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Found 17 results

  1. Download get Install App workflow from Packal get Install App workflow direct download Introduction The Install App workflow speeds installation process (or rather copy) of applications downloaded outside of Mac App Store. The workflow is completely written using Bash Script. How it works? There are two ways to invoke that workflow: through keyword — install — which shows all eligible files/packages (.app package, .zip archive, .dmg image and .pkg installer) found in specified folder (default is ~/Downloads) and copy, run, mount or extract them dependably of what kind of file/package we choose; you can also use install name so Alfred will narrow results; through File Action Install App which behave in similar way as above. The Install App workflow behaves as follow: if you choose .app package it will be copied to /Applications folder; if you choose .pkg file it will be opened; if you choose .dmg file it will be mounted and searched for .app or .pkg to copy or run them; at the end the image will be unmounted; if you choose .zip file it will be unzipped into folder which will be searched for .app, .pkg or .dmg to copy, run or mount them; at the end the temp folder will be deleted; at the end of whole process you will be asked if you want to remove the source file. Tips to change folder to search for mentioned files you need to edit Script Filter element of workflow → uncomment SEARCHDIR variable and edit its value Release info 1.11: improve mounting dmg files – now works with images with EULA 1.10: displays app icon if user has that app already (eligible for app updates files) 1.9: bug fixes dramatically reduces workflow size (from ~700 KB to 150 KB) workflow now searches in subdirectories of main directory if workflow finds .app package it will display that app's real icon (not a placeholder) 1.8: bug fixes following last update the workflow will open installed application if it was opened 1.7: workflow checks now if app is already running and if so it asks to quit it 1.6: fixed file matching fixed post-install notifications 1.5: unmount .dmg image after copying/installing app, remove temporary .zip folder after copying/installing app, ability to remove source files after copying/installing app (the dialog window will appear). 1.3 initial public release. Thanks I would like to thank Franz Greiling who inspired me to make this workflow with his own version.
  2. Dear fellow Alfred users, I'm an Alfred user for some time now and love it. Recently after I updated to 2.0 I searched for the Calendar app with Alfred but couldn't find it! So I thought: hmmm strange lest start testing! So -My search scope is good (can find every other app in the applications folder) -Reinstalled Alfred -Spotlight finds it -Rebuild my database -Cleared application cache -Running Mountian Lion -Have a spotlight comment for calendar (iCal) I thought maybe this gives a conflict but it doesn't because I deleted it and added some to other files and it doesn't work for calendar but doesn't I've any problems with other files! Any suggestions?
  3. I'd like to be able to drag a file from, say, the finder onto an alfred app search result to open the file with this app. It was something I was using on quicksilver and missed on alfred from day 1 (I use alfred since 2013) and somehow never suggested the feature, probably because I was way too certain than it'd be implemented at some point.
  4. I was using the app to search easily with Alfred's search function. However, after the app is updated, it will not be detected by Alfred. Anyone who has experienced it or knows how to fix it?
  5. I installed the Signal Private Messenger desktop client, which is a Chrome Webstore App. I frequently switch to it to message people, by searching for Signal on Alfred—this works correctly, I see the app and can select it. However, when I search for Chrome in Alfred and hit enter, rather than focusing on Chrome app, the computer focuses on Signal; this is annoying because I often use Alfred to change focus between apps on different Mac Spaces, but since Signal is treated as an instance of Chrome, it receives focus instead of an actual browser window. Please let me know if there's any way to disambiguate between the Chrome browser instance and a Chrome Webstore App instance! This is messing with my workflow.
  6. This is my first post and I hope this has not been answered 100 times already, but I didn't see an answer. Is there a way to write a workflow that will open iTunes, update all the apps that need updating, then close iTunes? Apps will update on my phone but in iTunes you must do it manually, or automate it yourself.
  7. I would love to have a similar function like the app Option+Space (Website). Search menu-items with Alfred.
  8. I often find myself using the drag and drop feature of alfred, whereby I can drag an item from the list just like you can drag an file from the desktop. For example, this is how I attach email documents. This is pretty nice, but it would be really nice if I could do this with they keyboard. Is there a workflow for that? If not, does this seem like a feasible thing to do? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  9. Hey guys, If I drop a new app into my /Applications folder, the most times I want to open it immediately with Alfred (Press Shortcut and type in the first letters of the name). But often the directory is not indexed yet so I have to remove the last letter / add the last letter / remove / add / remove / add / .. because otherwise the results aren't updated. Is there a way to let Alfred watch the Applications folder so that the result is immediately available after I've dragged the new app into? I know I've probably spent more time asking this question than I ever need to wait for a new app to be indexed in my whole life, but you know it just feels not right IMHO. Warm regards from Germany, Dennis
  10. I'd really love a Workflow that allows me to view, add, or delete things from my task list on Clear (which is an iOS and Mac app). I have searched for a workflow that does this but haven't found anything, which is a little surprising since I believe that Clear is pretty widely used. Here's a link to the Clear website which explains the app: Simplify your life with Clear Does anyone know if a workflow for this exists, or if not, how to create one?
  11. Hello there This is my first Workflow published here, I hope, that some of you will find it useful. App Install Installs Apps from your Downloads folder This Workflow is inspired by the Alfred v1 Extension from Christian Schlensker, written in Python, and set it up as an Alfred v2 Workflow. As far as I know, nobody else has ported this script over, so here we go: It searches your Downloads-Folder for any *.app, *.pkg, *.alfredworkflow, *.dmg- and *.zip-Files shows you a list sorted by most-recently-added you can search in that list by entering a string after the keyword installs the apps /Applications or opens the *.pkg To use it, simply type install and hit Enter. If you use ⌘-↩ it will delete the download after installing. You can search in the results: You can also select any appropriate file within Alfred and use the install-File-Action: Supported Filetypes: Currently, this Workflow will find all zips, dmgs, apps, alfredworkflows and pkgs in your download-folder and install all apps and pkgs inside zips and dmgs. It does not try to find out, if a pkg is an uninstaller or not! Getting the Workflow You can find this Workflow on Github or download the Workflow directly. Settings You can customize the list of searched paths (for example, so that the workflow searches both your Download-Folder and your Desktop-Folder) and you can customize the install-location for normal Applications. Please tell me how you like it, what you would want to change, etc! I am still looking for a new Icon (please contact me if you have one! (: ). Remember that I personally consider this Workflow as being Beta-Software so please help me to find and fix every bug you might encounter. For more Information about Features and Settings, please read the Documentation at Github. Changelog v1.0: [17. March]:Complete rewrite; created individual installation-framework; new Icon Bugfix: Prevent faulty symlinks when installing from zips by not using python anymore Feature: Substring Filtering for Searchresults v0.4: [29. May]:​Ability to install Alfred Workflows Ability to run pkgs Some bugfixes v0.3: [28. May]Fix Symlinkproblem in Zipfiles Add ability to delete Download after install (by pressing ⌘-↩) v0.2:Add ability to install from `*.zip`-Files Show all possible matches instead of only one (This is still sorted by most-recent) v0.1: Initial Release​ Thanks very much for you attention fellas, I hope you'll enjoy this little script. Greetings, Franz
  12. I am working on a workflow for applications and I was wondering what would be the easiest way (most efficient) to show the app's icon in the results? IE: When I type ".app" and then the name of the application I want to check versioning on, it shows the above so far ... but I'd like to show the icon of the app beside ... like, where an icon goes normally.
  13. Is it possible to make an Alfred workflow to automatically launch an app at a specific time? I want to start an app at a particular time of day, so starting on launch doesn't fit my needs and using a hotkey to trigger a workflow doesn't either. I want to set up a workflow and simply forget about it. Thoughts?
  14. Several workflows check which apps are running before continuing execution. It would be incredibly handy if this information was readily available via a {running} token (or something similar). This would be faster, more reliable, and more convenient than digging through a list of running processes. Cheers
  15. Good Afternoon all, I am trying to produce a workflow to track parcels and packages in the newly launched Parcel app for OS X. The developer has given me two urls that can be used with the app. Here is a screenshot of what the workflow looks like atm: http://cl.ly/P00C Can someone explain to me how to set it up so two piece of information can be added to the Alfred box and then put into the url to pass to Parcel? Kind Regards, Chris Humphreys
  16. Pixelmator theme: http://cl.ly/0w3A1N3D3g3D I love Pixelmator.
  17. A simple way for you to track all apps price, work with AppShopper. Download & Source Instructions 2013-04-18 Update: Now you can change Country/Currency, includes all 91 countries. keyword: 'app change-country' More search type 2013-04-28 Update: Fixed `Search app for iphone` error. Open iTunes Store link or AppShopper link
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