key>showImages</key> <true/> <key>showTextFiles</key> <true/> <key>showUserDefined</key> <array> <string>com.apple.disk-image-udif</string> <string>com.apple.generic-internet-location</string> </array> </dict> </plist> Is there something else I can try? I dont want to create a new user account (whichever way this helps, it should also be doable on the current account) and I know I am not the only one having this problem. Thanks guys edit: It seems after the reset, that alfred is not able to create the new preferences files in the directory: /Users/kuba/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences altough it has the rights: drwxr-xr-x 2 kuba staff 68B Jul 2 08:50 . drwxr-xr-x 6 kuba staff 204B Jul 2 08:50 .. Curious thing is - one preference is persistent. The sync folder. And it synces whatever changes I make in the preferences to it. I am actually tempted to set the sync folder to the original preferences folder alfred uses, but I'm afraid I could break it edit2: I chmod -R 777 Alfred.alfredpreferences folder and rebooted. So far so good, preferences are kept so solved for me.
  4. I am unable to use the Hotkey from: Alfred Preferences >> File Search >> Actions >> File Selection It states clearly that the hotkey I need "to show the actions panel for the currently selected files in OS X" is "Cmd + Opt + \" --- however, the thing is - I am using a German keyboard so I normally have to do "Opt + Shift + 7" to get "\" (don't ask!) And now... I have also cleared the default Hotkey in the above mentioned field of Alfred Preferences in the hope that I would be able to record a new one --- unfortunately I can't seem to be able to do that Can anyone help me out? I am using v2 with PowerPack and I have OS X Mavericks. Cheers, Bedartha
  5. This is the most frustrating thing to date and I can't seem to figure it out! Lately (and somewhat sporadically) when I use my keyboard shortcut ALT+SPACE on a file in finder (i believe this is called File Search -> Actions -> File Selection) Instead of opening in the nice box where I can apply an alfred workflow to the selected file in Finder, I get a full screen quicklook which I think was introduced as a keyboard shortcut / feature in mavericks. I've looked everywhere to disable this shortcut so it's not hijacking my alfred. I've also tried changing the shortcut in alfred (see screenshot http://d.pr/NEFH ) but no matter what I change it to, i still can't get alfred to pop up on the file im selecting in Finder (nothing happens) Hopefully I've explained this somewhat clearly. TL;DR I can't select a file in finder and use my keyboard shortcut (normally alt+space) to pop up a alfred action window. Instead I just get a full screen quicklook. If i change the keyboard shortcut, it just doesn't do anything. I'm not 100% sure if I'm changing the right shortcut though because honestly I'm not positive what the feature is named in alfred preferences. Thanks guys EDIT: I've just updated to 10.9.1 and i'm not sure if its just the reboot, or the update but its currently working, so far so good. ill update if the problem persists but so far that's solved it. Like i said i OP its a bit sporatic
  6. Hi! With Alfred 2.1.1 the Tags, that were introduced in Mavericks, are now searchable. With this you are able to search for Tags and get all files that have the Tags set on them. The problem is that you always get all files as a result. It would be really nice if you could "append" the search Tags to your "normal" search in order to filter your search more precisely. E.g: "'foo" searches for all files that are named "foo". It would be great if you could have such a query: "'foo tags:privat" to find all files that are named "foo" and have are tagged as "privat". I think this would make the tagging feature much more useful, especially if you have many files tagged and not just only a few that can be listed in the Alfred results. Also the Tags feature should preview all available tags. Best regards, Andreas
  7. Hey Andrew, I just did a clean install of OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 and did a fresh clean install of Alfred 2.1.1, too (no workflows, plain fresh and clean), and whenever I try to change a setting or import any skin, on next launch the setting is reset and the skin is gone I have tried repairing disk permissions with no luck, then tried changing the permissions myself with no luck either, then tried enabling sync and set to sync in non-dropbox folder then in dropbox and none worked either I can't do anything without Alfred, so what is happening? Could it be that Alfred is not fully compatible with Mavericks? After trying to "debug" the problem, I noticed the several things: 1. inside the "Alfred.alfredpreferences" package, the file "prefs.plist" found in ./preferences/appearance/options correctly shows that "hidehat=true" & "hidecog=true", which means the settings are persisted 2. however, as soon as I quit and relaunch Alfred, both the hat & cog are visible again, even though the previously mentioned file still shows "hidehat=true" & "hidecog=true", which means that Alfred is not reading the settings it just saved even though the settings are correct in the files on disk.. 3. next test: importing a skin; after importing any skin, it gets saved to the "prefs.plist" found in ./preferences/appearance of the "Alfred.alfredpreferences" package, and gets applied right away 4. but, after half a minute or so upon applying the theme, when I open alfred the theme has changed to the default and inside Alfred's preferences window the theme is gone, even though it still shows up in the previously mentioned "prefs.plist", which means again that Alfred doesn't read its own settings after it persists them?? So the conclusion is this: Alfred saves every setting I make, every change I make, but as soon as I quit/relaunch it all settings from disk are completely ignored. Why isn't Alfred reading the settings it saved? Maybe it's related to Maverick's new & more aggressive preference caching?? Because if a clean Alfred installation on a clean Mavericks installation doesn't work, then it's clearly that Alfred isn't Mavericks-ready yet... I really need Alfred to work, because I refuse to see it become wasted money P.S. while reading the forums, I noticed one other person say this exact phrase: "It seems as though Alfred was saving the settings to that location, but then not reading them back from there." - this confirms that Alfred is not reading back the settings it saves on Mavericks
  8. Hi guys. The build-in Finder tab feature is awesome in Mavericks. And here is a little workflow to merge all current Finder windows into one single window with tabs. Hope it can help. Download it.
  9. FYI - I ran into issues with 10.9 and not begin able to use AS with the "click" command. There appears to be a bug in all the Apple apps in Mavericks if you use the "click" AS command it returns an error even though it still works. However this causes the script to stop execution. I had to rewrite numerous command replacing the convenient click command with lengthy "key code" commands which are far less reliable and more complicated.
  10. I wanted to update to the latest version of OS X, but there are many posts in the Alfred forum related to bugs/workflow not working anymore after the upgrade. So I wanted to know if there is a post listing known issues or popular workflows not working (as of today) with OS X Mavericks? I just did a few searches but didn't find what I described above.
  11. How do I add alfred:ignore since spotlight comments are now gone from Mavericks. ? answered my own question
  12. Sorry if this has been posted (I could not find any references). Just wondering if there are definitive plans to support Mavericks.
  13. When using Alfred to launch application, those apps does not always have their main window opened in the display on which Alfred was shown. This is confusing, you're using alfred in one display, and its action occurs in another display. It would be better if all visual feedback occured in the same display. Since mavericks, all screens have a main menu bar, and can be the primary display depending on current active window. One of the consequences of this behavior is that applications have their main window opened in current primary screen. Currently Alfred is always shown on the same display, whatever the current primary screen is. The problem is that you generally expect to have Alfred's actions being done in the same display. Worse, if you wanted an application to open in the same display than Alfred, you can easily forget to check what is the current primary display, and then discover that the application has been opened in the wrond display once it's too late. A good workflow IMO would be to always show Alfred's window on current primary screen, and give the users the oportunity to change the primary screen and let him hide it, changing active window, and re-open it before doing any search.
  14. I posted this in someone's thread about unrelated mavericks problems, so I thought I'd post here again. Even since updating to OS X Mavericks, Alfred's file search has lost its magic for me. The results used to be ordered in a relevant manner and Alfred used to magically pick the 10 files I most likely had in mind with a partial query. That is no longer the case since updating to Mavericks. I get random files that I havent opened in years. As a concrete example: 'pdf - used to give the most recently opened pdfs in alfred 'pdf - now gives random pdfs.. Worse, Alfred doesn't seem to be learning! I open some pdfs by extended 'pdf into a more precise query, say 'pdf docA .. and it never learns! docA isnt shown the next time i type 'pdf... The same problem extends to filenames (not just extensions) and everything else.. it is quite annoying to have my workflow interrupted like this. Does anyone know what went wrong? I must note that I did update Alfred right after installing Mavericks a couple of days ago. I also have Alfred installed on my work desktop (that I havent used in weeks) with dropbox sync.
  15. I have multiple Workflow scripts that I call with Keywords; these each call a shell script that performs an xterm open command on a given machine/location. These worked fine every time I called them under Mountain Lion, but under Mavericks they "stack up", allowing only a single one to run at a time. As soon as I close the first one for a given destination machine (i.e., a single shortcut script), the next one opens. I cannot have two windows open on the same machine as I could before updating to Mavericks. Running Alfred v2.1 (218), downloaded today (10/28), still happens. The odd thing is that different shortcuts will open windows to the different destination machines; only executing the same shortcut causes them to "stack" for that machine. Example workflow: "xl" keyword -> "/bin/bash Run Script"; the Script contents are: cd ~ /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -ls -geometry 120x60 I tried adding a "&" at the end of the xterm line, but that did not help. I also tried using /bin/zsh, but same thing happens. Any ideas? If there is a better way to do this, I'm all ears, but this worked fine in v2 before my Mavericks installation. Thanks, --Rich
  16. Alfred runs really sluggish since I updated to Mavericks, examples: - delay before Alfred window appears - when typing in Alfred window, will type a portion of a word, then get spinning beachball - delay before search results appear in Alfred window Am running Alfred on a recent MBP (2.5 GHz, i5) with 8 GB ram. Ideas? Many thanks!
  17. I noticed that in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, notifications can use custom icons. iTunes 11.1.2 does this when sending 'Now Playing' notifications, using the album artwork as the primary image. It would be great if workflows could specify custom icons to use in a notification. For example, my Colors workflow could display an image of the color that has been copied.
  18. Hello, forum I have two drives in my MacBook Pro, an SSD for boot and an HDD with an HFS+ partition for storage and an NTFS partition for bootcamp. After installing Alfred, I noticed that the partitions on my HDD were not indexed. I followed Apple's reindexing procedure (adding the volumes to the non-index list and removing) and it went through just fine. Now, spotlight shows files from those two partitions without any issues. Alfred, however, refuses to search in those volumes. What should I do? Regards Raptor
  19. Ability to search Mavericks tags would be appreciated at least by me. Although I don't see spotlight showing results using it yet so this might be a tall order.
  20. Hi, my Alfred (Build 214) is very slow when typing something. It freezes after every letter I type, sometimes with a spinning beachball. I use a Retina MacBook Pro 15" which is running 10.9 Mavericks GM. I already did a "Clear Application Cache" and "Rebuild OS X Metadata". I recorded a video - its showing me typing the word "test" in normal tempo, waiting until alfred catches up and then hitting the backspace-key 4 times. This is all real-time - as you can see alfred freezes after each letter: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gv6dgpowsoy74z0/Alfred.mov Thanks
  21. Using Alfred's email <contact> command opens a separate email composition window rather than bringing up the email composition overlay in full screen view. Although I'm currently running Mavericks DP6 I believe that this happens in Mountain Lion too. Similarly, when running on Mavericks it'd be neat to have Alfred open new Finder tabs rather than separate windows (especially while Finder's in fullscreen mode) when responding to commands. Is there any way of making Alfred behave in this way, or should I post a feature request? Mavericks is still in beta, I know, but I thought I'd mention this anyway.
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