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Found 3 results

  1. Run browser bookmarklets from Alfred, without needing to having them installed in the browser itself. Note that you may need to Allow JavaScript from Apple Events in your Browser. 1 For the first step, get this template workflow itself. Though this is not strictly necessary (you can build it yourself) it serves as a starting point with most of the work already done. Proceed to open the workflow in Alfred. Next, get a browser bookmarklet to convert by copying its link address. 2 Run :cleanbookmarkletcode to clean the code in your clipboard. It performs substitutions necessary to avoid problems when pasting the code in the next step. 3 Open the Arg and Vars node and paste the code. Extra If you’re not new to Alfred, you likely won’t need these steps as you’ll know what to do. 4 The template includes both a Keyword and a Hotkey nodes to run the code. You can delete either one by clicking on it and pressing ⌫. 5 If you choose to use the workflow via Keyword, do not forget to set it up. 6 Lastly, edit the workflow’s details and its icon. For completeness it’s pre-filled with my details. Feel free to edit them. Download | Source
  2. I love Alfred, but I think you forgot something in your new Bookmarklets feature: Why are Safari and Chrome the only source options for new Bookmarklets. Why not show a little love to Firefox, too?
  3. Hi, Just want to share a workflow I created recently. It allows one to edit and run bookmarklets in Chrome easily. It can be invoked with "bm" keyword or Command+Shift+B hot key. (This workflow was intrigued by the AlfredBookmarklets workflow created by vitor) When "Edit bookmarklets" is selected, bookmarklets file will be opened in TextEdit. New bookmarklets can be added like Bookmarklet description: javascript code goes after ':' IMPORTANT: if you have installed this workflow before and added your own bookmarklets, please backup the bookmarklets file before re-install or upgrade the workflow. How to backup: In Alfred window, enter "bm" and select "Edit Bookmarklets" item, in the TextEdit window, save a copy to your Documents dir. How to restore from backup: After install the new workflow, follow same process above to open the Bookmarklets file, copy content from your backup and save. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/391e0si9aw3hbk1/Bookmarklets.alfredworkflow?dl=0
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