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  1. 0 https://papago.naver.net/website?locale=ko&source=auto&target=ko&url= {query} Is there an Apple script in the above url {query} that allows me to connect with the current tab url in the safari?
  2. Hi there, I noticed many of my files weren't coming up in search, and it was bothering me for the longest time. I finally decided to spend some time to troubleshoot and narrow down the issue. I've concluded it has something to do with hyphens. Doesn't seem to happen with periods or underscores. However, most of my file nomenclature across my machine utilizes hyphens in this way. When I'm trying to find a file based on a section of its name, it won't come up in Alfred's search results if that section happens to be sandwiched between two other file name sections. In othe
  3. I right now use a Condition if {query} is less than «.», but it somehow seams wrong. Isn’t there some more elegant way to do it? Best,
  4. It seems like one of the biggest bottlenecks day to day is the process of searching through a number of different places to find personal information. Most of us have info collected in a number of different places: - Google Drive - local drive - bookmarks - Evernote - that other app you hardly use any more - etc With Spotlight, a query shows results from a few different places that have been indexed. It doesn't seem that you can add additional places. It doesn't seem that Alfred can do this, either. What is your solution to this
  5. I would like to open the search query with specific Chrome profile, such as: "youtube Helloworld" so Alfred should open this query with my ABC profile in Chrome browser. Any ideas?
  6. I created a FFallback search for the website ARTSTORY with a query; added in features, but I get "Page not found" It works without a query though How can I solve this?
  7. I want make a quick search for phpBB forums websites one of them is www.cracked.to when I search on it, it generate a new SID for each search result so the simple of putting {query} isnt the option, I was wondering if I can pass it through python: I tried this on windows terminal, its working, but I am not sure pass how to pass it on web browser through Alfred. Here is the script: import requests import sys query = sys.argv[1] payload = {'action': 'do_search', 'keywords' : query, 'postthread' :'2', 'matchusername' : '1', 'forums[]': 'all', 'findthreadst':'1', 'numrepl
  8. I want to run a script and post a notification for the output of the scipt. #!/bin/bash a=`python3 /Users/Ninzero/Documents/PythonProgramme/rav/rav.py choose` echo $a it worked well on shell but notification didn't show anything
  9. I'm trying to create a very simple workflow 1. Keyword: mic (with space) argument required http://d.inco.re/J07mwL 2. Run Script osa script set volume input volume {query} http://d.inco.re/0y7Fq 3. Post Notification Microphone Volume Set to {query} % http://d.inco.re/dceme2 I have no idea any notification does not show {query} at all Thanks in advance for all your help.
  10. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I'm trying to get a query with multiple spaces in it and "as is" (meaning that I want the the left and right trailing spaces). Right now, Alfred trim the spaces to only one if multiple are inserted at the beginning or end of a query. This is working if using a "keyword input" so it seems to be a problem with the script filter input method. I've tried using the "with input as argv" or "with input as {query}" and both output the same. Here is my test script for the Script Filter input (using Python): import sys, json query = sys.argv[1] #query
  11. I set up a custom web search 'wiki'. When I type 'wiki' it works but once I enter a space, it triggers a google search! Help please! Thank you!
  12. It should be easy to implement and very useful. Once you have typed lots of queries, you probably just keep repeating.
  13. Based on a File Filter, I want to go to two locations with Terminal, within the same Workflow. Let's say the file filter path result is: ~/my/folder. The first part of the workflow will simply go to cd {query} which navigates to ~/my/folder. In the next part of the workflow, I want to keep the last part of the query – "folder" – i.e. the "Display Name" in the File Filter, and interject it in the path ~/my/other/folder. I guess there might be multiple ways to achieve this, and the way I've been trying to figure out has been to modify the query via string replacements, so that ~/my/ beco
  14. When creating custom searches, is there a way for me to have a default value for {query}. I have some searches that i use for one item most of the time, but occasionally will change to a different search. If I could preload a default query, that would be helpful.
  15. I have a simple keyword script that parses some arguments in Ruby and then uses `curl` to submit to a url (a Google Form). All works as advertised, including error messages after rescued Exceptions, except that I get no notification from any output in my script that occurs *after* the `curl` command. Examples: # works correctly and echoes notification puts "Completed successfully!" `curl --data #{data} #{url}` # does not echo notification `curl --data #{data} #{url}` puts "Completed successfully!" In the second case, no notification ever gets issued. If I run the script from the command li
  16. Background I use a workflow to search Omnifocus data direct from Alfred. This is a Python script using deanishe's alfred-workflow. This works well but I've spotted an odd edge case: * invoke the workflow and pass it a single character query (e.g. .s e) * nothing happens other than alfred creating a python process which is left stale * no output shown in alfred workflow debugger * providing a longer query does work Is this a known issue or expected behaviour? Details Alfred version & build number: v2.7.1 (387) OS X version: 10.9.4 Reproducible: Yes, here's a video
  17. I'm creating a workflow to add tasks to Nozbe using a keyword + query. I have it functioning now, however, it has a flaw I think more experience creators can tell me how to easily fix (this is my first workflow creation). Currently I have the keyword triggering an AppleScript with the following code: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Nozbe" reopen activate tell application "System Events" key code 53 delay 0.1 keystroke "i" keystroke "a" keystroke "v" using command down key code 36 key code 53
  18. This is a limit imposed by UNIX, not Alfred, but the error message shown is slightly confusing, and there should be a way to overcome this issue. Right now, selecting more than exactly 260527 characters on my system and using it in an Alfred workflow (with the Argument:'selection in OS X' setting) as "{query}" will throw an error. You can see your system's bash argument character limit with: getconf ARG_MAX Alfred should allow a way to pass the selection as stdin instead of a quoted and escaped string, otherwise there is no way around this hard limit, and Line-Counting workflows, etc. a
  19. Proposed Feature: Provide a default argument that will be used in place of a query in the event that no query is provided. Rationale: In my particular use case, I have workflows that are mapped to urls, with the keywords representing unique customer identifiers within local/qa/production environments. For example: app.ourdomain.com/feature/{query}/some/path I'd like to have a single workflow that would populate the customerID field with a default value if no query is provided (the ID i'm working w/ 90% of the time), but that would still respect queries when they are use
  20. Hi all, I am trying to do a local search (files, folders etc) using the NOT operator, e.g. as in Google where you can specify what not to search for ("shoes -red" searching for shoes, but no red ones). Is this possible in Alfred, if not that would be a really useful feature. Thanks
  21. I'm trying to setup an alfred workflow to open a URL with a search query. Example: 1) I want to search for someone named 'John Doe' with the following domain: http://www.whitepages.com/name/John-Doe How do I Encode Spaces as '-' Dashes? 2) Same Scenario, but encode spaces as '/' OR '%2F' http://radaris.com/p/John%2FDoe/ http://radaris.com/p/John/Doe/
  22. It seems I originally posted this in the Workflow Help forum by mistake. I'd appreciate it if a mod could delete the corresponding thread in there. Alfred build: 227 OS X version: 10.9.1 When using the Open URL action with the URL set only to {query}, Alfred fails silently if the passed arg contains non-ASCII characters. The following XML, which Alfred accepts and correctly displays in its results list, does nothing when the arg is sent to the Open URL action. The first item is as returned by Python's xml.etree.ElementTree library, the second I edited back to pure text form to see i
  23. When using the Open URL action with the URL set only to {query}, Alfred fails silently if the passed arg contains non-ASCII characters. The following XML, which Alfred accepts and correctly displays in its results list, does nothing when the arg is sent to the Open URL action. The first item is as returned by Python's xml.etree.ElementTree library, the second I edited back to pure text form to see if that worked (it didn't). In both cases, Open URL performs perfectly provided {query} is only part of the URL, but fails if {query} is the entire URL. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"
  24. Here's a video download of the behavior. It started around 10:00pm on August 1, 2013. I have not restarted Alfred since the behavior started. If you want any further information or system reports, please let me know quickly so I can restart Alfred and maybe get him working again! Alfred does not respond to: Delete (unless you press Cmd-A first, or if the text is selected already by ); in the video, I pressed delete every time a newline was typed. Return (simply types a newline) Arrow keys; they do not move the cursor or highlight results Clicking outside Alfred to hide his window; you
  25. Hi, I made a workflow to access a web service that uses slash-delineated arguments. The pattern is "http://server/service/argument". I need to type the service and the argument, so the pattern is "http://server/{query}". I enter the Alfred keyword followed by "service/argument". The problem is that Alfred converts the slash to %2F instead of passing it through as a slash. Is there a way to specify that I *don't* want the query URI-encoded in the Open URL action? I turned off UTF-8 encoding, but that only disables the UTF-8 bit. Thx. Brendan
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