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Found 3 results

  1. So I've been trying to make this workflow for a while but I can't find any answers online and I'm not nearly skilled enough to do it myself. I currently use a few alfred workflows to open certain folders that I use for my work. A lot of the time I need to open more than one of these folders and I usually put them on right side of my screen, one above the other. I've already set up a new workflow to open two finder windows but it just opens two windows on top of each other. This is fine really, but I'd like to make a workflow that would arrange the windows without me doing it. Is there anyway of doing this?
  2. I use Spectacle to arrange my windows. I hit ⌘⌥⌃↑ (my hotkey for maximizing the window) while the Workflow editor's pulldown menu was open. The pulldown was resized, detached from the window. Screenshot: Alfred v2.0.2 (178) on OS X 10.8.3. Replicated: yes
  3. This workflow is useable but also a skeleton I made to answer a question @rosenkrieger asked on app.net (https://alpha.app.net/rosenkrieger/post/4397777). In the form I present it, it has hotkeys and (non searchable) the ".arrange" keyword which lists some arrangement setups (frontmost window left, right, top left quarter) and an example on starting an application (safari) and moving its window into place. Keep in mind this was more a proof of concept for testing if it is possible to start apps and arrange windows with alfred in an easy way. It can be used to resize the frontmost window by keeping the application name in setWin() empty (see the first 3 of my sample setups) It also can be used as base to create your own customized workflow which starts applications and puts it's window into the place you want (see the 4th setup) After installing the workflow set the Hotkeys to "Shift + ALT + CMD + A", "Shift + ALT + CMD + B", "Shift + ALT + CMD + C", "Shift + ALT + CMD + D" When you then press the hotkeys it does the frontmost window resize magic. You can also pop up Alfred and type ".arrange " to get the list of available arrangement setups and chose one of them. Feel free to modify the script (pretty straight forward I think) to do what you want! Download: https://github.com/oderwat/alfredworkflows/blob/master/Window%20Arrangements.alfredworkflow
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