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Found 7 results

  1. I'm on the public beta of High Sierra and I'm seeing input lag when typing into Alfred. Tried clearing preferences and re-installing. Could it have to do with the new file system? Update: Changed my Alfred theme from "Alfred Default" to "Alfred MacOS" and the lag went away. Seems to be related to graphic assets?
  2. * What you were doing when the issue happened STR: - Download a DMG or zipped app (I used a DMG, but zip should work as well, I think). - Mount the DMG and drag the app to /Applications. - Invoke Alfred (I use ⌘Space) and use it to launch the new app. - The "this thing was downloaded from the Internet, you sure you want to open it?"-type prompt appears. The problem is that the prompt appears behind Alfred. There's no way to get to it and no way to dismiss Alfred, which beach balls. I have to force quit it from Activity Monitor each time. * Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yes, I downloaded a few more DMGs to try it out and it happened every time. * Include any screenshots that might help us I took a screenshot but honestly it's not really helpful. Even withe cursor captured, it doesn't capture the beach ball, just the regular arrow. * Include the Alfred version & build number you are using 3.1 [718] * Include your OS X version macOS Sierra dev beta 8
  3. Alfred 3.0 Current: Given I'm viewing the Alfred Preferences on the general tab When I try to set the hotkey to CMD+Space Then nothing happens Expected: Given I'm viewing the Alfred Preferences on the general tab When I try to set the hotkey to CMD+Space The hotkey is set to CMD+Space Notes: - I can set the hot key to CTRL+Space or CMD+Any alpha-numeric key. - Neither Shift+Space nor Alt+Space work either.
  4. Hi there... I am trying to download the latest beta and keep getting the error "Unable to verify 2.7.2 b407." I've tried rebooting my Mac, different ISPs, etc. to no avail. Any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nenza56bwc5i4w/Screenshot%202015-09-01%2011.51.15.png?dl=0
  5. Just wanted to bubble up a new post to let you know I just updated my DuckDuckGo workflow from over a year ago to support the new (and lovely) DuckDuckGo Next. This is still a mod of David Ferguson's awesome Google Suggest Workflow. The only difference is that it uses DuckDuckGo Next to do the actual search. More details over on the candler blog. Download Google Auto Complete to DDG Next.zip DuckDuckGo Next actually has autocompletions, but I wouldn't know how to get those into the Alfred workflow yet. For now the autocompletions still go through Google Suggest. Here's a vintage screenshot: Enjoy and happy searching!
  6. Colors 2.0 is currently in the works. Improvements include: Speed (written in Objective-C; near-instantaneous results) Full support for NSColor and UIColor Better preview images (uses a different, higher-contrast transparency background) ⌘C will copy the result's text Opacity slider in the OS X color panel Hotkey for revealing the OS X color panel Download • View on Github Looking for the stable release? Check out the main Colors thread You can run the beta parallel to the stable release; it uses a different BundleID (until v2.0 is stable, at least). Beta testing is strictly voluntary, with no obligation to myself or the beta tester. I'm mainly trying to stabilize the code (e.g. removing bugs, fixing performance issues, etc.), but feature requests are welcome! Here are some images of the workflow in action: And the workflow editor: Cheers, and many thanks for your help
  7. I have been using a lot of workflows with "Post Notifications" and it has begun to bug me that I keep seeing the Alfred beta icon. I think that, if possible, Alfred workflow icon should appear on the "Post Notification".
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