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Found 8 results

  1. There are probably quite a few sound device selector script filters out there, but the ones I've come across are mostly written in applescript. I rewrote my own in c++ and it runs much faster, so I'm sharing it here in case anyone's interested. Dependencies switchaudio-osx Command line utility for switching audio sources on macOS Link: https://github.com/deweller/switchaudio-osx Install: `brew install switchaudio-osx` [optional] terminal-notifier Command line tool for sending macOS user notifications Link: https://github.com/julienXX/terminal-notifier Install: `brew install terminal-notifier` Optionally configure workflow environmental variables: Set `NOTIFIER` to 'terminal-notifier' This replaces the alfred notification banner with one that looks like it's from System Preferences If setting `NOTIFIER` to 'terminal-notifier' doesn't work, try setting it to the path of `terminal-notifier` Use the terminal command `which terminal-notifier` to find the path Set `CMDPATH` to the path of `switchaudio-osx` Try this if the workflow doesn't work out of the box Use the terminal command `which switchaudiosource` to find the path Optionally blocklist specific devices: Type `sound:blocklist <full name of device>` into Alfred For example, `sound:blocklist zoomaudiodevice` Alternatively, press shift+return while a device is selected to hide it from future results Changelog v1.1.1 Fixed: Cannot parse switchaudio-osx JSON in some cases v1.1.0 Added: User-configurable device blocklist (see feature request) Fixed: Issue with user-set path for switchaudio-osx v1.0.2 Minor performance optimisations v1.0.1 Added: In most cases, users no longer need to specify the path of switchaudio-osx (see relevant comment) Fixed: Missing icon images in terminal-notifier notification Download | Source I'm very much a beginner at c++, so any criticism / guidance would be much appreciated. Screenshot
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there's an Alfred workflow to move the mouse to the active window. This would be very useful for my 3 monitor setup, as I can easily use the application switcher to get to desired window but it takes (what feels like ages) to get the mouse there. My google searches are polluted by "focus-follows-mouse" content... which is the opposite of what I'm looking for! I also see a bunch of options for Windows users through AutoHotKey scripts, so I know that this is a commonly desired functionality. So, has anyone made this for Alfred? If not, is it possible and what tools and resources are available for it? Thanks in advance!
  3. DOWNLOAD: Yosemite GUI Mode Toggle Workflow With either a shortcut or hotkey you can toggle between normal and dark mode in Yosemite AND thanks to the recent Alfred update, the Alfred Theme! To make the workflow universal this switches between the Yosemite themes included with Alfred 2. To change to your own "Normal" and "Dark" Alfred themes, be sure to modify the script lines accordingly: For Normal Mode change the name: tell application "Alfred 2" to set theme "OS X Yosemite" For Dark Mode change the name: tell application "Alfred 2" to set theme "OS X Yosemite Dark"
  4. Windows switcher Description The workflow can be used to switch between the many windows in the current desktop. It's really easy to use, you can switch to a specific named window using the keyword swin <name of the process or name of the window>. Then a list with the following informations about the results will appear: Process Application name When you open one result, by pressing Enter on it, the selected window should be opened. In real the workflow opens all the windows of the process, but it puts in foreground just the selected window. With the ⌥ modifier all the windows belonging to an other processes will be hidden. ---------------------------------------------- State Author Emanuele Munafò Version 1.1 Last release 02/08/2016 Email ema.muna95@gmail.com Compatibility: Alfred v3 ( or higher) Alfred 2 NOT supported. ---------------------------------------------- Changelog and update v1.1Now the results are filtered by both the name of the window and the name of the process. [02/08/2016] Thanks to: Jean-Claude Jung First release [01/08/2016] ---------------------------------------------- Screenshots ---------------------------------------------- Download Click here to download from Packal ---------------------------------------------- Bug You can contact me here or by email if there is something wrong with the workflow. I had never programmed with Applescript until now, so be kindly if the structure of the script is not so good. Known: All the windows of the process will be opened, not the best way. If a process has many windows in different desktop some issues can be revealed. ---------------------------------------------- Todo Open just the selected window. Add caching system for icon path/appname (It should improve the performance of about 1 sec)
  5. https://github.com/anthonymobile/Alfred-WifiPicker My first workflow. A WiFi scanner, selector, and connector workflow. This is a simple workflow to allow you to quickly pick a WiFi network to connect to. Lots of people have asked for this amidst the dozens of wifi togglers but surprisingly this is the first one to be written. Based on: Eject Disk workflow by Steffen Lyngbaek http://steffen.lyngbaek.comhttp://www.manyk.ca/Alfred2/Eject%20Disk.alfredworkflow Wi-Fi Scanner by Matt Silas - https://github.com/MattSilas/Wifi-Scanner/blob/master/wifiscan.py
  6. Hello this is a simple but useful program, i named it :DatyshoSwitcher. With DS you can convert selected text to any language what you need (Russian, Ukrainian and English by default, but it really easy to update it). Your selected word or paragraph can easy switch between russian end english layout. You can convert all selected letters to UPPERCASE, lowercase or Title Case. With FN key, you can copy result to clipboard, without replacing selected text. With Control key, you can search result in google. With Option key, you can jump to google translater with current result. Default shortcut Option + Command + Space Default keyword ds >>>Download link<<<
  7. Hi, I've tried looking on the forums for an Application/Open Window Switcher workflow, but I haven't found anything. Has no one made a workflow that does this yet? I know that there's Command+Tab, but sometimes I just don't wanna use that... Yes I'm lazy. Can someone point me to it? Or if not, I'll try to make one in applescript. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, Have a request - would it be possible for one of you theme gurus to create a theme that looks like the OSX switcher (CMD-TAB)? Or just point me to a theme that's already made? I've checked around and can't find anything that matches what I'd like. Thanks in advance! Ryan
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