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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I created yet-another-adium workflow. Features: different icon for statuses other than available contacts alphabetically sorted (except Alfred's favourites) shows IM type (jabber, icq, skype, ...) contact fetch speed optimalization [new] different icon for contacts with unread messages [new] deeper speed optimalization [new] "not found" shown when there is not a contact matching the searched text [new] "im -" shows only contacts with unread messages [new] icons for "contact not found" and "contact with new message" changed [new] shows idle time if known [new] shows status message if any The workflow is here. It seems there is a bug in Adium applescript support and the workflow could have problem with facebook contacts. But fortunately the facebook account can be connected using jabber protocol and then everything is sunny and blue... Translated: Is the workflow doesn't work for you temporarily disable facebook account... and maybe define jabber account to access facebook IM :-) - Jan
  2. This is a pretty simple one, but my first Alfred Workflow, based on simple applescript I pilfered from elsewhere and an icon grabbed off of user image search. The workflow has two options, on and off. For 'off', it is a single command for myself to logout of my IM apps and then lock the screen. For 'on' it'll log on to both adium and skype. Definitely not perfect or finished, but thought I'd share. Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgxcxacp2z6u59j/Logout%20of%20IM%20and%20lock.alfredworkflow
  3. Features: Search contacts and select them to open chat Buddy icons! Displays status, away messages, idle times, service Notes: This workflow filters out Facebook contacts since you cannot access them via AppleScript (Adium bug). If you would like to access them, re-add your Facebook account via jabber and they will show up.Thanks to dzejar on the forum for writing his Adium workflow to show how to query contacts and to open chat windows via AppleScript. The "Run NSAppleScript" portion is copied directly from his workflow with permission. This also uses Feedback.py by Peter Okma that I found online, so hopefully it's okay for me to reuse and distribute since it didn't have a license attached to it. I've updated it as I needed. You can download it from here.
  4. I updated the Alfred v1 Adium extensions from Joel Gillman to work with v2 workflows. Currently, you can go online, go offline, set yourself as available, or set a custom away status. You can download the full set of extensions here.
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