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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry this is long - but it is a bit complex. I intermittently do web development work and prefer to develop it all on my local machine, but don't want Apache & MySQL running all the time. So I thought I'd make a quick workflow to allow me to start, stop and restart these services. The normal procedure would be to open Terminal and type: sudo apachectl stop password sudo mysql.server stop no password 2nd time because it's good for 5 minutes. Substitute start or restart as necessary. * This assumes you have set up your paths correctly (use sudo vi /etc/paths), otherwi
  2. Is it possible to make a snippet that would have a date format such as: %Y-%m-%d in the snippet. For example, I'd like to make a snippet that would have embedded in the paragraph that expands, a date that would be today's date or maybe a date that would be 10 days from now. I tried to put '%Y-%m-%d' into the expanded sentence after the keyword is pressed but all that happened was %Y-%m-%d showed up in the middle of the sentence. So, is it possible to do this or perhaps not. It's not a "do or die" thing with me. Alfred is really looking great and to do this would really bring a smile t
  3. Workflow to toggle Localhost Services (Start, Stop, Restart and Check Status). Currently support Nginx, MySQL, PHP-fpm and memcached. Download here: Github
  4. Hi all! So I'm finally getting around to doing my very own workflow programming and I've run into some weirdness creating a Workflow that Runs a Bash Script in Alfred v2. I've tested this bash script on the command line and it works a treat. In fact, most of the workflow works in Alfred but a couple of things are funky: When using \n inside my echo commands it literally prints \n instead of using a new line. I'd like to format my virtual hosts files as I have them now. It's even more critical for /etc/hosts where that needs to on a new line. When running the mysql logic - It doesn't cr
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