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Found 14 results

  1. Why? There are already some workflows available for managing Tunnelblick connections like VPN Manager by @deanishe but I only use one single VPN connection and I wanted a quick way toggle that one single VPN connection on and off. If you have more than one VPN connection in Tunnelblick, then this workflow is not for you and I recommend the workflow linked above. Features One thing - toggle a named workflow. Set this in the workflow variables (or do it in the workflow directly, it will detect if no connection has been set). Download https://github.com/rknightuk/alfred-workflows/tree/main/workflows/toggle-tunnelblick-vpn
  2. You can have a look at my quick video on the reddit post linked above. I have took some of the code from the existing workflow, and modified it so it can offer me a list of servers as I'm typing. I have took my time adding country flags to the script filter as well. Download: https://mega.nz/file/7TQF3ALR#z-hQhkfrH3dP4xsEmb9seGZPTzd6PcoHC3HN1AaPSus
  3. Hello, I didn't see a workflow for a VPN service client I use called Private Internet Access. So I decided to give it a try. I'm not sure if there are many people that use this service but I just wanted to share a simple workflow that connects and disconnects the VPN connection using Alfred. Here's the code/instructions/download: https://github.com/skonagaya/PIA-Interface Start Demo: Stop Demo: Thanks, Sean
  4. VPN Connection Manager Manage your Tunnelblick or Viscosity VPN connections from Alfred. Usage vpn [<query>] — View and filter Tunnelblick/Viscosity VPN connections. - ↩ — Connect/disconnect selected connection. vpnconf [<query>] — View and edit workflow configuration. Workflow Update Available! / Workflow Is up to Date — Workflow update availablity. ↩ or ⇥ — Check for and install update. App Name (active) — The currently selected VPN application. App Name (not installed) — Supported, but not installed, VPN application. ↩ — Go to this application's website. App Name — Installed, but unused, application. ↩ — Use this application to manage VPN connections. Online Docs — Workflow README. ↩ — Open in your default browser. Help — This forum thread. ↩ — Open in your default browser. Report Problem — Workflow's GitHub issues. ↩ — Open in your default browser. If you haven't entered a query, any active VPN connections will be shown at the top of the list. Action an active connection to disconnect it. If you are connected to multiple VPNs, an additional "Disconnect All" item will be shown first. Download & Installation Get the workflow from GitHub releases.
  5. Hi, do anybody has a solution for this problem: every alfred workflow which worked pretty well with macOS El Capitan stopped working since I updated to macOS Sierra. I always getting dialog with info that IPSec certificate (Shared Secret) is missing. (But the connection works, if I start it via mouse in the icon dock top right of macOS display. Does anybody have same tips for me?
  6. Hi Folks, nearly every time I have to connect to my companies VPN I need the samba shares, as well. So I decided to automate connecting to VPN and mounting the shares. It is so boring to do that by hand every time. In march, I wrote about that in my blog http://bit.ly/XB7dXi (only German language). At that time I didn't know about Alfred and I started the apple scripts with the software Butler or with a double-click. Meanwhile I only use Alfred to automate the things on my Mac. I build a workflow to connect our VPN and samba shares. An it works like a charm ! The workflow I created looks that way: The scripts are still apple scripts, but I tried to make them more easy. To use them, simply open the scripts in Alfred and change the defined variables to your individual settings. It is well commented (in English, so all of us can use it, not only Germans) The connect script needs a couple of simple variables, the disconnect script only two. Credits: The part of connecting to the VPN appears first on http://blog.schmehr.de, a site that doesn't exist anymore. Feel free to give me feedback or change everything you need in the workflow. Remember, it s my first workflow and script in apple script. Maybe you have an idea to put all the stuff in one script. You can download the initial version of the workflow out of my dropbox: http://bit.ly/1caGM0p Happy connecting ;-) Kind Regards U. Ivens P.S.: You also can find an article about that workflow in my Blog.
  7. Hello, my workflow starts by opening my VPN, however when my VPN launches a popup asks for the administrators password saying 'osascript wants to make changes enter your password to allow this. I would like to know if anyone else has found a solution for this because it's stoping my workflow. Anyone know if it is possible to add the password input to the workflow or disable this prompt or maybe over come it with a script or maybe a setting in apple or something? Does anyone else have this prompt when starting a vpn?
  8. Hi Does any know of a workflow to toggle Tunnelbear on/off? Thanks!
  9. Hello. It is a simple workflow to manage Tunnelblick connections. Type vpn and it displays all the Tunnelblick connections. You can narrow the list by typing part of the connection name. Select the connection and press enter to toggle its state. Packal Page GIF with demo: Hope it will be useful for anyone besides me.
  10. I made a simple VPN toggle Workflow which helps you to toggle quickly to any VPN you want to. Installation: - Import the Workflow-data into Alfred 2 - Open the first AppleScript, search "YourDefaultVPNName" and replace it with the name of your most-used VPN connection. Usage: Type vpn to toggle your default VPN-Connection Or: type vpn NameOfAnVPNConnection to toggle the VPN-Connection of your choice! Last but not least - the .alfredworkflow-file: http://d.pr/f/kMRh Have fun with it :-) Update: There was one untranslated description.
  11. Choose a VPN from your configured VPN list to connect/disconnect it. Download: https://github.com/superkam/Alfred2_VPNToggle
  12. Hi, this is a workflow to activate an existing VPN profile, it allows you to connect and to disconnect (a lot of features!). As usual, the VPN profile has to be available in the current Network Location. If you don't have any VPN connection, I think you should setup one just to try this workflow Here is how it looks like and, as usual, you can download it from here. Have a lot of fun Gaetano
  13. This workflow allows you to easily connect or disconnect the VPN. Keyword desciption: cvpn --Quick connect your VPN, no parameters dvpn --Quick disconnect your VPN, no parameters connect --Connect to the specified VPN, require VPN name disconnect --Disconnect to the specified VPN, require VPN name Run NSAppleScript desciption: first --Need to change second --Need to change third --Don't touch fourth --Don't touch If you want this, goto https://github.com/shengaofei/controlyourvpn.
  14. This workflow enables you to start, stop, and get the status of an OpenConnect VPN. Here is the controller's gist and the workflow. You'll also need to add the following three lines to your sudoers file via visudo: Cmnd_Alias OPENCONNECT = /usr/local/bin/openconnect --passwd-on-stdin --config=* * &> /usr/local/var/log/openconnect.log %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: OPENCONNECT %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/killall -HUP openconnect
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