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Found 4 results

  1. Colors v2.0.0 Get it from Packal (Recommended) Quick Summary: This workflow can process and convert all CSS color formats and several Objective-C formats, namely NSColor (calibrated and device) and UIColor. It also provides an interface to the OS X color panel for easier color manipulations. It's written in native code (i.e. it's really fast). Quick Preview: You can find a full description on Packal. Direct download • source code on Github
  2. I am working on a new workflow that uses a custom command line binary, written in Objective-C. It's my first stab at writing any C code, and the first time I've ever (seriously) used Xcode. I have the majority of the code written, and it builds just fine for debugging. However, since these builds are only for my MacBook's architecture, I can't distribute them for others to use. How do I create a release build using Xcode? I'm using Xcode 5.0.1 (5A2053) on OS X 10.9 (13A603). If someone could include directions for both command line apps and Cocoa apps, that would be fantastic
  3. Hey everyone! As tends to happen when I have a great deal of other, more pressing work to do, I've just spent a couple of days on what I think has the potential to become a neat little project. It's an Objective-C/Cocoa framework for creating Alfred workflows. Like alp for Python, it makes handling a couple of basic but super-annoying workflow tasks—like providing feedback XML and searching—simpler and faster, resulting in your spending less time and less code on the boilerplate stuff and more time making your workflow work (and flow). There's a great deal more information in the README at my Alfred site, but here are the features I've managed to put together in the past 24 hours or so: Fast feedback XML generation; fuzzy searching of data, modeled on alp.fuzzy_search(); argument parsing; the typical methods for accessing cache, storage, and local folders; basic error logging. If you're interested, I recommend you take a look at the README; but if you just want to get your hands dirty, you can download the latest version of the framework at http://alfred.daniel.sh/framework/Alfred-latest.zip . The source and zip- and tarballs of major releases are also available on Github. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any trouble!
  4. I'm an iOS (and soon MacOS) developer and would love an Alfred workflow to search the Cocoa & Cocoa touch APIs. Has anyone written such a beast? Thanks!
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