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Found 7 results

  1. I am replacing my busted Mac, I have installed Alfred on my new machine and now I want to get my Preferences and all the Workflows over. But I don't want to set up syncing as I am not a fan of Dropbox. What do I need to backup from and to to get the old Preferences into and recognized on the new Mac?
  2. I'm brand new to Alfred, and I have a lot to learn. But I'm curious if it's possible to create a workflow to automatically back up photos to Amazon Prime Photos. Currently, I import my pics to Macs Photos app. then Google photos automatically uploads and backs up the newly added photos. But backing up to Amazon Prime Photos requires that I drag and drop all the new photos onto the apps interface. Is it possible to create an Alfred workflow that would automatically upload my new photos to Amazon Prime photos, in the same way that Google photos automatically backs up my new photos? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. This workflow lets you start/stop the CrashPlan background service and menubar. http://www.code42.com/crashplan/ Download | Source
  4. Because of an unrelated problem, Apple had me switch to a newly created User account. Most data was transferred, but not my Home LIBRARY folder (where the undiscovered problem probably lay). Is there a file or folder I can transfer from my old and to my new User account, so that I do not have to recreate workflows, etc? I did "sync" to the Shared folder and double-clicked on that Preference file to open Alfred in the New account, but no workflows seem to have been transferred. (I also re-entered the (v 2) Powerpack Lic code. I have not been using Dropbox. Just created a DB account 10 minutes ago) I miss my Alfred!!! All help greatly appreciated! - Eliot Alfred v 2 PPack on a Macbook Pro running 10.9.2
  5. TumblrBackup Backup any Tumblr site via Alfred This is a quick workflow that I use on a day to day basis. Figured that maybe someone else might want to use it too. This workflow allows the user to enter any URL to any Tumblr site (formatted http://x.tumblr.com/), then Alfred will backup all data of that site to folder on the user's machine. I find this workflow most useful when I need to mass download my previous uploads or save my entire Tumblr site locally. Small workflow, but useful all the same. Download HERE
  6. I ues Alfred for a long time, but this weird problem occurred today. When I fired Alfred after I start my computer today, I found the theme was not the one I used, so I went to the setting panel then found every custom theme disappeared. I use Dropbox for backing up, it shows that two prefs.plist were modified couple minutes ago. Those two files were located in /Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/appearance and /Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/features/websearch, so all custom web search were gone, I don't even know who did this! The weird thing came up, I restored the old prefs.plist from Dropbox, restarted Alfred, nothing happened... Then I found every move I made in the Alfred Preferences would back to default after I restarting Alfred Preferences. I delete Alfred through App Zapper and reinstall, set a new sync folder and restore the whole Alfred.alfredpreferences but nothing help... This is driving me crazy... I still got the old and before-nothing-happened Alfred.alfredpreferences. I'm using OS X 10.5 and the latest version of Alfred.
  7. Hello everyone, I created a workflow to toggle iTunes iOS device backup. Those backups often take far too much time and space and are unneeded for most of my syncs. This is my first attempt at coding anything other than java so please forgive my crude use of code. The iTunes process will automatically be killed and then restarted so make sure you're not using it for anything important before running the workflow. Please let me know if you find it useful - George Download here: http://drgg.cc/f20P
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