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Found 5 results

  1. Edit: 2014-05-23 Added some more search context options: subject and starred. Also adjusted the triggers to keep them shorter and simplier to trigger Edit: 2013-12-23 The 1.3 update to Airmail seems to have broke the way this workflow worked. I'll work on getting it fixed. I know there is a thread going on in the help portion so I figured I'd share my current Airmail workflow. Right now it has two components: new mail and unified search(Big thank you to David Ferguson for helping me with this one). Compose new mail: Super basic as all it does it switch to Airmail and open a new composer window. Syntax: airmail new Unified Search: This relies on Applescript and has two caveats: 1. you have to have unified inbox enabled and 2. if the search field is active it wont work Syntax: airmail search {query} At some point I plan to make the compose mail workflow more robust and utilize the Airmail Applescript support, and also expand the unified search to check if the search field is active. I'm just on limited time right now but I at least wanted to get what I have out to peope. Feel free to add or help if you want! Download: https://github.com/fspinillo/alfred-airmail
  2. Hi, Previously I've used the script underneath as a fast way to mark everything in my Mail as read; including junk mail and every account. I've got a lot of emails coming that's good to have, but doesn't require any work - so the workflow works as a way of purging the system for unnecessary unread mail. However, after switching over to Airmail on all platforms (A great idea that I should've come up with earlier) I quickly noticed how much I missed the workflow. By all means, I'm no tech-wizard and the furthest I've gone in my quest to get this working is exchanging "Mail" with "Airmail 3" (as well as with the .app suffix), which definitely didn't work. Could anyone of you be of any assistance here? tell application "Mail" set allAccounts to the name of every account repeat with currAccount in allAccounts set unreadMboxes to (every mailbox in account currAccount whose unread count is not 0) repeat with currMbox in unreadMboxes set (the read status of every message in currMbox whose read status is false) to true end repeat end repeat end tell Please and thank yous.
  3. I am a very, very new user of Alfred but wondering if it can help me with something I find really annoying. In Airmail I have to do four seperate “clicks" to empty the trash and return to the Inbox. (Click Trash>emty Trash>confirm empty>Inbox) Are there any Airmail users out there? If so is there a way in which I can get Alfred to empty Airmail’s Trash? Thanks.
  4. Hi I'm wondering if it's possible to create a simple workflow to do nothing more than search a folder on the Mac for email (i'm using Airmail and i suppose it's downloading whatever email to a folder on the harddrive?) There's a workflow lying around on the forums which is supposed to do a search. It does that by activating the actual app and do a search query but i can't get it to work. It's not the primary function of the workflow either. What i'd want is this; <keyword> <string> and Alfred would show me inline results of all emails including my search and if i hit enter Alfred would open that specific email or the complete conversation. Does it make sense? If you're even reading this, thanks a lot!
  5. I started working on a workflow with Airmail that would use Applescript to switch to the application, trigger the unified inbox hotkey, and perform a search on unified inbox. I can get the applescript to work up to the point where it tells Airmail to select the search field, after that it wont work. I hear OSX give off the default sound as if one of the keypresses are not going through but even with sticking multiple delays it stills seems like it's trying to fire off certain commands early. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can try I'm open to them. Current script I'm using: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Airmail" to activate tell application "System Events" key code 126 using {command down, shift down} keystroke "f" using {command down} set the clipboard to (q) tell application "System Events" keystroke "v" {command down} end tell end tell end alfred_script
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