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Found 3 results

  1. I am new with Alfred, and certainly not a programmer, but I would like to create a workflow to strip out CR/LF characters from text files I have pasted into Obsidian. What input would I use from Alfred to get the contents of the selected text into a variable to send to a script? Maybe I'd have to run an apple script ? I found this discussion: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/271161/how-to-get-the-selected-text-into-an-applescript-without-copying-the-text-to-th but maybe there are simpler ways to get it into Alfred... any advice? ----- I found a way using bash $@ gives you access to the arguments passed from a text selection. I made the workflow!
  2. Hi, I build a shell script using pdftk and pdfjam to arrange a PDF file as 2 pages on 1 (same page on left and right of the new page): #! bin/bash fullfile="$1" outfile=${fullfile/.pdf/ (2 auf 1).pdf} /opt/local/bin/pdftk A="$fullfile" B="$fullfile" shuffle A1-end B1-end output ~/.temp/out.pdf /Library/TeX/texbin/pdfjam --nup 2x1 ~/.temp/out.pdf --landscape --a4paper --outfile "$outfile" rm ~/.temp/out.pdf It works fine if I call ist from the Terminal like this: sh 2on1_test.sh ~/Desktop/2-auf-1/a3h.pdf But it doesn't work as part of my file action in Alfred. I set up the Script to use argv. When using the script I only get the Notification but no new PDF file. You can find the workflow here: https://tf.tobiw.de/2on1.alfredworkflow I’m using Alfred v3.8 [959] with macOS 10.14.3 on a MacBook Pro 2016. I hope you can help me what I did wrong or what I can do to debug this … Cheers, Tobi
  3. Hi all - I'm a brand new Alfred user and love it already, and would like to get some of the love going on around the company I work at. I have a working bash script: #!/bin/bash cd $REPOS/$1 git checkout master git pull git checkout $2 git pull git merge master echo $PATH CMD="mate ." $CMD Which works when I go to the directory and do ./script.sh [repo] [branch] But converting it to read repo branch <<< "{query}" cd $REPOS/$repo git checkout master git pull git checkout $branch git pull git merge master CMD="mate ." $CMD And nothing happens. Could someone help me out and tell me what am I missing here....?
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