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Found 9 results

  1. It will be great if workflows have a Send keystrokes as an output action, to simulate key pressing. This can facilitate workflows that acts as macros or autocompletion Right now, when I need to return (write, keypress) certain value I must use this osascript tell application "System Events" key down return keystroke "output value: " keystroke "{query}" end tell But this solution isn't so elegant and tends for lag. I know that modern text editor used to have this kind of features; but a keystroke action provides a generic & direct tool to control the system. You may agree that sometimes the Automator can't reach your desired option. Another output action can simulate mouse actions. This tool can simulate different type of mouse actions: clicks, drags, movements, etc http://www.bluem.net/jump/cliclick/ Currently I'm using this tools to automate repetitive task like - Replace/filter strings - Type down values (for keyboard keys) - Take screenshots of the screen around the cursor I hope that some of this stuff make sense for you. Regards
  2. OmniTube(v4.3) Alfred ⇄ YouTube account automation Description SCRIPT FILTERS The script filters in OmniTube include: YouFeed lists all of your subscription's recent uploads. YouProfile shows basic information about your account and gives you access to your playlists. YouPopular lists the most popular videos of today. YouHistory shows your recent video views. YouVideo, YouChannel, an YouPlaylist allows you to search all of YouTube. By using the keyword you in Alfred the following results appear. When you use YouFeed OmniTube will quickly download the required user thumbnails and display your subscription's most recent uploads. The YouProfile command will give you a general overview of your YouTube account as well as allow you to view and edit any of your playlists. YouPopular will list out the most interesting videos posted that day. By using the YouHistory option, you can either view your recent video views or clear your history completely. ACTION MODIFIERS There are many default action modifiers within OmniTube. CTRL will usually allow you to add or remove a video to or from your Watch Later playlist. ALT will usually allow you to add or remove a video to or from your Favorites playlist. CMD will give you downloading options according to the highlighted selection. FN will copy the URL of the highlighted selection. SHIFT will allow you to save the video to a specific playlist on your account. OmniTube v4.3 [Download] – Introduction –
  3. I see there is Alfred Remote but iOS, but I want to be able to send curl payloads to it, so I can init commands from home-assistant. Any ideas?
  4. I would like a way to copy the most recent file that has been modified in my file system and paste it into the active email window. My current work flow is to save a document -- word, excel, or .pdf -- and then go to the Finder and select "All my files" in the Favorites section on the left, and then sort by date modified to find the most recent file I just saved. I then drag that file into an email as an attachment. Ideally, I'd like to stay inside the composing of my email, and just press a hotkey, which would trigger a workflow that would make that most recent document magically appear in the email as an attachment. I'm new to Alfred, and have not created a work flow before. Any suggestions would be most appreciated...I tried searching the forums thinking someone would have already asked this, but was unable to find something.
  5. Openhab Alfred Workflow Workflow to control Openhab from Alfred. As this is my first workflow and first Github project, feel free to contribute or share your ideas Download Openhab-1.0.0.alfredworkflow or get the source code on Github Configuration The workflow initializes itself if no Workflow Environment Variables were set inside the workflow settings in Alfred before the first execution. (See Using Variables in Workflows for more details) The following variables have to be set according to the Openhab installation: OH_HOST = IP Address of Openhab OH_PORT = Port on which Openhab is running OH_USER = User for Openhab (Empty if no Password) OH_PASSWORD = Password for Openhab (Empty if no Password) Own Switches can also be added through the Alfred settings. The Name of the variable in the Alfred settings will be the Label which is later shown in the alfred dialog and the Value has to match to an itemname which has to be present in your Openhab sitemap. A sample Configuration will be provided when no own items are configured and the workflow is executed. TODO's Parsing of the sitemap for all available switch items Support for other Items (e.g. Dimmer, ColorPicker, ...) Language support (e.g. German, English, etc.) Licencing & thanks This workflow is released under the MIT Licence. It uses the following libraries and resources: Alfred-Workflow (MIT Licence) by deanishe for the workflow stuff. Alfred Workflow Builder (MIT Licence) by deanishe. Build Alfred Workflows into .alfredworkflow (zip) files Requests (Apache License, Version 2.0) for the REST-API Openhab REST-API Examples from Openhab Wiki The icon from Openhab (Eclipse Public License - v 1.0)
  6. I've created a handful for workflows that we use at my office and I would love to have an easy way to batch export and update the metadata so that i can share them with people. Right now when i make a change export the workflow to disk and email it to people. It would be great if there was some way to automate this or script this out. so i could just run alfred -package workflow_name outputFile and then upload the workflows to an internal server or something like that. It this possible or just wishful thinking? Thanks
  7. Take a look at this link: https://t.co/Y9TDhanIA7 Yosemite supports using JavaScript instead of AppleScript as a scripting language. It's a complete replacement with all of the same features and integrations with Objective-C frameworks. You can run it with osascript, etc. Since I'm posting this in the feature suggestions you can guess what I'm requesting when Alfred is run on Yosemite. :-)
  8. Just got my Efergy Engage hub kit for monitoring my power consumption (http://engage.efergy.com). Since i'm not a fan of the web-interface / iphone app i tried to create an alfred workflow. Grab it here: http://bit.ly/1tyl4ui. How to install: 1. Import the workflow. 2. Edit the properties.py: - open Alfred preferences; - right-click on efergy workflow, choose show in finder; - edit properties.py using your favorite editor; - fill in your username and password: #!/usr/bin/python3 # encoding=utf-8 _USERNAME = "<your-username>" _PASSWORD = "<your-password>" - save the file. 3. That is all! Now type 'efergy', and your latest reading will appear. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome.
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