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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, here is a workflow for Alfred integration with Asana. It integrates through concept of GTD. Also it integrates with AnyBar and Atlassian Jira. It is quite advanced so check the documentation here: https://jotc.herokuapp.com/software/alfred_workflows#asana_workflow. It basically looks like this: It is written in Ruby, dependencies are listed in readme with guidance. THE WORKFLOW IS DEPRECATED. I use now an alternative written in Golang but it doesn't include a cloud solution (thus not synced between mobile and computer) so I don't offer it yet. Have a nice day Joe
  2. AnyBar Workflow AnyBar is an application that sits in the menu bar and displays the currently set graphic. It is updated by UDP requests. This worklfow is to make using it easy. I am working to integrate this with my Hammerspoon workflow to show the state of Mac sleep. This workflow requires the anybar application to be installed. The easiest way to install is by home-brew cask: brew cask install anybar If you do not have home-brew cask installed, follow the instructions here: [HomeBrew Cask](http://caskroom.io/). If you do not have HomeBrew installed, follow the instructions here: [HomeBrew](http://brew.sh/). Then execute the above line. Once installed, you can use the features of this workflow: anybar:launch Launches anybar with optional port number. anybar:setgraphic Set the graphic for the anybar application. It will give a list of usable graphics. Start typing and the list will be narrowed down to the ones that match. Select the one and the last launched Anybar will be changed to that graphic. anybar:setport This allows you to set the port number of the AnyBar app. anybar:setup This copies the graphics I created to the ~/.AnyBar directory. There is a file action, Copy to Anybar, that will copy a png graphic to the ~/.AnyBar directory so that it can be used with the program. There are two External Triggers: SetGraphic and Launch. The SetGraphic external trigger expects a string with the name of the graphic, a '|', and a port number. The Launch external trigger expects a UDP port number to launch the AnyBar program on. Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/anybar-workflow My web site: http://customct.com GitHub: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred
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