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Found 13 results

  1. Is it possible to increase the width of the Alfred toolbar? The reason is when I search for bookmarks or files sometimes the names are too long so they get chopped off but it would be nice to be able to see them.
  2. Right now, when you choose a custom font in the theme editor, you can only choose a font family, but not a weight or style of that font. The font you get is the alphabetical first one in the family, so more often than not I get the black weight of a font, or condensed bold, which is pretty hard to use. Please add a way to select a font inside a font family as the theme font. Thanks!
  3. A simple one-liner terminal script that toggles Dark Mode/LIght Mode on/off if you are using MacOS 10.10+ Of course it has far more impact with Mojave! Triggers (customise as you see fit): Keyword: dark Hotkey: CTRL+OPTION+\ UPDATE 1.1 ( Packal | GitHub ) P.S. I failed to realise until after I already had a couple revisions going on Packal.org that there was already a couple similar efforts posted here. For what it's worth, perhaps the simplicity of this is useful to someone. P.P.S. Yes, I've since learned the 4 year old workflow by Steve identified for Yosemite still works! So I've re-invented this as an iteration on his work. See GitHub link for full details and any future improvements.
  4. 1. Fade in / fade out. I've read apparently this existed in previous versions but doesn't now. I think it would remain nicely consistent with MacOS design language to keep this feature available 2. Background fade Related to the first suggestion, and option to also fade the background would be brilliant. The dashboard (is that what it's called?) already does this beautifully, and also fades other windows so that the desktop can be seen. Here is an example; imagine that with the Alfred window. https://photos.app.goo.gl/cJWxmi8WsIH0s3No1 3. Squares are boring! greater control over appearance. I like the idea of having some kind of skewed box instead of just a rectangle. ( a crude photoshop is attached). But any number of other things could be possible, like any number of geometries or more detailed graphics, like a cloud or a custom shape that includes a company's logo as a splash screen behind. This would be absolutely fantastic.
  5. Could you allow us to vastly/arbitrarily increase the size of Alfred's search-window, so that you could 1 allow for (many) more than 9 results to be displayed (say, up to 30). 2 display the whole filename even when it is very long? This would be very useful to me as I always use a simpler file filter workflow to search between many files with similar and long filename s, and for which I need to see the whole filename (these are scientific papers, which I often search by the authors names and of which I do not remember the titles by heart, although I can recognize it when I read it). If you are concerned that all this decreases readability, you could allow these options to be selected only selectively, say only for file filter searches.
  6. It would be great to add the option to use a monospaced font with Large Type. I like to use Large Type to show the output of a shell script and a monospaced font would help to keep things aligned. For example, at the moment I want to pop a calendar with columns and rows by using gcalcli and the ouput that I get is not readable since all the columns are not aligned. I think the best option would be to have a global setting in the preference menu and to have another option in the Large Type workfow item that would override the global setting. This way, workflows that need the option can use it and the others will keep using the user preference. Or this could be an option with a selection of multiple fonts (with some monospaced fonts included) that Large Type can use... Right now I can output to a file and call qlmanage to pop the QuickLook preview, but I find it quite slower and I can't close it with the keyboard. Or maybe this will be possible with Alfred 3 or there will be more output options !? Looking forward to what you come out for Alfred 3 !! Thanks!
  7. In Alfred v1, search results were significantly larger than they are in v2. There was an option to make them appear smaller. In v2, it seems that the default size is now smaller, but there's no way of reverting to the old, larger appearance (which I liked much better!) Am I missing the option or does it not exist? If it doesn't, could it be implemented in a future version?
  8. I know that the answer will be simple and I will kick myself for not seeing it when I am told, but I inadvertently dragged three files (two folders and a file) upward in Alfred and now they live in a "hump" on the top border of the activation pane. I want to remove them from there (but not delete the originals). How do I do it given that all the "obvious" ways don't seem to do anything? :-(
  9. mjv

    Kindle Theme

    A theme inspired in the Kindle colors... Download: http://d.pr/f/NgoW
  10. Because I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones, their Houses and respective sigils (HBO link) here are some themes with their colors. Hope you enjoy and, if in the mood, make some comments or new themes. Dowload all 7 themes. Or individually, below: House of Arryn – download House Baratheon – Download House Greyjoy – Download House Lannister – Download House Stark I – Download House Stark II – Download House Targaryen – Download House Tully – Download
  11. Would like to request the ability to set custom fonts for Appearance themes. I realize that of course fonts in Appearances wouldn't be shareable, but falling back to Helvetica or Helvetica Neue if a font isn't available would be fine. Any interest in supporting this?
  12. Would it be possible to define a standard size to display for the icon in the results? Currently, when cycling the "Result Padding", the icon sizes change from 28, 30, 32, 34 and 36px. This makes certain icons look like complete garbage ... especially if the icons contain single pixel lines. The idea, is that if an icns/tiff/jpg/pdf IS or CONTAINS a certain size, Alfred will honour it in the results. So, if for some reason I wish to have my results icons displayed at 16px, regardless of padding or font height with results, the icon will always show centered at 16px in the image results area. Alternately, if I wish to have my icon show at 64px, and have the text to the right of it smaller, the text results would be centered in it's area. I do realize that the theming/appearance area of Alfred2 is a work in progress but this has been bugging me as a visual type person who is in love with 'pixel perfectness'
  13. I wonder if it's possible to have more flexibility with the Theme editor, specifically for text. Don't get me wrong: the advances made in v2 are great. Nevertheless, I would love to see the option of using this window http://cl.ly/M9H7 for text formatting in themes. Bruno Grande http://brunogrande.me
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