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Found 3 results

  1. Streaks \ Streaks is a task list workflow for maintaining task streaks. A streak is the number of days a task has been active. Download It can be used as todo list that helps you to maintain a desired habit, or to keep track of outstanding ideas. The keyword to activate the workflow is streaks. Once activated, you will be show your Today List - this is a set of tasks that are active for today. Usage Type streaks into Alfred to activate the workflow. You will be presented with the Today List. The general format of a task is 'task name #tags @schedule' where tags and schedule are optional. You can type in text in the Today List, which allows you to create new tasks or search for existing ones. You can also modify existing tasks by selecting them from the Today List view. Example use cases Tracking Orders I just ordered a keyboard from Amazon, and I add in a task. keyboard #orders #pending This is an example of a daily task whose streak is automatically incremented every day. Such tasks will always appear in your Today List Gym Days I decided to start going to the gym on specific days of the week. go to gym @tu,th,sa This is an example of a tracked task that requires you to confirm the task every scheduled day. In this example, go to gym will appear in your Today List every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Streaks for scheduled tasks will only be incremented when you confirm them. If you missed to confirm a scheduled task, you can restart the streak by resetting it.
  2. Hi guys, I'll move from 2Do to The Hit List but I havent managed to find a workflow for this. Which features would I like to have? - add tasks to the inbox - search for tasks - get a list of "today" tasks - cool but maybe too much would be to be able to complete tasks via alfred Any of you have build or seen a workflow for THL? Cheers Ben
  3. Hello, I would be very grateful if someone would be willing to put together a workflow that allows you to interact with the text file created by the Listacular iPhone app. The ideal workflow would be able to: - add tasks with a due date and reminder - add headers, bullet points and text to a task list - mark a task as completed - display the tasks in a particular list - open a particular list in a text editor - display a list of tasks due today or tomorrow I'll have a go myself in the next few weeks if I have time, but I suspect this might be somewhat beyond my ability. If anyone could give me any tips and suggestions, I'd be very thankful for that too. Thank you for reading
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