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Found 5 results

  1. Price tracker for cryptocurrency. Easily view quotes, last price, high/low, and percent change of all major cryptocurrencies. Usage Use with keyword "crypto". No argument will return the 3 major ticker symbols: BTC, ETH, and LTC. Provide an argument to try and fetch price of the provided symbol (i.e. "rep") Links GitHub: https://github.com/rhlsthrm/alfred-crypto-tracker Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/cryptocurrency-price-tracker Feedback appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, I might be an outlier but I think it would be cool to type in a bitcoin address into the search field of Alfred and have it automatically go to the transaction history of blockchain.info or some other block explorer website. In theory, this shouldn't be too hard to do... Maybe...
  3. Alfred Cryptocurrency Workflow https://github.com/Zhangxi-Lam/alfred-cryptocurrency Get information about cryptocurrency from https://coinmarketcap.com/
  4. I'm new to Alfred workflows, json and python, so I'm more or less starting from scratch on this one! I want to create a workflow that will get the latest bitcoin price in GBP, using the bitcoinaverage API (https://api.bitcoinaverage.com/ticker/global/GBP/). That gives me a json file that looks something like this: { "24h_avg": 473.32, "ask": 498.26, "bid": 497.76, "last": 498.02, "timestamp": "Mon, 13 Jun 2016 14:26:07 -0000", "volume_btc": 1703.35, "volume_percent": 0.7 } I would like to have a simple python script that will query the API, extract the "bid" value and then give it back to me in Alfred. I'm trying to base my script off the Pinboard tutorial but it's not working so far. Can anyone help?
  5. Bitcoin workflow for Alfred 2 provides an easy way to lookup Bitcoin market price, perform currency conversion and fetch informations of a Bitcoin address. Download You can grab a copy of Bitcoin Workflow via this link. Usage Use currency to set your preferred currency. (Required) Use wallet to set your default Bitcoin address. (Optional) exch without parameter to view market prices. exch with a number to convert between BTC and your preferred currency. addr with a Bitcoin address or Hash 160 to view the info of it. If default Bitcoin address is set. addr without parameter will show info of the default address. Thanks to Jeremy G. for all the great ideas and suggestions. Blockchain for API support. David Ferguson’s Workflows class. For more screenshots please visit the publish page of this workflow.
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