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Found 7 results

  1. What does it do? This workflow searches Bible passages from YouVersion and copies verses to clipboard (and shows it to you with Large type on your screen). You can search verses from English or from Finnish translations. Supported versions are NASB & NIV (English) and 1992 & 1933/38 (Finnish). Although, with the instructions provided at the Github readme, it should be easy to expand to other languages/versions. How to change the language? lang Shows the current language. Default is English lang finnish Change the language to Finnish. How to use? yve John 3:16 Copy John 3:16 to your clipboard and automatically paste the verse to front most app. You can disable the automatic pasting from Alfred Preferences > Workflows > Youversion bible > Copy to clipboard by unchecking "Automatically paste to front most app" -checkbox. You can also search multiple verses: yve John 3:16-18 As you can see, you can use common English abbreviation of Bible books, like John, Eccles., 2 Sam., etc. You can learn the whole list of supported abbreviation from Github readme. Where to download? You can download the workflow from https://github.com/saulirajala/alfred-youversion-bible. There are also source files, if you want to see whats going on under the surface. Hope you find this workflow as useful as I have found it to be, when I'm preparing teaching or sermon. No more manual searching, copying and pasting the verse to sermon notes or to slides!
  2. This workflow allows you to quickly look up bible passages and copy them to your clipboard. It submits passage reference queries to the wonderful ESV API (https://api.esv.org/) and parses the response. The API is smart enough to handle many variations and abbreviations! Download and use it here: ESV Online Bible (on Packal) GitHub repo: https://github.com/emmanueljl/ESV-Bible-Alfred-workflow
  3. What does it do? YouVersion Suggest is a workflow which allows you to search across the YouVersion Bible for any verse, chapter, or book (in any version). Why do I want it? I created YouVersion Suggest because I wanted to great simplify the effort required to look up any Bible reference (be it a verse or chapter or book in a particular version). As a believer in Christ, I think that quick and easy access to Scripture is important, and so that's exactly what I've tried to do. How does it work? Type the yv keyword in Alfred, followed by a space and a phrase representing the bible reference you wish to find. The phrase can be part of a book name, chapter, verse, or range of verses. You may also include an optional version (translation) at the end of your query. As you type, YouVersion Suggest will display a list of suggestions matching your query. Examples 'luke' => Luke 'eph 3' => Ephesians 3 '1t3e' => 1 Thessalonians 3 (ESV), 1 Timothy 3 (ESV) 'mat 6:34 nlt' => Matthew 6:34 (NLT) '1 co 13.4-7' => 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 What versions/translations are available? Currently, English is the only supported language, but the following versions are all supported: AMP, ASV, BOOKS, CEB, CEV, CEV, CEVUK, CPDV, DARBY, DRA, ESV, ERV, GNB, GNBDC, GNBDK, GNT, GNTD, GWT, HCSB, ISR98, KJV, LEB, MSG, NIV, NIVUK, NLT, NET, NKJV, NCV, NASB, NABRE, NIRV, OJB, RV1885, TLV, WEB YouVersion Suggest uses NIV as the default translation, but of course, you can easily specify your preferred version when searching. Where can I download it? You can download the latest version from Packal. I hope you like it!
  4. ***This Workflow Requires the Internet*** --------------------------------------------- V 0.1 - Search the ESV by Verse V 0.2 - Search the ESV by keyword V 0.3 - Search the NASB by Verse --------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, I just created a workflow for quick and easy lookup of verses from the Alfred bar. 1) Type in ESV, followed by the book, chapter, and verse: The verse from the ESV bible will be automatically copied to your clipboard, and a notification will be in your notification center with the entire verse. 2) Type in ESVS along with your search phrase: Alfred will look up the phrase in the ESV Bible and return all options that contain that set of words. Choose between a submenu of verses, and it will be copied to your clipboard. 3) Type in NASB along with the chapter and verse "Same as ESV Verse Look Up" At this moment, the ESV and NASB are supported. Feel free to request a different version of the bible that you use, and I'll be more than happy to add it Here's the download link: http://bit.ly/18TUkbX There may be a few bugs that affect an extreme minority of verses due to formatting; I believe I've taken care of it, but please feel free to report bugs as well.
  5. This workflow accesses a Bible program (Accordance) and searches it for the 'selected verse reference' then pastes the result. It works fine. Instead of a hotkey, I want to be able to type a keyword such as 'find' then a verse reference and have the reference run through the script. Tried some of the more obvious approaches, but it just won't work for me. Current configuration is ----- >>>Selection in OSX- Hotkey >>>Run Script- global theResult global moduleName global input global citationFormat set moduleName to "MLV 2016" --NOTE: Change this to change what version you paste, i.e. ASV, but keep in mind it must be available in Accordance. set input to (the clipboard) set citationFormat to "true" getScriptureText(moduleName, input, citationFormat) on getScriptureText(moduleName, input, citationFormat) tell application "Accordance" to set theResult to «event AccdTxRf» {moduleName, input, citationFormat} tell application "System Events" set visible of process "Accordance" to false end tell end getScriptureText tell application "System Events" set the clipboard to theResult end tell >>>Copy to Clipboard - {clipboard} - Paste to frontmost
  6. Hi, I am always trying to cut and paste bible references into my notes. But, there is almost always extra formatting carried over or it did not come out in the format that I wanted. So, I created the workflow to make it easier for me. This workflow will request Bible passages from the "Ephesians 4:14" website: http://www.4-14.org.uk/xml-bible-web-service-api. Access to this API is currently free. This workflow will request the given verse from Alfred edit line or from the current OS X selection, request the verse(s), and return it in the clipboard and a notification. You can then paste it where ever you want. You can always change the "Copy to Clipboard" box to also paste into current application. It currently allows switching between the King James Bible and the Thai King James Bible (the only ones I use.). It is working great with Thai currently, except for the name of the book is still in English. I will be working on that one. I will be adding more functionality to this workflow in the future and eventually have a full Bible study app running and controlled in Alfred. version: 1.3 Aug 17, 2013 Download: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/AlfredBible.alfredworkflow
  7. This grabs the biblia.com verse of the day image and downloads it to your desktop. If successful, it then previews the image. How to use? You must know the reference of the verse you are wanting to download. Keyword is biblia {verse} Example: biblia Ps119.147 http://www.packal.org/workflow/get-bibliacom-verse-day
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