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Found 2 results

  1. tell application "Safari" activate delay 1 my clickClassName("icon icon-clip", 0) delay 1 tell application "System Events" key code 125 delay 0.5 key code 125 delay 0.5 keystroke return end tell end tell to clickClassName(theClassName, elementnum) tell application "Safari" do JavaScript "document.getElementsByClassName('" & theClassName & "')[" & elementnum & "].click();" in document 1 end tell end clickClassName WhatsApp tab name changes to (<no_of_new_messages>)WhatsApp. However URL stays same. Anyway, to get hold of this tab without getting all tabs URL. I think someone could write a regex for me. Also, if anyone 1. has other ideas to get this done or 2. has additional info like selecting a particular contact without using the "Search" field on the web page, 3. check if the attachment icon, is already clicked before running this script, 4. (unrelated) has the skills to get to the "Type a message" box and perform a file drop by mouse dragging from Alfred's window (assuming that Alfred's window bounds and location are fixed) 5. has any other useful info please guide me. Thanks.
  2. http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-whatsapp-linker This workflow converts phone numbers into whatsapp links to use: 1. Copy the phone number to your clipboard 2. Run the workflow Then: 1. if the number is valid Alfred will open the link in the browser and the browser will redirect over to the whatsapp app 2. if the number is invalid Alfred will show a push notification indicating the number is invalid See a preview here: https://d.pr/i/JZfoEo
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