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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, This workflow lets you quickly toggle macOS Accessibility grayscale setting: I complied the code from this stack exchange discussion https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/342551 so I could quickly execute it in Alfred. Download it here https://github.com/fxjkhr/alfred-workflows/tree/master/Toggle-Grayscale
  2. Hello, The Alfred workflow editor is still inaccessible with VoiceOver on Mac OS. This was my primary reason for purchasing the power pack, so the fact that this makes workflows unusable, as the keywords and hotkeys for them are stripped on import, and I cannot make my own, means I have just wasted my money and will have to look elsewhere. To reproduce, simply enable VoiceOver, open Alfred preferences, select workflows in the sidebar, select a workflow in the table, and attempt to edit it with VoiceOver keyboard commands.
  3. There is an Alfred Workflow by @Benzi called Menu Bar Search that offers this functionality (although recently broke in v1.7), but I wonder if this would be a useful addition alongside the Universal Actions feature currently in beta. Just as you can set a hotkey to bring up a list of actions relevant to your selection in Finder, supporting native Menu Items Search via a hotkey would feel consistent, since it's applying a similar "interact with my current context or selection" behavior to the currently focused app. @Andrew what do you think?
  4. Minimal Wide This theme is elegant, compact and offers space for long titles. (GitHub, Alfred, Packal) Monochrome This theme has a monospace font appears like a terminal on a monochrome monitor. (GitHub, Alfred, Packal) Crazy Accessible Blue This theme is big. It's definitely accessible with high contrast and big fonts. The color scheme is inspired by the old Amiga workbench (GitHub, Alfred, Packal)
  5. Hello, I was hit on the freeway several years ago and have suffered brain damage from it. As a result, I have been updating everything I can to be easier on my brain. Specifically, I use the Notes app a lot but it does not allow you to change the background color. I know you can change the font color, but I need a dark background and white text otherwise I cannot understand it. The dark theme didn't switch the background color for me, and yellowish blue light free colors practically blind me. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I don't know AppleScript myself, which is why I came here to ask for help. The workflow works like this. Keyboard shortcut > run usr/bin/osascript > play sound this is the code inside the script (I didn't write it myself, found it on apple support forums and slightly modified it): tell application "System Preferences" reveal pane id "com.apple.preference.keyboard" tell application "System Events" tell process "System Preferences" tell window "Keyboard" tell tab group 1 click radio button "Dictation" tell radio group 1 if value of radio button "On" is 0 then click radio button "On" else click radio button "Off" end if end tell end tell if sheet 1 exists then tell sheet 1 click button "Enable Dictation" repeat while sheet 1 exists end repeat end tell end if end tell end tell end tell quit -- optional end tell Now the script does successfully toggle dictation, but whenever I turn dictation back on using the workflow, the spoken keyword phrase (which is found under system preferences > accessibility > dictation > [ ] enable the dictation keyword phrase) is disabled, even though the UI shows that it is enabled. I have to turn it off and on again to get it to work. Could one of you tell me how I'd have to edit the script to make it so that dictation is turned back on with the keyword phrase still active? My guess is that if "click radio button "Off" is performed, the script should also go into "Accessibility" and switch "enable the dictation keyword phrase" off and on again. I'd really appreciate the help & think it wouldn't take very long to fix for someone who knows AppleScript. Thanks!
  7. set dialNumber to "{query}" try tell application "Safari" activate tell window 1 try set current tab to tab "AirDroid Web | Manage your phone on web" on error e try set current tab to tab "AirDroid" on error e set the clipboard to e as text end try end try end tell delay 2 say "here" tell application "System Events" tell process "Safari" click at {1014, 106} delay 1 say "here2" click at {752, 397} keystroke dialNumber delay 1 click at {796, 635} end tell end tell end tell end try I have set this osascript as my phone action. I can hear "here1" and "here2" but no clicking is done. The same script run fine when run from Script Editor.app.
  8. Allow to toggle some of the system accessibility settings (grayscale, invert colors, …). Usage: - accessibility Invert Colors - accessibility Use grayscale - accessibility … Script auto complete the available settings. http://git.io/v4jo6
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