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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! If you need to share your screen with an AirPlay device easily, there's a workflow. It's been updated recently to even remove its iTunes dependency! Can be downloaded on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/alfred-airplay/releases Or Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/airplay-spreader Have fun.
  2. This workflow let you activate and deactivate AirPlay Mirroring from Mac to Apple TV via Alfred. The user can choose between keyboard shortcuts or keywords to activate/deactivate AirPlay Mirroring. Keywords: AirPlay On = 'air on' AirPlay Off = 'air off' AirPlay Audio on = 'audio on' (new feature) Internal Speakers = 'audio off' (new feature) USB Speakers = 'audio usb' Download AirPlay Mirroring On/Off 1.0 Download AirPlay On/Off 1.1 Download AirPlay On/Off 1.11 Download AirPlay On/Off 1.12 Download AirPlay On/Off 1.13 Download AirPlay On/Off 1.14 Download AirPlay Mi
  3. Occasionally, AirPlay just stops working from Mountain Lion (e.g., it won't register when you select it from the audio drop down when you option-click on the volume in the menu bar). I believe this is a bug, but until it's addressed, the fix (posted here) is to enter this into Terminal: sudo pkill coreaudiod Here's the most basic of workflows to accomplish this when you type "airplayfix": It requires you to enter your password and then quit Terminal, which is a little kludgy but I don't know any better way (suggestions?). Download Workflow
  4. Guest

    AirPlay via Beamer

    Hi, this is my first workflow. The idea of this is of matias. This Workfow runs with "keyword and File Filter" and "File Action". The command is: "ap <filename>". Download: https://github.com/BennySamir/Alfred-Workflows/raw/master/AirPlay%20via%20Beamer/Airplay%20via%20Beamer.alfredworkflow github: https://github.com/BennySamir/Alfred-Workflows tips and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.
  5. I´ve just made my first workflow. It´s just a simple workflow which turns on or off Airplay mirroring based on a keyword input. I am sure that the workflow can be tweaked and improved a lot. And if anyone is up for it, then please go ahead and make it great http://cl.ly/NeL1
  6. I'm new and still learning my way around with the new Alfred workflows. I do a lot of presentations from my MBP to external displays via Airplay. Always it is a pain to have to wither go to the menubar or the system settings to toggle airplay mirroring on/off. Is there a way to make a workflow that will toggle the airplay mirroring on/off? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I just published an updated, workflow version of my Alfred v1 extension, Airplay via Beamer: randomerrata.com/post/45353268246/airplay-via-beamer-v2 This workflow implements a file action that you can use to Airplay video through Beamer.app (Obviously you'll need to have Beamer installed). And in case you don't know what Beamer is, here's the description from the Beamer homepage: This GIF screencast is from the Alfred v1 extension, but the idea remains the same:
  8. Hey, Another idea I just had was to use Alfred to change my Audio output to my Apple TV/Airport Express. Is there anyone that thinks they could do this? Type "Airplay to" then have a list of available sources to select from and to then have a confirmation notification.
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