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Found 23 results

  1. As I balance all sorts of projects in different fields, I create workspaces for myself using Alfred Workflows (keyword for the project opens all Apps, Websites, Finder Folders, scripts, etc. required for project). Often, there are many web pages and I creating URL actions for each is tedious. I would really love a "Open Multiple URLs" Action where I can paste in a bunch of URLs, separated by line breaks, and the action will open all of them upon trigger. Thanks for the excellent product!
  2. Google Chrome is my default browser. But as Firefox seems to have made some significant speed improvements I thought I could use both as "default browser". As it is not possible, as one can have only one default browser, I was wondering if there was a way I could set one "Open URL" action to open the url in the front browser whether it is Firefox or Google Chrome. As of today, I only can open the URL in the default browser.
  3. I often find myself wanting to AirDrop a file or iMessage an image, and I do a large portion of my file management with Alfred, however I have to dart into Finder to do these things. It would be nice if a Share action could be implemented into File Search, perhaps just another window of actions within file search, perhaps some other way.
  4. Hi! I made this workflow to help myself when I'm browsing files in Alfred and I want to share them. Here is a little Workflow to upload the selected file to Droplr. Works better if you have Droplr already open. Enjoy! Download
  5. I've created some workflows that run Python scripts stored at some specific locations. In general, everything's going fine, but there's one thing that's bothering me a bit: I'm running them by choosing "Run Script," selecting the language as Bash, and then entering the script as "/usr/bin/python script_location script_parameters." This just seems clumsy to me because Alfred actually can call the Python interpreter directly, instead of through bash like this. The problem is simply that the "Run Script" dialog has no way to specify a location of a script: you can only specify the actual contents of the script. I don't actually want to store the Python script itself inside the workflow. Does this seem odd to anyone else? Anyone have any solutions?
  6. This workflow lets you search the WordPress developer reference with the keyword "wpdev". Searching WordPress core made easy. Finding results is very fast because it searches in local files and doesn't need to be connected to the internet for the search . The workflow checks every 2 weeks if there are new updates in WordPress core. Or you can check manually for updates with the "wpdev update" keyword. Example of a function search Download Last update of this workflow: WordPress 5.5 Download the workflow here: wordpress-developer.alfredworkflow Follow this workflow on github. Note: Deprecated functions, hooks or classes are not included in the search results. If you encounter wrong results or 404 pages please post it here, or create a github issue. thanks.
  7. I just want to be able to use "Selection in OS X" or "OS X clipboard content" arguments when I use a "Keyword" action. It means that I would type a keyword and the selection in OS X or the clipboard content would be added as an argument. A modifier key would let me decide if I want to use the "selection in OS X" or the "clipboard content". In practice, I would type my keyword, hit the modifier key I assigned + Enter and Voila. Done. Why do I need this? Because I have already set A LOT of keyboard shortcuts and might not have keyboard shortcuts combinations available. Plus, sometimes, it is easier (but maybe not faster) to use a keyword rather than a keyboard shortcut action. Use cases: mainly searches (on websites and in search engines).
  8. I am using two macs and access my second mac via via Synergy. When in Finder, I am feed up of not being able to use Alfred to move the contents of the folder I am in to its parent folder. I have to select all of the contents, then drag and drop everything to the parent folder... What a waste of time when you could have an action actionnable via a keyboard shortcut that could do it for you in a flesh
  9. According to the official documentation, it should be possible to assigned the same hotkey to multiple actions based on what app has focus: Top tip: You can use the same hotkey for multiple actions within a single workflow. For example, you can set a hotkey to perform action A only when your browsers are in focus, while performing a different task when Mail is in focus. This can only be done within a single workflow, not across multiple ones. However, I cannot find a way to make this work. Here is what I've tried: Creating multiple copies of the hotkey I create a hotkey object and add an app to the "related apps" tab. I link the hotkey to an action. Then I create another hotkey object. When I try to assign the same hotkey to the second hotkey object, it simply won't work. The "Hotkey" field remains blank as long as I'm pressing a key combination that is already in use. Assigning outputs from the hotkey based on app focus I thought maybe I could set multiple outputs from the hotkey object. I created a hotkey and added two apps to the "related apps" tab. I put two actions into the workflow and connected the output of the hotkey to both of them. The result is that when either of the two apps is in focus, BOTH actions are triggered. Here is my desired behavior: I have two applescripts that toggle between versions of a web page by modifying the URL. The script is slightly different for Chrome than for Safari, and I want to use the same hotkey to trigger whichever script applies to the current browser. In simpler terms, if I'm in Chrome the hotkey should launch Applescript-A, and if I'm in Safari the same hotkey should launch Applescript-B. Can Alfred do this? The quoted documentation certainly makes it sound possible.
  10. I discovered there was a "Recent Documents" action in the “Default Actions" in Actions (Features). I wanted to test it but it looks like there no "Recent Documents" in my actions...
  11. I just selected 10 files, wanted to move them in a new folder (one that doesn't already exist). It would be awesome if I could move files in a folder that do not really exist. After the "Move To" action is selected: If the folder already exists, Alfred moves the files in the folder. If the folder doesn't exist, let me type the new folder name, press enter and Alfred moves all the selected files in the newly created folder. What do you think? Or there is a better solution? @Vero? Using the buffer feature seems to be slower than the "Move To" action in this case.
  12. Hello, There are many times when I pull up a custom web search in Alfred, but I just want to copy the URL, not actually go to the web page. Is there any way Alfred can be configured to do this? Thank you! Liat
  13. Hi I am a long time user of Alfred from when it first cam out, but I haven't delved into the power pack side of things yet and wanted to be able to create an action for Alfred that will create a folder structure on my external HDD. I'm a freelance designer and for every job I create a job folder on my external HDD within a folder called jobs with a unique number and customer name . Within that I usually create some sub folders like "original files" "native files" "files to print" etc. I would like to be able to create this as a command in Alfred and didn't know if it was easy as my coding skills are limited! I have created workflows in the past on systems that you drag and drop certain actions and maybe tweak what its to do, but didn't know if alfred power pack was the same kinda thing? I have had a look around to see if someone has already created something similar on alfredworkflows.com, but there is that many different flows on there its hard to spot. Any help would be appreciated, its just one of those things that would make things a little easier when starting new project. Thanks Matt
  14. I've made more than one workflow where I wanted the ability to copy some text to the clipboard *or* open a URL in the browser (using an action modifier to trigger the URL case). In both cases, I start with a script filter, but what I want to copy to the clipboard is not the actual URL, but some different data. My script filter would like to send two pieces of information, and this is no problem to do just by concatenating them and adding a custom delimiter. The problem is that "Open URL" can only be an action and not an output. So because only one {query} is allowed, and "Open URL" has no parsing abilities (other than adding some static portions of the URL), I must past only the URL data through the query. This means that I cannot pass the rest of the data to the clipboard copy portion of the workflow. If only passing the URL, I'd basically need to duplicate the same code in the script filter. Of course it's not hard to write your own script to open a URL in the default browser (which is what I've done), but if "Open URL" could be an output (and not just an action) then it would actual be useful for these use cases. Example below is essentially what I'd prefer to do, instead I replace "Open URL" with a "Run Script" than handles the parsing and open URL functionality. I'd still need the "Run Script" anyway to parse the two-part query, but it could reuse the exact same script from the top "Run Script". Then I'd connect to "Open URL" on the far right if it was an output option.
  15. When using the "File Selection" hotkey (e.g. Command + Option + \) to open the actions panel, Alfred copies the selected files to the clipboard. When pasting in a text editor, the selected paths' names (without their absolute path) will be pasted with a newline between each entry. When pasting into Finder, the actual files will be copied to the destination at which they were pasted. The copied files do not propagate into Alfred's clipboard history. Alfred 2 v2.2 (243) on Mac OS X 10.9.2 (13C64) Thanks to Carlos for helping find this bug
  16. I've released a workflow that allows you to quickly create a google hangout for Google Chrome users. After creating the hangout, the workflow places the hangout URL into your system clipboard. Announcement and rational: http://blog.jonathanrwallace.com/blog/2013/10/08/quickly-create-a-google-hangout-with-alfred/ Project: https://github.com/wallace/google_hangout_workflow Direct download link: https://github.com/wallace/google_hangout_workflow/raw/master/Google%20Hangout.alfredworkflow
  17. The right arrow no longer opens the Actions panel when I choose a file in Alfred. Instead, it navigates to the file folder. Problem occurs accoss all my computers with synced Alfred. I am a powerpack user. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong? - Jety
  18. Hi! So, here I am again with another question regarding Spotlight comments... I had a little issue with Spotlight comments after switching from Alfred 1 to Alfred 2, but those were resolved with build 2.0.2 (180) - thanks again to Andrew for the instant fix! Now Alfred 2 finds all my files, apps and folders with the corresponding Spotlight comment when I do a regular search. But there's one thing that doesn't work for me - I can't get Alfred 2 to recognize Spotlight comments in the "move to..." actions menu. To be more specific: All my folders have Spotlight comments (abbreviations mostly, like "ss" for "screenshots" and so on) and with Alfred 1 I was able to do the following: in Alfred's actions menu I would choose "move to..." and then type "ss" into the search field. Alfred 1 would present me the correct folder ("screenshots") instantly and I could move the file to that folder. Alfred 2 on the other hand doesn't recognize any Spotlight comments in the "move to..." actions menu, he has no idea what I want when I type "ss" (or another Spotlight comment). I don't know if this is a bug or if it's expected behavior in Alfred 2 - but it would be totally awesome if that version 1 feature could be brought back to Alfred Of course I know this is not something that belongs on the "high priority"-list, most folks will probably never use a Spotlight comment in the "move to..." menu. But I still wanted to mention it here because I always thought it's a really useful feature. Thanks and cheers, Anna OS X 10.8.3 Alfred v2.0.3 (187)
  19. Hi! I was just wondering, is there any way to go 'back' when navigating in File Actions? E.g. I type "chrome", press the right arrow key, select "Copy to…", press the right arrow key, realize I'd rather choose "Move to…". The left arrow key doesn't do anything, and Esc takes me back to the initial input ("chrome", in this case). Am I missing something? If I'm not, I'd really like to see this in a future release (especially since the left arrow key isn't doing anything in this context). Thanks, Max
  20. In the workflow panel it's stated that the NSApplescript action runs on Alfred's main thread and that background Applescripts should be run with the Run Script command. What are the actual implications of that difference? In what situations would you use one over the other?
  21. Hi there First of all, I'm really enjoying Alfred's second incarnation. The workflow stuff is fantastic. I've even had a quick go at reworking an old extension for creating new folders (nothing clever). http://sdrv.ms/U8Bc6U Anyway, while fiddling with the Applescript, I wondered if it was worth adding another action that would help with the cases where you needed to input a second or third parameter through Alfred (at the moment, I'm calling a dialog up through Applescript). So, how would it work? Well when you set it up, you give the input action a name (fileLocation for example) and some text it would display in Alfred. In use: The action would take a {query} from a preceding action and then take user input from Alfred. and then join the user input to {query}, appending the action name (so you could identify what the value was) and the value The new {query} would then be passed on to the next workflow action (which could be another 'arbitrary input' action) Having written it, it does look a bit complicated (especially when it comes to parsing the query)
  22. After updating to 2.0.1 (173) File Action from workflows was not listed in File Actions. It happened in my desktop and notebook. In my desktop, I deleted a File Action from a workflow then add it back and the Default Actions list was back to normal. Other topic mentioning the issue here. Note: in my initial post I mentioned Default Actions list (Alfred Preferences) but I think this list does not list workflows file actions.
  23. Been playing around a lot with creating new Workflows and wondered if there's any way to trigger an Action from another Action? For example, I want to use a keyword + {query} to create a new development site. First, I want to run a shell script silently. When that finishes, I want to open iTerm 2 to run a Terminal Command action in the foreground. At the same time, I'd like to use the Open URL action to open the local site in Chrome. From what I can tell, an Action can't trigger another Action in a Workflow. I know I can trigger them simultaneously, but the secondary actions in the Workflow depend on the first shell script being completely. Any way to do this other than executing commands in a single bash script or writing it out with PHP/Python/Ruby/AppleScript and triggering the scripts sequentially from a bash script? Thanks, Matt
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