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Found 13 results

  1. ALFRED TODOIST WORKFLOW Add and search Todoist tasks straight from Alfred. It uses Todoist v8 REST API. Getting started For this workflow to work you need version 3.x of Alfred and a powerpack licence. Node.js Installation Download and import workflow. Configuration Name Notation Explanation token ^[0-9a-fA-F]{40}$ (default empty) The todoist API token. language en, da, pl, zh, ko, de, pt, ja, it, fr, sv, ru, es, nl(default en) The language for natural language
  2. I have recently joined this community and I was trying to find a todoist app workflow to search inside the app content, I am really satisfied with its app shortcut to add tasks and I don't want to replace it with alfred (my projects have emojis and it would be tedious as I can't use snippets on Alfred's search). There are Some workflows which can be used to create and check tasks but I consider it miscellaneous But as I want alfred a global searcher I want a workflow which just searches inside the app, I don't think the API token would be necessary is there a tutorial for ea
  3. I created this workflow recently and wrote about it at Alfred Workflow to Capture Thoughts and Ideas to a Text File Without Disrupting Your Flow. From the README: This workflow for Alfred captures what you type and appends it to a text file of your choice. It’s very useful to capture quickly any thoughts or tasks that surface while you’re working and don't want to be distracted. 1. Double click the downloaded Capture to text.aflredworkflow file in Finder to install. 2. Double click the Run Script action and replace the file name ~/Desktop/cap.txt in the Script with your preferred
  4. Wunderlist Workflow for Alfred Create tasks in Wunderlist more effortlessly than ever before with this Alfred workflow (requires Alfred 2 or 3 with Powerpack license). Beginner and advanced approaches to adding a monthly repeating task beginning the following week: Setup Download here After downloading, simply double-click to install the workflow in Alfred. Use the wl command in Alfred to activate the workflow, or assign a hotkey in Alfred preferences. The workflow will guide you through securely logging in to Wunderlist and will even let you know when an important update is available
  5. My first shared workflow and can most likely be improved. Recently switched from Toodist to Tick Tick but was frustrated by lack of Alfred (and Google Assistant) integrations. Also using the same script with IFTTT to enable basic Google Home support for Tick Tick. Instructions: Add to Alfred. Add your email adress and password in the workflow settings. Default is that they are created in the inbox. If you prefer, you can change the bin/bash script to python tick.py -t '{query}' -p PROJECTID to place it in a specific list. List/projectid can be found in the u
  6. Streaks \ Streaks is a task list workflow for maintaining task streaks. A streak is the number of days a task has been active. Download It can be used as todo list that helps you to maintain a desired habit, or to keep track of outstanding ideas. The keyword to activate the workflow is streaks. Once activated, you will be show your Today List - this is a set of tasks that are active for today. Usage Type streaks into Alfred to activate the workflow. You will be presented
  7. Todo Workflow This workflow is for working with todo lists using TaskPaper. Since TaskPaper uses plain text files for everything, it is easy to write scripts to add functionality that the program does not have. You can also use a different text editor than TaskPaper to edit the files. So far, I have the following keywords defined: t:settodo This command allows you to set the directory for your todos. It will setup the supporting files and sub-directories as well. This is the first action to perform with this workflow. t:createtodaytodo This command will take the everyday, weekly,
  8. I was a little frustrated by the solutions to add tasks to Wunderlist and decided to try it myself. Very basic and can probably be done way more efficient but might help someone and decided to share it. Keyword triggered, in my case "wun". Triggers command to send mail to me@wunderlist from my email with the new query. The new task is added to Wunderlist's Inbox without opening Wunderlist. Script: mail -s "{query}" "me@wunderlist.com" -f jacob.leander.olsson@gmail.com <<EOF Added from Alfred EOF Link: https://db.tt/ES8t3PEL Feedback, thoughts and improvements are always wel
  9. Hi, What do Alfred power users use as their favorite ToDo management app? I have been using Toodledo, which is great but I don't see too much integration with Alfred, and I would be willing to switch. I could only find a workflow for RTM (beta) and I was curious how people manage todos with Alfred. Thanks! Giovanni
  10. Here is Todo. My version of a todo list management workflow using Alfred. This allows you to add quick entries to a list of todo items, view them, delete one or all of them, and highlights items that have been pending too long Detailed documentation is available at GitHub. Getting Started Keywords: todo this is the main keyword, and lets you get started todo <new task> will add a new task todo will display the list of tasks todo # will display the list of tags add <new task> will add a new task done will show you all items that have been marked as done clear to r
  11. Here is a TODO and note capture workflow for emacs org-mode (i use emacs 24.3.2): https://github.com/alexandergogl/alfred-org-mode-workflow It is very simple to use (see syntax). It adds the entered todo or note to the specified inbox.org as a new line to the bottom of the file. Feel free to extend it You have to adjust the path to your org-mode inbox file of the applescript (that's quite easy). Syntax: todo the title of the todo entry:: the note of the todo entry note the title of the note:: the note of the note entry The ":: " separates the titl
  12. Hello, I would be very grateful if someone would be willing to put together a workflow that allows you to interact with the text file created by the Listacular iPhone app. The ideal workflow would be able to: - add tasks with a due date and reminder - add headers, bullet points and text to a task list - mark a task as completed - display the tasks in a particular list - open a particular list in a text editor - display a list of tasks due today or tomorrow I'll have a go myself in the next few weeks if I have time, but I suspect this might be somewhat beyond my ability. If anyon
  13. This is a small workflow set allowing you to create new notes or tasks and save them in your Pagico Inbox. It's set of keyword-based workflows. For new tasks, use "ptask {task-title}", or "ptask {due-date} {task-title}". For notes, use "pnote {note-body}". Here's a screenshot of it: In addition to using those keywords in Alfred, you can also select a portion of text and trigger the action with a global keyboard shortcut. Here's the link for detailed instruction and download: http://www.pagico.com/blog/pagico-workflow-for-alfred-2-is-now-available-for-free.html Hope you'll enjo
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