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Found 2 results

  1. There are probably quite a few sound device selector script filters out there, but the ones I've come across are mostly written in applescript. I rewrote my own in c++ and it runs much faster, so I'm sharing it here in case anyone's interested. Dependencies switchaudio-osx Command line utility for switching audio sources on macOS Link: https://github.com/deweller/switchaudio-osx Install: `brew install switchaudio-osx` [optional] terminal-notifier Command line tool for sending macOS user notifications Link: https://github.com/julienXX/terminal-notifier Install: `brew install terminal-notifier` Optionally configure workflow environmental variables: Set `NOTIFIER` to 'terminal-notifier' This replaces the alfred notification banner with one that looks like it's from System Preferences If setting `NOTIFIER` to 'terminal-notifier' doesn't work, try setting it to the path of `terminal-notifier` Use the terminal command `which terminal-notifier` to find the path Set `CMDPATH` to the path of `switchaudio-osx` Try this if the workflow doesn't work out of the box Use the terminal command `which switchaudiosource` to find the path Optionally blocklist specific devices: Type `sound:blocklist <full name of device>` into Alfred For example, `sound:blocklist zoomaudiodevice` Alternatively, press shift+return while a device is selected to hide it from future results Changelog v1.1.1 Fixed: Cannot parse switchaudio-osx JSON in some cases v1.1.0 Added: User-configurable device blocklist (see feature request) Fixed: Issue with user-set path for switchaudio-osx v1.0.2 Minor performance optimisations v1.0.1 Added: In most cases, users no longer need to specify the path of switchaudio-osx (see relevant comment) Fixed: Missing icon images in terminal-notifier notification Download | Source I'm very much a beginner at c++, so any criticism / guidance would be much appreciated. Screenshot
  2. Hey, Another idea I just had was to use Alfred to change my Audio output to my Apple TV/Airport Express. Is there anyone that thinks they could do this? Type "Airplay to" then have a list of available sources to select from and to then have a confirmation notification.
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