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Found 6 results

  1. Hi folks, I'm working on this new workflow which allows you to control your Gmail emails with Alfred. Features Quickly access your latest emails with Alfred Supported actions:Mark As Read/Unread Archive Move To Inbox/Trash Quick reply Add label Automatically uses a dark or light icon set depending on your current Alfred theme Background cache refresh Uses the official Gmail API to securely access your Gmail account Uses OAuth 2.0 to authorize the workflow Saves your access_token securely in OS X's keychain Feel free to give some feedback! Github: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-gmail Download-Link: https://github.com/fniephaus/alfred-gmail/releases/latest
  2. I would like to move some files into a folder named Archives. During normal operations, I would like for Alfred to ignore these files. Once in a while, though, I will find it necessary to search the archive. So I want Alfred to index the Archives folder, but include its contents in the search results only when I my search begins with "archive." Is this possible? Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm hoping to find some direction here, so let me be clear. This is not a "please, oh please, do this for me" post. I genuinely want to learn. To the point: I've created a workflow for Entropy using applescript, and I have two ideas I wish to implement. Being that I'm very new to all of this (scripting in general), I don't have the slightest clue where I should be focusing my attention (e.g. do I need php, perl, etc?), or can I get to where I want without such methods. Here's what I want to add: 1. Currently I'm calling the script (run script; /usr/bin/osascript) with a keyword (zip), and using the query to designate the name of the archive, if no query is entered the script uses a default name. When I want to add a password to the archive I've set up another run script which uses the same keyword, but uses the modifier key cmd. This runs an almost identical script, but using applescripts display dialog to set the password. I wish to forgo the display dialog in applescript, and split the alfred query so that when I want to add a name and a password I would enter something like "zip name:password." How can I do this? 2. It seems that scripts called with a keyword work as expected, but if want to use a file action then I have to first open the selection in finder before I use the applescript. Why is this, and how can I get around this? Applescript: tell application "Finder" to set theSel to selection as alias list set theQ to "{query}" -- Alfred Query (Archive Name) if (count of theSel) is 1 then if theQ is "" then if (theSel as string) ends with ":" then set folderName to the POSIX path of theSel set thePath to text 1 thru ((offset of ":" in folderName) - 2) of folderName & ".zip" tell application "System Events" if (exists file (thePath)) then display dialog ("Archive Exists") return end if end tell else set shortName to the POSIX path of theSel set thePath to text 1 thru ((offset of "." in shortName) - 1) of shortName & ".zip" tell application "System Events" if (exists file (thePath)) then display dialog ("Archive Exists") return end if end tell end if else set thePath to ((path to desktop from user domain) as string) & theQ & ".zip" tell application "System Events" if (exists file (thePath)) then display dialog ("Archive Exists") return end if end tell end if else repeat with i from 1 to count of theSel set item i of theSel to POSIX path of item i of theSel end repeat set archiveName to getEmptyPath(path to desktop as text, "archive", "zip") if theQ is "" then set thePath to ((path to desktop from user domain) as string) & archiveName & ".zip" else set thePath to ((path to desktop from user domain) as string) & theQ & ".zip" end if end if -- Set Password for Archive --set thePassword to the text returned of (display dialog "Enter Password" default answer "") tell application "Entropy" archive thePath files theSel --settings {password:thePassword, encryption method:0} end tell --------------------------------------------------------------- -- See if a file with the passed name exists -- If so, add an integer to the name, and check again -- Keep checking until an unused name is found -- Parameters: path of file's container -- file name, no extension -- file extension -- Returns: updated file name --------------------------------------------------------------- on getEmptyPath(containerPath, fileName, fileExtension) set filePath to containerPath & fileName tell application "Finder" if exists file (filePath & "." & fileExtension) then set x to 1 -- Start Counting repeat set cFilePath to filePath & " " & x & "." & fileExtension if exists file cFilePath then -- Are we There? set x to x + 1 -- No, Increment Counter else exit repeat -- Yes, Leave end if end repeat return fileName & " " & x -- This Name is Safe to Use else return fileName -- Use Original Name end if end tell end getEmptyPath
  4. I wanted an easy way to compress files from Alfred, so I wrote a quick workflow to do it. It can compress a single file or folder to .ZIP, .TAR.GZ, .TAR.BZ2, and .DMG archive formats. Support for multiple files/folders may be added later, if I can figure it out Any and all feedback is welcome. Enjoy Download Here
  5. One of the biggest oversights I think OS X has is the lack of a hotkey to quickly archive (zip) files. With Alfred I'm able to create this using AppleScript and a hotkey trigger. I've created a workflow that uses both a Hotkey ( cmd + shift + \ ) and a Keyword ( zip ) to compress the selected files or folders into a zip. It's stupidly simple to modify. Download it - http://makitra.in/NcRZ http://i.makitra.in/NcRZ If you're looking for more options try this workflow out by Tyler Eich - File/Folder Archiver
  6. Hi, I created a file action which allows to add the selected items to a zip file named Archive.zip (in the highest common folder of these items). The workflow can be downloaded at GitHub. Have fun!
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