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Found 6 results

  1. A Swiss Army knife for developers for Alfred Why DevToys for Windows and DevToysMac provide awesome a Swiss Army knife for developers. It's more productivity to do those things without copy and paste between applications. Features Encode - Encode string to `Base64`, `URL` and `HTML` Decode - Decode string from `Base64`, `URL` and `HTML` Hash - Hash string as `MD5`, `SHA1`, `SHA256`, `SHA512` JWT - JWT Decoder for `Header`, `Payload` CheckSum - `MD5`, `SHA1`, `SHA256`, `SHA512` file checksum UUID - Generate `UUID` Lorem Ipsum - Generate `Lorem Ipsum` text (words, sentences, paragraphs) QR Code - Create QR code Case - Convert string to `camel`, `constant`, `dot`, `lower`, `lcfirst`, `no`, `param`, `pascal`, `path`, `sentence`, `snake`, `swap`, `title`, `upper`, `ucfirst` and `hashtag` case Number Base - Base conversion between `decimal`, `hex`, `octal` and `binary` Requires Preferably Alfred 5 Configuration QR Code Image size Download / Source Code Make sure to download the latest released directly from the releases page. Download here, Source Code https://github.com/cage1016/alfred-devtoys
  2. Works greats, except... how to "import" the v4 settings, web searches, snippets, workflows, etc. (basically everything)? EDIT: Obviously, I'm an idiot. Looks like the (Dropbox) synced settings have to be enabled manually. After that, everything's fine.
  3. I installed Alfred 5 and presumed that the application would just replace the previous version, but what I discovered is that Alfred 4 and Alfred 5 will co-exist in your Applications directory! So when I restarted my computer, Alfred 4 launched because it was in my Login Items. This lead several Workflows to be appear as incompatible — which surprised me (because of my expectation about how software updates typically work). I understand there may be reasons to keep Alfred 4 around, but just as apps can detect when they're not in the Applications directory, perhaps there should be a way to detect and then replace Alfred 4 with Alfred 5 in Login Items?
  4. @vitor's 1Password Extension (v2022.15) is detected as being incompatible with Alfred 4 — and this message should probably link to alfredapp.com or provide more information about how to get the latest update.
  5. I'm stoked to see the Workflow Palette Search in Alfred 5! I was disappointed, however, to discover that searching doesn't also match existing objects! For large workflows, being able to use search to locate objects in the workflow editor would be exceedingly useful! Here's an example:
  6. Just saw this in the release notes: • Loosen the URL validation within the Open URL Workflow Object configuration, now allowing for e.g. {query}/xyz or {var:xyz} Awesome! I template many of my workflows and so making the domain or host a variable is a common practice I use. This is very helpful!
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