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Found 4 results

  1. This is a workflow to mount your network shares with automatic discovery. No configuration or bookmarks required! Download — stable version. Please report problems here. Your computer won't explode and your shares are safe, I promise. Troubles? Make sure that both, Apple Filing Protocol (afp) and Samba (short smb, QNAP calls it "Microsoft Network") are enabled on your NAS. Due to the nature of the protocols and the available tools on OSX, both of them are required in order to disover network shares in your network. Also note that already mounted shares are not listed in Alfred. Enable guest access to the NAS, not for a specific share, but for the system in general if things don't work. The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-mount
  2. Hello everyone I have been using Alfred for more than a year now (Powerpack User), I've learned how to create very basic work flows to run repetitive terminal commands I use however I would like to now do something a little more advanced and was hoping you guys can help me. I usually download videos from my Mac and copy them to a video folder in my NAS, the NAS can be seen/connected to via the Shared computers/drive section in Finder. What I would like to do is be able to invoke the 'selected file' action and have a menu item that will copy that file(s) to my movie folder in my NAS. I think we will need to use AppleScript to do this as I would like to be able to see the progress of the file transfer (as they are quite large files). Here is what I would like to do: - Connect to NAS on afp:// - Mount /video folder (if not already mounted) - Copy selected file(s) to this folder - Send NC/Growl Notification to say x file(s) have been copied.
  3. Hello, community! I've created a new workflow to help me share smb links. - convert link like \\server\path to smb://server/path and other unix style, - convert unix paths to windows style, - automatically copied all links into clipboard. DOWNLOAD HERE For example: Windows user sent me the shared path like: \\server\shared\path\ On my Mac with Alfred, I've convert it in a seconds to unix-style, like: //server/shared/path/ afp://server/shared/path/ smb://server/shared/path/ cifs://server/shared/path/ \\server\shared\path\
  4. Hi Firstly, this may be a feature that can be handled by the Worklows addition to Alfred, though I don't have the skills to create the required scripts... I spend a large amount of my day working off Servers. Either Windows 2003/2008 or Mac OSX Server. To access the servers I use the CMD + K shortcut to access the 'Connect to server' dialog, then choose the server I want to connect to etc etc. I'd really like to be able to invoke Alfred, type a keyword (maybe 'srv') along with the required server name and have that server mount and open in finder. Hope that makes sense, if anyone can do this with Workflows I'd love to know how they've made it happen! Cheers Steven
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