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  1. Hi! I want to share a theme I made, it's not particularly original, but it better suits my taste Spacious Spacious Dark
  2. Like minimalism? Like blue? You will love this theme.. Download: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/YQBTURrTNR/ Download: https://www.dropbox.com/preview/aplicaciones/Alfredd/Miniblue.alfredappearance?role=personal
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vf7ptvclkkv6jrm/Aurelia%20%28CloudColors%29.alfredappearance?dl=0 This is inspired by the collective "Minimalistic" and "Clean" Themes posted on this forum. I simply adjusted those details Steve Jobs would have spent months to perfect and ended up with something I liked. The design for subtext on alternative results is ignored as my settings only show for primary, it makes a lot cleaner UI. Enjoy ps. This one may be ideal for retina displays!
  4. joewilliams998


    I made a theme with slight transparency, designed to be unobtrusive but visible over light or dark backgrounds. Here's the download link: http://is.gd/GZfmDU
  5. akmur

    Late at night

    Hello, I recently got into Alfred, and I'm loving it so far. I have created my first theme which you might find easy on the eyes just like I did, I hope you like it. It's got a slight transparency and dark colors. Get it here! http://is.gd/a2Az2l
  6. This is a simple theme that utilizes the blur feature under Appearance > Options (I personally turn it right up) with a frosted blue bottle style. Download Blue Bottle Theme from Dropbox
  7. I use a variant of Flatland for SublimeText 2, so I decided to maintain theming across all my apps. This is a dark theme with blue highlighting: http://bit.ly/1mKxpKq
  8. herr_john

    Drupal Theme

    I've build a Theme based on the Drupal colors. Hope you'll like it. Download (zip)
  9. Download Giant Goldfish Light Theme Preview:
  10. Monokai - http://cl.ly/3d1g1k3N3I1u Monokai Blue - http://cl.ly/3l1U0k332Q3X The themes are based on Monokai for Alfred by Idea4IT.
  11. Pixelmator theme: http://cl.ly/0w3A1N3D3g3D I love Pixelmator.
  12. Lime: http://cl.ly/2k1Q1C2F2V1V Here's the theme I use. It's simple, clean and colourful. It's wide, too, because I like to see instant results from, say, Wolfram or Google Translate. Enough detail without being cluttered. If you want it more subtle, just make it grey and thinner. But then it wouldn't be lime, would it? I hope you enjoy! Sublime: http://cl.ly/3N0P2T321N3k A blue version as requested
  13. || Dark Minimalism || || Download HERE: http://tinyurl.com/nga8g3k ||
  14. Spotlight Revamped ** Click LIKE (please!) and DOWNLOAD below ** Download HERE: http://tinyurl.com/nhsqfwj
  15. Ddyracer

    Icy Blue

    Link to Theme Inspired by Glaciers
  16. ebence


    Pastel Sky: Download Pastel Grass: Download Pastel Orange: Download Pastel Peach: Download
  17. pstadler

    King Dark

    A simple dark theme. Enjoy. Download
  18. palobo

    Minimal Dark

    Intro Finally decided to try my hand at a dark yet minimal theme. So far I'm liking it, but as with all my themes and workflows, this is a constantly evolving work in progress, so please critique and comment so that I may tweak it and improve the experience. Download v1: Here
  19. Here is a light blue chalk dust theme. enjoy! Screen shot: Click Here Download: Click Here
  20. The Blue Alliance is a database of teams that compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. This workflow allows you to see some of the data offered by TBA right in Alfred. Simply type in "tba" and a team number, and you can view a team's overall record, their full name, the events they are going to, their individual event records, and even access their website. This workflow can be downloaded at here. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  21. Here's my version of the popular Minimalist theme. Much like its definition, it's called Minimalist. Photo: http://db.tt/yBp9ztnP I tried to optimize both beauty and productivity so that Alfred looks elegant but doesn't distract you from entering queries and finding your results. Download: http://db.tt/gQpVpoGa Let me know what you think on Twitter! Thanks, Zach Kahn | @iKahn6294
  22. for fun!! down it
  23. Cobalt 2 theme for Alfred 1 and 2 Super great theme for Alfred. Based on the Cobalt2 theme for Sublime Text. Download at https://github.com/wesbos/Cobalt2-Alfred-Theme To install, download Cobalt2-alfred1.x.alfredtheme for alfred 1.x or Cobalt2-alfred2.x.alfredappearance for alfred 2.x and double click. Alfred will automatically install it for you.
  24. onto

    Subtle Blue theme

    Hi all, here's my subtle blue theme. Feedback? Download: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3304376/German%20Blues.alfredappearance Screenshot: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3304376/screenshot_blues.png
  25. dave

    Bluish v2

    A dark blue theme: Edit: that didn't work: Download
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