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Found 5 results

  1. OK, so what I want is to be able to type "app" with a name of an application installed on my system, to show the version of the app in the Alfred results ... much like how in Yosemite we can type an app name and have the version/purchased date/etc listed on the right pane of Spotlight. I have had to go back to Mavericks for now as Yosemite feels so unfinished on my system. I LIKE how in Alfred I can TAB to complete an application's name with a file filter, but I can not display results of a script with a file filter unless I use large text. I have a workflow (temp) that will use the file filter and run an osa-script to output the application version to large text: get version of application "{query}" BUT, I'd like to be able to get autocomplete into a script filter if I could ... is this possible?
  2. I am about to release my workflow, http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/5100-regex-run-and-save-regular-expressions/ , onto Packal. The workflow contains a file that contains user data. That is, users can save their own regexs for future use, and those saved regexs are saved in the file. Let's call it MyRegexFile.pl. When I release the next version of my workflow, how can I make it so that user data is not overwritten? * Perhaps there is a special Alfred way to handle updates * Perhaps there is a special Packal way to handle updates * Perhaps the file should be stored elsewhere on the user's computer * Perhaps the file contents should be stored in the keyword script filter itself Those are my ideas. I would like to find the right solution before releasing the new version. I would like the solution to be user friendly. Thanks!
  3. If you do any bug reporting, you may know what a pain it is to get version information for the application in question. Usually, it means going to the 'About' menu and copying version information from there. This workflow lets you copy and paste version information with a few keystrokes. The keyword is 'version'. Download • Packal (Beta) Example outputs: Alfred 2 v2.1.1 (227) on Mac OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) Safari v7.0.1 (9537.73.11) Mac OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) You can get version information for: The current application Any application on your disk Your operating system There are also several choices when retrieving the information: When dealing with application or OS info: Command: Copy and paste immediately When dealing with application info: Option: Copy with OS information Control: Copy with OS information and paste immediately Here's what it looks like: Enjoy
  4. Hi there I would like to run a python script with an Alfred workflow but I realized that the python version I run in the terminal is not the same Alfred is running The python I use was installed with homebrew, and my path is set up so I run the "brew installed" python which is 2.7.3 and is located here: $ which python $ /usr/local/bin/python I setup my script to print out the python version with this statement: $ print(sys.version) When I run it in the terminal I get 2.7.3, but the workflow notification prints out 2.7.2 The shebang in my script.py is #!/usr/bin/env python If I set my shebang to #!/usr/local/bin/python everything work fine and the workflow notification prints out 2.7.3 But I don't want to change all my scripts and hardcode the path, I would prefer to use #!/usr/bin/env python Anybody has a trick? Is there anything to do with my ~/.bash* dotfiles, or is this Alfred not loading the user environment? Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi guys, Love version 2, cracking stuff! I use Alfred to launch various versions and different development build of our apps all the time (I've also updated my 'Open app in language workflow' for v2). Request: I'd love an option to display an applications version number in Alfred's panel: I usually have about three or four versions of an app on my disk at once: - Currently shipping - Currently shipping (Mac App Store) - Currently in development - Development milestone version I can usually figure out which is which based on its path, but a version number would be extremely useful. Bit of a non-mainstream feature I know, but it can't hurt to ask Cheers, Adrian
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