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Found 5 results

  1. Uses AppleScript to list favorites, so it works with all versions of Transmit 4 Hold down command to open in a new tab or alt to open a new window (defaults to using the current window and disconnects a current session if it exists) Searches by favorite name or by favorite address You can download it from here. Let me know if you guys like it or not. If you do, check out some of my other workflows in my signature. Some of you guys might like my Remote Desktop workflow too. Updated 4/25: Now more robust to names and addresses Updated 6/19: Now properly encodes names to UTF-8.
  2. Transmit 4 Workflow for Alfred app Workflow for searching and opening Favorites in Transmit 4 App. It's really fast, because it reads the SQLite Database or XML datasource in latests releases of Transmit 4. There are already at least 2 Transmit workflows, but one is incompatible with latests Transmit 4 and the other, although very good, uses AppleScript to do the searching, and thus you need to wait for Transmit to open to get feedback. This is particulary slow on non SSD machines. Usage Type the keyword (default ftp) and start typing the name of the favorite to search; dead simple. Installation For OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2. For Previous OS X Versions, Download the alfred-transmit.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2. Source Code Clone or Fork the Workflow: https://github.com/ramiroaraujo/alfred-transmit-workflow Changelog 2013-12-16 - Released 2014-01-02 - Added support for previous OS versions, using System Ruby 1.8, tested up to Lion 2014-01-03 - Search in both Favorite name and host 2014-01-20 - Added support for Favorites.xml 2014-01-30 - Rebuilt XML search to use different Ruby xml parser Note: I updated the original description to match the project readme file
  3. Hi everybody, I've published my first Alfred 2 workflow's; this basic workflow allow you to easly connect to your Transmit favorites. The syntax is very simple: `ftp <name>` when <name> could be: - favorite name in transmit - favorite username - favorite server - favorite remote path Here the github repository: https://github.com/BigLuck/alfred2-transmit And the .alfredworkflow direct download link: https://github.com/BigLuck/alfred2-transmit/raw/master/Transmit%20Favorites.alfredworkflow
  4. Hi everyone, I love Alfred and Transmits Disk feature, but can't seem to get them to play nicely with each other. My company stores its client files on an FTP that I connect to remotely. Transmit Disk feature allows me to mount this ftp as a "drive". What I'd like to be able to do is search this "drive" for client and project folders, enabling me to get to what I need to work on fast! The folder structure is \Clients\<Client Name>\<Project Number> - <Project Name>\ Ultimately I'd like to be able to use fuzzy searching to search by client name, project number or project name and open the respective client or project folder. I've tried adding the "\Clients" folder under Features\Default Results: Search Scope, and also checked "Folders" under Extras. Any suggestions? Much thanks!
  5. Transmit: Upload + URL to the clipboard Usage select a file in Finder bring Alfred and type the keyword tup select a Transmit favorite and hit return key You can also use Alfred File Action to upload a file with Transmit. After selecting a file you will be prompted, within Alfred, to select a Transmit Favorite. You can also open a Favorite in Transmit by holding fn key. Note that you can search a Transmit favorite considering not only the its name but also its properties such as protocol, user name, address, remote path and port. URL to the clipboard After the upload is finished, the file URL will be copied to the clipboard. Note that the URL will depend on your Transmit Favorite Root URL setting. What’s new 1.5 The favorite will be opened in a new tab when it is possible Added favorite details such as protocol, user name, address, remote path and port Searching: favorite name and other properties Download Version 1.5 Release date: 14 Apr 2013 Requirement: Transmit 4.3.3 Supports Alleyoop 2 Download Now
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