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Found 24 results

  1. Would be a great help when it comes to debugging. Something like this:
  2. Link to better quality videos Download the code and play around: https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-extra-pane Q: What is it? A: An app that workflow creators can add to their script filters Q: What does it do? A: It renders html from quicklookurl of every item in the json. Q: How does it do it? A: By intercepting the json and by monitoring up-arrow and down-arrow keypresses. Q: How to add it to a workflow? A: By adding it to the script filter. Here's an example (from the workflow in the above GIF): notice how everything remains the same, just that at the very end, json needs to be piped through the helper app # Before: query=$1 PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH items=$(curl '' --data "{ \"q\": \"$query\" }" | jq '.hits') echo "{ \"items\": $items }" # After: query=$1 PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH items=$(curl '' --data "{ \"q\": \"$query\" }" | jq '.hits') echo "{ \"items\": $items }" | 'AlfredExtraPane.app/Contents/Resources/scripts/alfred-extra-pane' Q: Sounds great! Now tell me everything that's not working! A: This is more of a proof-of-concept and very rough around the edges. Things that are easily doable, but haven't been done yet (contributions welcome! ) change appearance automatically based on alfred's theme make other things configurable like dimensions Things that seem doable, but quite difficult with my knowledge of macOS GUI programming (which is about a week) let alfred remain horizontally-centered when the pane is not present, and when the pane appears, make the "alfred+pane" combination horizontally-centered (by moving both the pane and alfred window to left) Things that seem doable, but require guessing about alfred's inner workings: as @deanishe points out, alfred builds "uid-based-knowledge". that means if the returned json has an uid field, alfed can use that later to re-order items while displaying based on whether of them were previously actioned on. the knowledge is an sqlite database, so that's the easy part. the not-trivial part is to figure out how alfred sorts the items. Workaround: if you want to use this tool in your workflow, don't add UIDs to your json. One perfect use case for this is the dictionary workflow in the GIF. You looking up a word in the dictionary is a very weak signal that the word is important (many times, it is actually a signal that it is now less likely that the word will be looked up) This is a GUESS based on LIMITED observation. sorting is based on 1) how many times an item has been actioned (freq) 2) latest timestamp of action (timestamp) primarily sorted based on freq, ties are broken by timestamp special case: if the script filter has executed without an argument, and one of the resultant items has an entry in the latching table, the item goes to the top, irrespective of the above sorting. The above algorithm has been implemented and seems to match alfred's sorting. Things that seem impossible to me: take into account mouse scroll interactions. right now, when selected row changes because of a mouse hover, the pane doesn't update, and will continue to show the old preview. As mouse hovers over various rows, the pane updates correctly, as long as Alfred's results have not been scrolled using mouse.
  3. Hello there!) Modified some KeePassXC workflow that starting with ScriptFilter asks user password name and then using "/bin/bash" with "input as query". Internals of bash script are using something like this: security find-generic-password -a $(id -un) -c 'kpas' -C 'kpas' -s "${keychainItem}" -w "${keychain}" |\ keepassxc-cli locate -q "$database" "$query" | grep -Ev "\/Recycle Bin\/" Password for my keePassXC database is saved in MacOS in custom-named KeyChain with its own password and timeout parameters. So after some idle time its auto close this custom-named KeyChain. Its all working fine, with one drawback - every time when idle time is over, ScriptFilter asks closed custom-named KeyChain for saved inside keepass database password and reciving this default UI for keychain's own: After this workflow breaks and all user input is cleared. Is there a way to make Alfred continue\restart its workflow with already entered input after this UI without additional hustle?
  4. macOS 11.2.2 Alfred When hitting my main Alfred hotkey (F11) his window usually appears instantly. But, I've noticed that during certain conditions, such as shortly after launching a slow-to-open app from the Dock (Excel, Photoshop, etc) the Alfred window does not appear. Instead, it seems to hang until the foreground app is in the "ready" state. (Not sure technically what this is called, but essentially it's ready to receive input - mouse clicks, key events, etc). This can also happen if the foreground app gets busy, doing some long running task etc. Funny thing is, if I click to another app e.g. Finder and then hit the hotkey, Alfred appears immediately. Just wondering if there's any way to change this behavior so that the hotkey stays more responsive even during these busy times.
  5. The scrollbar becomes VERY TINY when there are LOTS of results. Seems like there should be a minimum height/width?
  6. While there is value in pointing people to the Alfred website and Twitter account... once I've signed up for the Alfred Newsletter, the UI doesn't reflect that state. I think I've signed up several times for the newsletter over the years! Given the prominence of this UI (and the relative infrequency of newsletter updates (the last email that I have from hello@alfredapp.com is from May 2019), I wonder if this could be improved — or simply user-dismissed? Suggestion:
  7. With Alfred's Dark Appearance, the light 1Password icon looks great: With Alfred's Light Appearance, the 1Password icon kinda disappears: It might look better with 1Password's dark icon variant?
  8. The Twitter icon looks distorted/not anti-aliased on the Usage page?
  9. I really appreciate how the GitHub Desktop app makes it easy to open repositories with different tools, using different keyboard shortcuts: I'd find it really helpful if Alfred Workflows offered the same functionality, and in particular if this "Open Workflow folder in Finder" allowed me to right-click and choose to open with a specific app, i.e. Atom, TextMate, or some other editor. Of course it would also be great if keyboard shortcuts were supported too.
  10. I make many keyword-based Workflows and I would find it incredibly efficient to be able to quickly duplicate an object using ⌘-D. Currently I can hit ⌘-C and then ⌘-P (copy and paste), or right-click and choose copy and then right-click and paste: ...but many apps (like Sketch) support ⌘-D to duplicate the selected object or objects: This would greatly improve my efficiency.
  11. This is a small nit, but I had a few snippets that I wanted to move from one collection to another and found it so strange that I couldn't just drag and drop them, but instead had to right click and choose "Move To...". I'd like to lodge a request to support dragging and dropping them!
  12. I love Alfred, and I invoke it all the time to use the Calculator function. Though, I find that the results often have a cramped visual read out, the kerning between the numbers is a bit tight and difficult to read, I think it could be better spaced out visually. Example: the "785" is very closely spaced and could breathe more, and thus be more easily readable. Actually, the Kerning across all results could probably increase, as it all does feel very tight. Maybe it could even be a user adjustable setting? Also, is there any chance Spotlight's currency conversions could make their way to Alfred too?
  13. When scrolling while navigating inside a folder, the preview pane on the right half of the window flickers. I am using the default Alfred 3 theme (white+purple).
  14. I use the query history feature a lot and, in my up-arrow frenzy, I often overshoot the entry I want. To get back to it, I clear out the alfred prompt and start from the beginning, going more slowly this time. It'd be nice if there was a way to go forwards through the history, so that I could correct my overshoot more easily. My thought was that the down arrow would be a natural way to do this. I realize that the down arrow is currently used as a way to disengage query history mode, but the left and right arrow keys also do this, and it's rare that I want to disengage at all.
  15. Not sure why Alfred displays HUMUNGOUS icons in the notification center when no other application does this. it's really jarring and odd-looking; see below. Can we get a little more consistency?
  16. I use modifiers to jump around text, and often it's faster just to retype an Alfred query than to edit it at a specific point. I'm going super minimal with my theme, so I was wondering if I could get an option to hide the keyboard cursor.
  17. Alfred's Run Script/Run NSAppleScript actions (and the lines connected to them) provide very little information about what's actually in them (action type and interpreter or the modifier key). When your workflow has a lot of such actions it quickly becomes hard to remember which one is which, so you basically have to double-click each one open till you find the one you're looking for. Navigating the actions would be a lot easier if Alfred showed a tooltip when you hover over an action, say, the Modifier subtext for connections and the (first few lines of) the Script box for Run Script actions.
  18. Hey there, I've noticed that Terminal.app has an additional parameter in it's colour wheel settings called Blur, which allows you select a percentage of blur an opaque colour creates on the background behind the window. If it's possible to work this into Alfred's theme editor I'd really like to see it...
  19. I've pestered them on twitter about this a few times, but thought I'd post here to see if it had any mass appeal: I'd like an option to hide the alfred window when dragging something out of the file results -- kinda like Skitch, when dragging the image out as a file. I use alfred a lot to find files for dragging into a waiting "open file" dialog, and alfred always appears right over the dialog box.
  20. Hey there, thank you very much for Alfred 2 :-) Beside all the cool stuff you can do with it, I also enjoy its ways to customize it. The only thing I can't change though is the color (and probably the thickness) of the cursor. I'd love to have it in blue (think iA Writer, Ulysses 3, iOS etc.). Is there any way to change it? If not—well, thanks for your consideration in advance! Yours, - Ben
  21. Hey Alfred team & community, It's great that Alfred 2 offers more font choices. I wish, however, that rather than Helvetica, the app defaulted to Helvetica Neue. With iOS 4, Apple switched iOS's UI font from plain old Helvetica to Helvetica Neue, and it's begun to make its way onto the Mac in Lion & Mountain Lion. It'd be great for consistency, and as a bonus I think many people feel that Neue is the smoother & better looking of the two. I know it sounds like a nitpick — but in an app like Alfred, where the entire UI is a typography exercise, this stuff really makes a difference.
  22. Hi Andrew and Vero, please consider allowing individual icons for File Action workflow modules, just as much as for any other Input/Trigger type workflow modules. Use Case: I have a workflow that does EITHER A OR B as a script filter, based on whatever criteria the script filter checks for. I also want to allow for the same functionality as a file action included in the same workflow: Script Filter "Do A" or "Do B" -------------------> [Whatever Module Here] File Action "Do A" ---------------------------------> [Either another Module or use the same as Script Filter] File Action "Do B" ---------------------------------> [Either another Module or use the same as Script Filter] For the Script Filter, the feedback would contain the appropriate icon for either A or B, so it would be good to drop Icon A onto File Action "Do A" and Icon B onto File Action B accordingly.
  23. That's something I felt the need for with v1 already, now that what used to be Hotkeys in v1 also are Workflows, I'd appreciate an option to group Workflows in folders even more. In v1, I currently have 41 extensions installed and 18 hotkeys configured, which would sum up to 59 items in the Workflow sidebar in v2. That's quite a list to scroll. Apart from having these sorted alphabetically, I'd love to be able to put them into groups/folders, e.g. one for extensions covering aspects of my private life, one for professional tasks, a group for my own extensions, another for extensions I have under development, or even extensions that are specific to clients of mine (e.g. extension triggering client-specific build-/deployment tasks).
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