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Found 10 results

  1. I've found a dict.cc - Translate English to German workflow here: https://github.com/elkatwork/alfred-dict.cc-workflow Just to be clear: I'm not the creator. Just found this useful and would like to share it with you. (based on the dict.cc.py script by raaapha)
  2. Hi everyone, I have created an Alfred workflow to search for translations on Linguee.com. The seach results have extra metadata attached, which allows rich integration with the Alfred search box, see corresponding Features section to see all available interaction options. By default English-German laungauge pair is used, however it is possible to change this via environment variables. https://github.com/sigito/Linguee-Workflow-for-Alfred I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions! This workflow was inspired by the work of Alexander Heimbuch and is very similar to his workflow.
  3. Easily and quickly translate from Japanese to English or vice versa using this workflow! I thought this would be a helpful workflow for those of you out there who are learning/interested in learning Japanese! It makes looking up and double checking words/sentence much faster. This work flow offers three tools: Vocabulary definitions straight from Jisho.org Japanese Verb conjugations Sentence translation using google translate To install, visit my packal or GitHub. Demo: Note: conjugation takes a little bit longer to generate compared to the vocabulary as vocabulary utilizes Jisho.org's API to gather definitions, while the conjugations are gotten through Beautiful Soup 4.
  4. Update: WordReference is no longer accepting new registrations for API keys, but those who have already registered can continue to use them. As such, new users won't be able to set this up. --- For the language learners among us, here's a workflow that returns results from http://wordreference.com into Alfred. As you can see from the screenshot, you'll get various definitions in the original language (designated using the relevant flag), with each definition proceeded by translations in the target language (parts of speech and the gender of nouns (where applicable) are also included). Pressing enter will take you to the entry page on wordreference.com. Numerous dictionaries are included (I can add additional ones carried by the WordReference website if there are any requests), with the specific dictionary called up using the first two letters of the original language followed by the first two letters of the target language. That means: enfr: English to French fren: French to English enit: English to Italian iten: Italian to English enes: English to Spanish esen: Spanish to English pten: Portuguese to English enpt: English to Portuguese In addition, typing frc, itc or esc, followed by a verb (in French, Italian or Spanish respectively) and then pressing enter will call up (in your browser) the conjugation table for the verb. For example: Lastly, note that in order to use the workflow you must first register for an API with wordreference.com (this is necessary to prevent excessive calls from any given API). That can be done by using the 'getapi' keyword in Alfred, or using this link: http://www.wordreference.com/docs/APIregistration.aspx. You then set the API by using the 'setapi' keyword. And just in case you "tl:dr" that: DOWNLOAD (Version 0.6 - 07/05/13) Updates will be released via Alleyoop 2 and posted here. Let me know if you've got any feedback. Also, thanks to everyone in the help forums who helped me overcome my near total inability to code.
  5. I coded a little workflow for translation that is powered by dict.cc. I saw this workflow over here http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/8286-dictcc-translate-english-to-german/ and there was some demand for another one that works offline. So here it is: Features: Offline translation with dictionaries powered by dict.cc Highly flexible, integrate as many language packs as you want Easy to setup A little bit hidden features: Copy the translated word to the clipboard by actioning it Copy the word in the origin language to the clipboard by actioning it with cmd as modifier I tried to make the setup progress as simple as possible. Unfortunately you are not allowed to distribute the offline files, which are provided by dict.cc. But some of them are also very huge, so it is unexpedient too. You can see here how to configure this workflow: https://github.com/Kavakuo/Dict.cc-Alfred-Workflow#installation You can download the workflow from the Github Releases page or from packal.org: http://www.packal.org/workflow/dictcc-alfred Here it is in action:
  6. Translate between hundreds of languages with Glosbe.com. By default, the workflow is set up to translate between German and English: .ende English query — show German translations of English query. .deen German query — show English translations of German query. ENTER — copy selected translation to the clipboard. CMD+ENTER — open translation in browser. glosbehelp — open the included help file in your browser. glosbelang [query] — view and search supported languages. To use other language pairs, you will have to edit the workflow, either changing the included English <-> German Script Filters or adding your own using them as a template. For more information and to download the workflow, see the Packal page or grab it from GitHub.
  7. Hi, happy to share yet another translation workflow. The existing ones I found didn't have support for some languages that I needed, so here we go https://github.com/rustycamper/alfred-translate-workflow/releases/latest Translate from/to your favorite language using Google or Microsoft Translate. Usage: * `tr` <query>: translate query. * `tr-setapi` <API>: select Google or Microsoft Translate service. * `tr-setkey` <API key>: set your API key. * `tr-setlang` <language>: set target language (language to translate to). Note: You won't need to set a source (from) language. Both Google and Microsoft are pretty good at guessing the origin language. Features: * Simple: setup once and just use it. * Secure: keys are stored in Mac's native Keychain tool. * Fast: repeat queries are cached for speed. Keyboard Shortcuts: * Enter: copy translation to clipboard. * Command + C: copy translation to clipboard. * Command + Y: show quick preview on the respective translation web site. * Command + L: show translated text in large font. Requirements: The first time you run the workflow, it will prompt you to enter your API key for Google or Microsoft. * Instructions on how to get a Google API key: https://cloud.google.com/translate/docs/getting-started#set_up_your_project * Instructions on how to get a Microsoft API key: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator/getstarted.aspx Flag Icons by GoSquared (http://www.gosquared.com/) Uses Alfred-Workflow library https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-workflow/
  8. This workflow does web scraping on the http://www.thai-language.com/ site to translate words from english to thai/thai to english. It does an exact match first. If the exact match fails, then it does an inexact match. Consequently, the results do not always produce what you would expect all the time. This workflow requires Node.js to be installed already. Remember to set the result count with “tt:setcount”! tt:engthai Translate an English word to Thai. tt:thaieng Translate a Thai word to English. tt:setcount Set the number of results to display to the user. Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/thai-translation-workflow My Github: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred Version: 1.00
  9. I've attempted to create a workflow providing inline translation results from wordreference.com, but my very limited skills have thwarted me. The website does offer API keys (http://www.wordreference.com/docs/api.aspx), which seems to be key for this kind of thing, so I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out with this one. I've noticed a couple of requests from other people on threads for translation workflows, so I think this could be very useful to more than just me. I'm personally interested in English/French and English/Italian translations, but based on the setup of the wordreference website I think it would be pretty easy to switch around the exact translations being provided. Thanks so much in advance!
  10. Hello, I've been trying to figure out how to create a wordreference.com workflow with inline results. Right now I'm using a simple workflow that opens the relevant translation page in a browser, but my feeble attempt to create a more advanced version by adapting the UrbanDictionary workflow (and then fiddling with the result) is not working. Wordreference.com does offer API keys (http://www.wordreference.com/docs/api.aspx), which seems to be important for this kind of thing, so I think it should be possible for a person who actually knows what they're doing. For what little it's worth, here's my current attempt, totally just adapted from the Danylo Kostyshyn's UrbanDictionary workflow: That version's attempting to translate French to English, but I'd like to also access English to French and English/Italian translations. Thanks very much in advance for your help!
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