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Found 9 results

  1. First, I really apologise for how incompetent I am. Without Google, I'd never be able to do anything. But even with Google, I fail. Basic principles, var, query, just fly right over my head. Doesn't matter how much I concentrate, and how much I read, I just never seem to get it I'm trying to construct an Alfred workflow to do the following: I want to create a command consisting of three elements: 1. wp-clone 2. site1 3. site2 #1 is constant. #2 and #3 are variables. They are basically source-folder, destination-folder. The names would change
  2. Hoping this is the right place to post. I've been searching everywhere (this site and the web) and while I'm sure someone has made a version of the workflow I need I'm just as certain I'm using the wrong search string. Why it's needed: I'm finding that the thing that's taking the most time in my weekly workflow is collecting images and screenshots, uploading them to my wordpress site, gathering the URLs for all the images, then pasting the URLs into the weekly shownotes for my podcast—shownotes that I have to upload to the podcast media host which then places them to all the destinations
  3. This workflow lets you search the WordPress developer reference with the keyword "wpdev". Searching WordPress core made easy. Finding results is very fast because it searches in local files and doesn't need to be connected to the internet for the search . The workflow checks every 2 weeks if there are new updates in WordPress core. Or you can check manually for updates with the "wpdev update" keyword. Example of a function search Download Last update of this workflow: WordPress 5.5 Download the workflow h
  4. So I started using Alfred a few weeks ago, and just realized how awesome it is, so I decided to put together a WordPress Workflow. I'd like to share it, but I'd also like some feedback on cleaning it up (if needed), and how to create a config file for default settings such as WordPress user, password, email, so that I can keep sensitive data separate from the actual script. I'm running AMPPS for testing, and it all works. I borrowed code from a few different places. Thanks. # MAMP fix path #export PATH=/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.6.1/bin:$PATH #export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin:/A
  5. Hi guys and gals! First of all I'd like to thank you all for the past workflows I downloaded and for all the help I found on this forum! ;-) Please note i'm a newbie in workflows and bash stuff! I am working on a workflow for WP-CLI (http://wp-cli.org/). The aim of that script is to easily install a WordPress site in the following folder Applications/MAMP/htdocs/Dropbox. It has two parameters, the site slug and the site name. The problem I'm facing is that if I run the script from the Terminal, it works fine, but from the workflow it fails. What I have done: - installed WP-CLI
  6. Hello, I spend my days building and administrating Wordpress websites for companies. Today i am administrating over 100 sites, and it is getting more every day. My request for a workflow is quicker access to different admin-areas in wordpress of the sites. Lets say i have these three sites: www.coolpage1.com www.coolpage2.com www.coolpage3.com All of the sites admin-area can be accessed by adding "/wp-admin" at the end of the url. Today i use the custom search that is built into Alfred with the {query}. For example i write the keyword "admin" followed by "coolpage2". This works fine for
  7. ** This workflow is no longer maintained ** It's recommended you use the wordpress developer reference workflow as It's more up-to-date with the most recent WordPress functions Here is a workflow for WordPress developers that searches all the functions in the WordPress function reference. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/ After searching the functions you can go directly to the correct Codex function page. It searches a list (that comes with the workflow) with all the functions in the function reference. Update this list from time to time with the keyword "wpfru
  8. Hi, I was always thinking how to cut short my work progress. It will be cool if that's a way to auto compile local environment data then upload to a specific live site using Alfred. I'm weak at scripts, etc, hence it would be cool if anyone can help point out to me into some direction. Currently, I'm just thinking maybe, make Alfred do this workflow. 1) Export MYSQL database from MAMP (local) 2) Save the SQL file to a folder 3) Copy the whole wordpress folder. Access a particular FTP (through Forklift or some other FTP programs) 4) Paste the wordpress folder to the directory
  9. I have a workflow setup to download wordpress, extract it into my dev sites directory, clone a few repos for my starter theme and a few plugins, create a database, run npm install and grunt in a terminal window, etc. The last step I'm trying to do via an output script is run a instance of wp_install() in a PHP script to run the full installation and then have the browser open the site. Here's a gist of the PHP code I'm running: https://gist.github.com/mattbanks/5213396 I tried running it as a PHP output script and changing line 3 to $site = "{query}"; but it wasn't working. I then trie
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