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Found 6 results

  1. Bookends is an excellent bibliographic/research manager for macOS. This Alfred workflow curates 11 tools together in one interface to interact with Bookends and other apps. You can use Alfred keywords (be…) and/or bind your preferred key combination to trigger these directly. It has been designed for Alfred 3, and should keep itself up-to-date using OneUpdater. More Information… —<>— Download Directly… key: ?: select some text in another app then trigger tool — ?: select reference(s) within Bookends then trigger tool — ⌨️: trigger tool and ent
  2. Hi all, Does this exist already: An Alfred workflow that will simply autocomplete a typed word from a textfile list of special words? If not, does anyone have an idea of how to achieve this? I'm most comfortable in Python so I could probably start making this myself if somebody gave me some pointers. The use case is auto-completion of references stored in a .bib file when I write academic articles in Typora using pandoc-crossref for references, however I have to remember all references in my head since there is no autocompletion from linked .bib file.
  3. Reference Importer: search for an article/book from a variety of sources and import the corresponding reference data (BibTex, PDF) into BibDesk, copy BibTeX to clipboard, go to the landing page for the article, or copy a formatted reference. Also supports reference lookup from a PDF file. (This workflow was formerly known as "Citation Search" and "AIAA Search") (follow link to GitHub for a more detailed README and download) Update 5/22/2013: added conversion of non-latin characters to proper LaTeX. also removed default cite-key so that BibDesk can populate citekey with user defined st
  4. Hi, I'm looking to build quite a simple workflow in Alfred that simply can suggest / autocomplete "citekeys" when I start typing, using a .bib file as it's basis. A .bib file is a BibTeX reference list, which is a plain text file containing a list of references formatted by the following scheme: @article{Salimans2017, abstract = {We explore the use of Evolution Strategies (ES), a class of black box optimization algorithms, as an alternative to popular MDP-based RL techniques such as Q-learning and Policy Gradients. Experiments on MuJoCo and Atari show that ES
  5. BibQuery Search BibDesk from Alfred Version: 1.0.1 Download from Packal BibQuery is essentially a visual clone of ZotQuery for the Mac app BibDesk, which is a citation manager for BibTeX. Users of BibDesk can now enjoy the clean search interface found in ZotQuery, which clear icons for publication type, and clean presentation of publication data. Users can also search their .bib databases with the same variety of queries: general (keywords: bib or b) titles (keywords: bib:t or bt) creators (keywords: bib:a or ba) in-keyword (keywords: bib:nk or bnk) in-group (keywords: bib:ng or bng) for
  6. AIAA Search: lookup American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) articles using any metadata and download the associated BibTeX entry or the actual PDF (AIAA subscription required for PDF). Note: I've folded this functionality into a more comprehensive workflow that already shared a lot of the same code. Going forward please use my Reference Importer workflow rather than this one.
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