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Found 15 results

  1. I play League of Legends. I also play it with a different setup for the hotkeys. Specifically: Command + A / S / D / F for quick casting abilities that mean my thumb is usually on Command. Maybe I'm getting lost in the preferences or having bad luck with the forum and Google search; but I can't seem to find where an option to ignore Alfred calls while in specific applications. Often while I'm playing, I'll hit Command + Command and Alfred will suck focus right from under League of Legends! While League is still on screen, pressing my abilities and such no longer work. So I am thinking that I could avoid this and still have Alfred running while the game is too if it ignores for hotkey activation while League is in the active application. I'm hoping this isn't a premium feature, nor would I want to get powerpack just for this. But should it not already be a thing—I'm hoping it can be done. I've had my Alfred hotkey on Command + Command for so long now I'm not sure I can change as I still use Alfred over spotlight.
  2. I've started noticing Alfred not showing some apps in the results recently. Not sure what caused this, never noticed such problems that would not be fixable with `reload` command before. Beside `reload`ing, I've tried rebuilding macOS metadata, but to no avail... Is there anything I can do to pin down the issue / fix it? - Alfred version: 4.3.2 [1221] - macOS Catalina 10.15.7
  3. After a few years away from MacOS, I finally bought myself a Mac once again. And the first application I installed was of course Alfred. Then I found a couple of extensions I made years ago for Alfred 1 and 2. This one is useful enough to share with you in my opinion. The extension let you set up two different keyboard shortcuts - one for closing every background window in the front application, and another one for quiting every application (in the dock) except the front application. Download
  4. I made a workflow to search the Ulysses database for the new Ulysses III. This feature is missing from the app itself (for now) so I put together this workflow to get around that. The workflow simply adds search scopes for Ulysses' "sheet" and "group" filetypes. As a bonus, there's also an "Open in Ulysses" File Action included with the workflow. It works on .txt and .rtf documents, which will come into Ulysses parsed as Markdown. Read more on my site or download Search Ulysses 3.alfredworkflow now.
  5. Alfred can search for files by tag. And by file names. Separately. Apple's Spotlight conveniently combine both in its search results. As an example, let's say I want to open one of my apps for editing markdown. I can't remember the name of the one I'm looking for. Alfred's search comes out with 2 apps: Markdown Pro & Multimarkdown Composer. Apple's default search comes out with all 5 apps: Markdown Pro, Multimarkdown Composer, IA Writer, Haroopad, Typora. Knowing I would be hard press to remember the function of the 600 apps in my Mac, I tagged those that have names unrelated to their function. In this case, "markdown". In the case of Gemini, "duplicates", etc.
  6. Often I'll have to open three or four apps to work on something, and then once I'm done with that task I want to quit just the apps I don't need any more. I can use the quit function to quit them all individually, but this is pretty tedious and time consuming when I have a lot of other apps in use. It would be awesome if I were able to select the ones I want to quit and then execute quit on just them, similar to the option+up buffer feature for files. I'm looking for a workflow that is able to do this.
  7. Download and Install mac apps. update 1.1 : There is now a progress window that shows the download update 1.2 : Uploaded to Packal update 1.3 : Fixed broken link, fixed download URL A simple workflow based on the community managed app list at homebrew-cask Usage : Install <app-name> If the app is in brew-casks directory, workflow will download/extract/mount and install the app. *It won't run over your app though, so if you want to update, remove the app first. Download (Packal link : http://www.packal.org/workflow/install-mac-apps) As always, feedback is more then welcome, help me test this guys, this took my whole weekend Doesn't support pkg. yet, will soon. Supports aleoop for updates
  8. A simple workflow for managing casks. Download — stable version. The source code is available here: https://github.com/pstadler/alfred-cask
  9. Several workflows check which apps are running before continuing execution. It would be incredibly handy if this information was readily available via a {running} token (or something similar). This would be faster, more reliable, and more convenient than digging through a list of running processes. Cheers
  10. I'm tired of opening AppZapper (or AppCleaner), then opening a new Finder window to /Applications just to delete apps. Too many steps! Thankfully Alfred makes it easy with a quick workflow. If you're an AppZapper user, here's the workflow you need: Download Open App in AppZapper.zip Keyword is "zap" then search for your app. A notification will fire off and AppZapper should open up with your app and all its related files. Then zap them off your Mac. If you're an AppCleaner user, then here's the workflow you need: Download Open App in AppCleaner.zip Keyword is "clean" then search for your app. A notification will fire off and AppCleaner should open up with your app and all its related files. Then clean their butts off your Mac. The only caveat is that this will only work for one app at a time in both AppZapper and AppCleaner. AppZapper will need to be cleared manually (or zapped, or quit) before bringing in a second app; AppCleaner will clear the current app and bring in the second. Happy cleaning.
  11. Hi, I've created a workflow to search in appshopper.com, it offers auto-suggest. The feed results are not that accurate as the web search in their website, but we can do anything in our side. Search by using: app <query> Download: Appshopper workflow UPDATE: Created an improved version, that parses the webpage directly. It's probably a little slower, and may require an extra library (I've included the both I use but probably requires anything else, that I've installed, please report!). I'll leave both versions in case of the new one doesn't work well. UPDATE 2: Added cookies to store the language/currency to use for search, simply edit the Script filter and use any of the ones provided in their website on bottom right of the page (view source and replace language = 'US' by the value in the <option> for your country/currency). Link to improved version: Download
  12. This workflow extract & save icon from any OS X apps to your Desktop. Just type icon and choose the app. By default it saves icon in 512px and PNG. Feel free to change this parameters. If you want to save max resolution pictures just delete this line from the script: --resampleHeightWidthMax 512 Based on a bash code from Brett Terpstra. Alfred 2 theme by @egla. Enjoy! http://cl.ly/3c2h0S0t1I3K
  13. In some cases, some apps require to be restarted. It would be awesome if a feature for this was added. I just installed package control to sublimetext, and after install it requires sublimetext to be restarted. Could not find any feature for this (corret me if im wrong). One way that may be neat, is to expand the «restart» keyword so you can exit and reopen applications with «restart "app"», and reboot the computer with just «restart».
  14. ok, I always launch Alfred to open files on a couple of apps, and I always use the same apps isn't a way to have always a couple of Apps first in line every time Alfred is launch? I hate to scroll to the app on the list everytime because the other apps are never used for anything! any trick/ hack? settings for this? Pretty please please?
  15. Hi guys, Love version 2, cracking stuff! I use Alfred to launch various versions and different development build of our apps all the time (I've also updated my 'Open app in language workflow' for v2). Request: I'd love an option to display an applications version number in Alfred's panel: I usually have about three or four versions of an app on my disk at once: - Currently shipping - Currently shipping (Mac App Store) - Currently in development - Development milestone version I can usually figure out which is which based on its path, but a version number would be extremely useful. Bit of a non-mainstream feature I know, but it can't hurt to ask Cheers, Adrian
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