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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, community! I've created a new workflow to help me share smb links. - convert link like \\server\path to smb://server/path and other unix style, - convert unix paths to windows style, - automatically copied all links into clipboard. DOWNLOAD HERE For example: Windows user sent me the shared path like: \\server\shared\path\ On my Mac with Alfred, I've convert it in a seconds to unix-style, like: //server/shared/path/ afp://server/shared/path/ smb://server/shared/path/ cifs://server/shared/path/ \\server\shared\path\
  2. I thought i'd give it a try and there is my first workflow. Nothing big here but here it is. Translate a given DOS path (file or folder) to a UNIX path and reveal it with Finder For the times when your coworkers give you DOS path to files on your network and you want to get there quickly, use this. Advice For an easier use, mounted volumes must have the same name on both PC and Mac computers on your network. Usage Type the keyword "path" then type the DOS path you want to convert. It will open Finder to file:///Volumes/C/Share/specs Features The new converted UNIX
  3. Hey guys ! Let me explain the situation first : I work with people on windows but i work on OSX. I often get DOS path on a shared volumes (mounted with samba) where documents i need are stored. Usually, it's .png or other graphic files. And there we are, i want to do a workflow where i type a keyword then paste the DOS path i was given; then i run a bash script that translate the DOS path to Unix path (script i already have); finally i want that new path to be open in my browser. So far, i made the input with a "keyword" then the {query} sent to a "Run script" and the new {query} s
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