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Found 8 results

  1. How to open url or keyword link with Alfred Bar, but to stay on the same tab? I want to open new tab without leaving current focused tab. Thank you for any help!
  2. Closes every visible background window (from all the apps running), and leaves only the front window open. Activate the workflow with a keyboard shortcut. I'm using the following shortcut to close all my background windows: Command+Alt+Control+Delete. Download CloseAllWindows 1.1 Download CloseAllWindows 1.3 Download CloseAllWindows 1.3.1 What's new 1.3.1: - Two shorcuts - one for closing background windows without saving, and another one for closing the windows with saving, if needed. - Bug fix: a lot of windows did not close when supposed to - just a dumbass bug from a newbie What's new 1.3: Added support for the following applications (windows wouldn't close for these apps): Preview, Alfred Preferences and Tweetbot. Please, don't hesitate to update me on other applications this workflow won't close the windows in.
  3. I have a folder with 500+ images that I use as my desktop backgrounds, and I have them set to cycle randomly every 5 minutes. Sometimes when a photo pops up I want more information about it, but since the photos are all named fairly randomly, it's hard to find the photo I want among so many. Would there be a way for Alfred to figure out which photo was currently up in the background and then take me to the original file in Finder? I would love it if someone could tell me how to create a workflow like this, or even do it themselves, because I have absolutely no experience with this kind of stuff. Thanks! EDIT: Bonus points if there was also a way to have Alfred automatically search Google Images with the photo after it locates it in Finder!
  4. This is a very simple workflow that displays and sets Alfred's background blur radius. Obviously, you'll only see its effects when running a version of Alfred that supports the background blur (namely, Alfred 2.0+ on OS X 10.6 through 10.8, Alfred 2.3+ on OS X 10.9). Enjoy! Download from Packal
  5. Is there a way to toggle a web search to open in the background only, without changing the active tab? I often do a bunch of web searches at once, but it's inconvenient when the browser changes away from the page I am looking at.
  6. Hi, This is my first attempt at making workflows. Posting 2 very simple workflows for changing the desktop wallpapers. 1. Set Desktop Picture A simple file Action which can be seen when browsing images in Alfred. Simply select "Set as Wallpaper" from the actions menu. Pre - Requisite : Change Picture should be Disabled in Desktop & Screen saver, in the preference pane. 2. Skip Wallpaper Simply set a custom hotkey (Default is option + command + w), pressing the same skips to the next wallpaper. Pre - Requisite : Change Picture should be enabled in Desktop & Screen saver, in the preference pane. Links : Set Desktop Picture :::: Skip Wallpaper With inputs from other forum members & Google.
  7. I made a simple workflow that opens a URL in Chrome (http://twitter.com/{query}). Every time I use the workflow it switches to Chrome to open the new tab. I'd like to know if there is a way to make the URL open in the background without it switching so I can stay working in Excel. Thanks
  8. Any idea if it's possible to run a Terminal command in the background without needing to open Terminal.app? I'm building a workflow, and it would almost defeat the purpose if Terminal.app has to open.
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