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Found 5 results

  1. I use Alfred for searching in iTunes Store but I can't find a custom search for Apple Music catalog, any tips?
  2. I was ecstatic when I found a workflow to add the currently playing track any playlist of my choice. So fast and efficient! But, alas, the workflows out there do not seem to work with Apple Music. I have looked at AppleScript API for iTunes (god I hate AS) and the small proof of concepts I have made have failed miserably. Has anybody gotten close to doing this? I am so sick of adding songs to playlists like a mere mortal! Thanks! -Christian
  3. With the upcoming release of Monterey, I am wondering if Alfred can finally include the abilitty to queue music to the "Up Next" playlist. In addition to the new MusicKit, the Shortcuts app may provide the capabilities necessary.
  4. With a new MusicKit API dropping in Monterey (you can now ask for music app access permission), could you replace the mini player with integrated music search and playback? https://developer.apple.com/documentation/MusicKit/
  5. As of iTunes 12.2 you can now favorite any track in addition to rating it (in iTunes menus, this is called 'Love'). It would be great if the iTunes Mini Player had a keyboard shortcut to favorite/unfavorite the currently playing track as well showing the current status. Additionally, it would also be fantastic if the mini player could be able access iTunes' 'Up Next' feature. I.e. let me look at what tracks are coming up next in the current playlist without having to switch to iTunes. Regards, Keith
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