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Found 34 results

  1. I'm looking for a workflow that will search raindrop.io for bookmarks. I've gone to raindrop since my browser (Brave) was making a mess of my bookmarks sort every time I thought I got it straightened out. I think it may have something to do with the way it syncs bookmarks. Raindrop has both a mac app and a browser version in case that makes a difference to what's possible. Thanks.
  2. Safari Assistant All-in-one workflow for Safari. Filter tabs, bookmarks (and bookmarklets), reading list and history. Several built-in actions. Easily add your own via scripts. Assign your favourite actions (or bookmarklets) to alternate actions (i.e. ⌥↩, ^↩ etc.). Download from GitHub releases. Source code. Built-in tab actions: Close Tab Close Window Close Other Tabs Close Tabs to Left Close Tabs to Right Built-in URL actions (also work on tabs): Open in Private Window Open in Default Browser Open in Chrome Open in Firefox Usage bh [<query>] — Search and open/action bookmarks and recent history. ↩ — Open item in browser. ⌘↩ — Show URL actions for selected item. ⌥↩ — Run custom action on selected item. ^↩ — Run custom action on selected item. fn↩ — Run custom action on selected item. ⇧↩ — Run custom action on selected item. bm [<query>] — Search and open/action bookmarks. ↩, ⌘↩, ⌥↩, ^↩, fn↩, ⇧↩ — As above. bml [<query>] — Search and run bookmarklets. ↩ — Run bookmarklet in active tab. bmf [<query>] — Search bookmark folders. ↩ — Enter folder/open bookmark. ⌘↩ — Open all bookmarks in folder/show URL actions for bookmark. hi [<query>] — Search and open/action history entries. ↩, ⌘↩, ⌥↩, ^↩, fn↩, ⇧↩ — As above. rl [<query>] — Search and open/action Reading List entries. ↩, ⌘↩, ⌥↩, ^↩, fn↩, ⇧↩ — As above. tab [<query>] — Search and activate/action Safari tabs. ↩ — Activate the selected tab. ⌘↩, ⌥↩, ^↩, fn↩, ⇧↩ — As above. See the README on GitHub for full usage instructions.
  3. Install $ npm install --global alfred-youtube-bookmarks or as youtube-bookmarks.alfredworkflow and then in the directory of Workflow run npm install to install node modules. Requires Node.js 7.6+ and the Alfred Powerpack. Usage In Alfred, type yt, Enter, and your query. It will be work with Safari & Chrome only. Bookmarks To create bookmark needs to have opened Safari's/Chrome's window with youtube's video player active tab. Adding multiple tags is implemented through comma. type some shortcut (⌥⌘B - for example) to create bookmark type some shortcut (⌥⌘S - for example) to show and go through the bookmark in the current playing video. fn+↵ to delete one or several bookmarks (in specific filters will be deleted all bookmarks in the current filter) hit ⇧ To open preview window by any bookmark. Setting for Chrome View => Developer => check "Allow Javascript for Apple Evenst"
  4. I use a variety of browsers between home and work, and while my Alfred settings nicely sync between my different computers, my bookmarks do not. I'd love it if I could sync my browser bookmarks to Alfred so they'd be accessible when I search the web.
  5. Hello fellows Automaters, I wanted to share with you the Workflow I just created using Alfred. I wanted to be able to autocomplete my Firefox bookmarks in real time. All the existing workflows I have found seemed to be more or less broken because they rely on things that have changed (more info at the end of the post)[1], so I decided to write something that would do what I wanted. After some hair pulling and doc reading, I managed to have that running. It's 4 pieces of code to glue together: - a Firefox extension, Sync bookmarks to disk that monitors changes in the bookmarks. When something changes, it invokes what's called a Native Application, and pass all the bookmarks to this Native Application. It has not UI (yet?) and works automatically. If you don't perform the second and third code setup explained below, it will fail silently. - a Native Application manifest to install inside Firefox settings. It will allow the extension to actually invoke a Python script outside the main Firefox process and write a file outside the internal browser sandbox. - the Python script that is invoked by the Native Application, it should be made executable and placed somewhere on your drive. It receives the data from Firefox and save it as is in /tmp/bookmarks.json. You can even look at this file and find your workflow on the first steps have been done. - and finally an Alfred Workflow, that reads the file dumped by the python script, do a bit of transformation and populates the autocomplete popup. The end results looks like this: - add a bookmark to Firefox - invoke Alfred, type "ff" followed by the words of the title of your bookmark and it should appear All these parts are available at https://github.com/octplane/firefox-bookmark-to-disk and pretty much any of these can be modified to your liking. The documentation is pretty rudimentary so please tell me if some parts need explaining. This is my first real contribution here and to the Alfred ecosystem, so feel free to indicate me if there are better ways to publish and package that (apart from doing an actual Macos installer :D)... Thanks! Pierre. 1: it seems that the places.sqlite file is now actively locked by Firefox and it is not possible to open it when the Browser is running. It results in the dreaded `Error: database is locked` from the one that tries to read the database.
  6. Hi there, Apologies if this is a dumb question; I'm not a programmer or huge power user, but I do love the idea of Alfred's workflows. In my day-to-day I use multiple browsers for different tasks. I love the fact that Alfred can include my Chrome bookmarks in search results, but I'd really like to be able to take a search result (ie. bookmark) and open it in a different browser - typically Firefox - if possible. If there's already a workflow that can do this then I'm happy to be pointed at that, however I wasn't able to find one just searching the forums. I tried creating something myself, but not fully understanding the underlying flow of Alfred's workflows, I don't think I was heading in the right direction. Was going to kick off a keyword workflow - something like "ff" for Firefox - but then couldn't figure out how to get Alfred to continue doing it's search function to then bring up my bookmarks. Even easier would be to change the modifier key behaviour so that, when a search result is a bookmark, using Ctrl or Shift or Command (or something else) would allow me to choose which browser the bookmark opened in. Looking for some guidance. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hey Alfred team & community! I have a problem with the Chrome Bookmarks feature because of the way my Chrome is set up. It will take a fairly long explanation of it for me to be able to ask for help, so sorry in advance. I used to run Chrome as my default browser but switched to Safari months ago. I got a job that requires me to use Chrome for work. This means my current setup is Safari -> default browser, Chrome -> work browser. My work is somewhat complicated, with MANY web tools and reference pages I must access and switch between constantly, that's why Alfred's bookmarks feature is easily one of my most used features and very important to me, next to snippets and clipboard history. However, here's the problem: when I transitioned Chrome from my default browser to my work browser, I initially created a second "Person" inside Chrome. So, the profile I actually use today for work is a secondary profile/person inside Chrome. Since apparently Alfred only indexes bookmarks for the primary Chrome profile/person, what I was doing was copying-pasting my bookmarks in bulk from my secondary profile (the one I actually use) into my primary profile (the one Alfred would know how to index, the one I used to have as my default browser but now is useless as I use Safari, despite still being the primary Chrome profile because it's older). What a mess, right? Anyway, this used to work, but I quickly became grumpy with this hacky process. Since there's no way to change which Chrome profile is the default/primary one, I just deleted my primary/older profile. My thinking was that doing this would change my secondary profile into the primary one (since it's now the ONLY profile in Chrome), thus making Alfred index the correct bookmarks, from that profile, without copypasting hacks. Well, it didn't work. Now Alfred just doesn't pull ANY Chrome bookmarks whatsoever. I already restarted both Chrome and Alfred after making this change, but my bookmarks are still invisible to Alfred. What can I do to force Alfred to index these bookmarks for me? Thanks and sorry for the long-winded message!
  8. Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place. I'm new to the forum. Basically, Alfred 3 just randomly started to not opening the proper chrome pages when I do a google search using the bar. The same applies to bookmarks. What I mean is that I'll type something like this: When I hit enter, Chrome opens, but nothing happens.
  9. Oh hey y’all. Web Bookmarks search is the most frequent feature of Alfred that I use. Since I'm from China, the titles of most of the websites are in Chinese. At present, Alfred cannot search those bookmarks by Pinyin, so it can't give me any clues when I just type a few first characters in Pinyin. It'll be more convenient for Chinese users if Alfred support Chinese search, not only for web bookmarks, but also others, like files, etc. Thanks
  10. Hi there, I'm having trouble getting Alfred to show my bookmarks. I have bookmarks turned on in Alfred prefs. It was working before. What other info is needed to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  11. Hi! Since the latest update some bookmarklets are showing with the native Web Bookmarks search (specifically Google Chrome Bookmarks). However they don't work (they open a Mac OS dialog asking for an Application to handle the "javascript" URL scheme, choosing Chrome or any browser doesn't do anything), and again only some of them are showing, I can't figure out the criteria for this (all of them are on the same folder, in the Default profile). What you were doing when the issue happened Searching a bookmark(let), then opening it. Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yep, behaviour is persistent. Include any screenshots that might help us Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred v3.5.1 [883] Include your OS X version OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 14D136 x86_64
  12. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to configure Alfred to open non-specific URLs, using a partial or whole domain, in a specific browser using a wildcard or contains function. For example: I have a bunch of bookmarks to SharePoint URLs that I need to open in my Windows VM, but most other links I want to continue opening in Safari. The logic I'm looking for is something like "IF URL contains sharepoint.com, then open in Chrome in Windows". This would allow us to configure one Workflow for each domain (or one to rule if we could do multiple domains in one flow) rather than create a different Workflow for each Open URL action. I set up the many of the single Open URL Workflows previously and somehow Alfred got totally reset the other day - I lost all my settings and preferences - and now I have to rebuild everything again.
  13. With the addition of the "Web Bookmarks" feature now Alfred indexes Chrome Bookmarks, but it ignores bookmarklets (probably intended). However it would be very useful to me if I could actually search and trigger those excluded bookmarklets from Alfred, ideally in the frontmost browser. I know about some workflows approaching this (AlfredBookmarklet and Bookmarklets) but they requiere me to clone my (currently 50+) bookmarklets list, and AFAIK there's none backup/sync option from there. I would appreciate the extra commodity to do this from Alfred natively. Thank you, cheers! David.
  14. When using the "bm" keyword for bookmark searching the sole available option reads "Search Safari Bookmarks..." I am still able to search my chrome bookmarks it's just the option's label that's incorrect. Alfred 3.5 - Build 875 Sierra 10.12.6
  15. I almost didn't post this as a bug, because I'll leave it to Alfred's parents to decide. It's quite possible a "behavior subtlety" which has "evolved." But on the chance it was an unintended change: Build 875, Monday 25th September 2017, although this seems to have been a behavior since the new bookmark search behavior instead of something peculiar to this build. I'm still holding off on installing High Sierra until we get the all-clear with Adobe Illustrator and a few production tools. So this is in the current Sierra. For a long time I've organized browser bookmarks using full names and unique abbreviations in parentheses, e.g. National Hurricane Center (NHC) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) National Weather Service (NWS) Then I would recall such things using the abbreviation. "<Search box> NHC " or "<Search box> SPC" In earlier versions, the search would return links including the above examples. In the current version, the pattern does not return as a match unless I also type the first parenthesis. Now required: "<Search box> (NHC" or "<Search box> (SPC" I don't know that I have any objection to this, but I mention it in case it was unintended. Or perhaps the unlikely case where it has changed the way a script behaves. I certainly don't mind changing my scheme if the new behavior is preferred. :-) Thanks very much for the ongoing improvements and support of Alfred!
  16. This workflow helps search your Google Chrome/Chromium bookmarks realy fast with unicode support. For more info please see: http://mdreizin.github.io/alfred-workflows/#chrome-bookmarks
  17. Cyberduck Favorites Open a connection with your Cyberduck favorites This workflow will list all your Cyberduck bookmarks and open them if you select them Source code at Github: Cyberduck-Favorites Powered by alfred.py Should support Alleyoop Download it here: Cyberduck Favorites.alfredworkflow Greetings Kasoki
  18. Hi, The problem that I'm currently experiencing using Alfred 3.1 (build 718) is that I can no longer have Alfred search my bookmarks using the Safari Technology Preview (or regular Safari for that matter). I'm currently on macOS Sierra (GM build) and I can't quite remember during which Sierra beta that broke the ability to search my bookmarks. I've tried resetting my default browser back from STP to just Safari, which didn't change anything. In order to search them, I've had to rely on Spotlight. Does anyone have any suggestions...? Thanks, Scott
  19. Hey! I often find myself in a situation where I need to paste the URL from one of my Safari bookmarks to someone in email, chat, forums, etc. It's great that I can easily find bookmarks in Alfred but in these cases I don't want to open the bookmark in my browser, I just want to copy its URL to the clipboard without leaving whatever app I'm in. Would anyone be kind enough to help me figure out how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  20. Github: https://github.com/dearrrfish/browser-sugar-alfredworkflow Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/browser-sugar Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/gYqc8 Please read README on Github if you are interested. This workflow helps to: Switch tab(s) from one browser to another ( currently supports Safari and Chrome ) Copy data from browser tab(s) or application in text Open URL(s) from text of selection or the clipboard Stash group of tabs from browser, save for later Unstash saved group of tabs, into browser It also provides syntax patterns, allowing user to config default settings for each action, or customize action script and assign hotkeys. -- NORMAL --
  21. Hi, I've got 1password talking to alfred to the extent that I can search 1p (name of 1password bookmark) and trigger a login. But I'd like to be able to add the 1password bookmarks to workflows. Reading through previous forum threads, my understanding is that I would need to find the bookmark in 1password, drag it to the desktop, and then drag it into an action block "luanch apps and files". But when I select the login in 1password and attempt to drag it anywhere (desktop or into "launch apps"), nothing happens. How can I get a specific bookmark o become part of a workflow? 1Password 6 Version 6.2 (620012) AgileBits Store Alfred v2.8.3 (435) thanks
  22. Hi, I've configured Alfred to search for my Safari bookmarks; however, none are ever shown. I don't recall this ever working for me. Could this be a permissions or privacy/security issue? Running "repair disk permissions" in Disk Utility.app does nothing. Here's a screenshot of my preferences. Here's a movie of the behavior. Other relevant data: MacOS X 10.10.3 Alfred v2.7 (385) thanks, Chris
  23. For Safari, I have two levels of bookmarks. I have my most used bookmarks (which is like 15 bookmarks) under favorites and they are accessible through the favorites bars (the bar right above the tabs). The rest of the bookmarks are filed away in case I need some information later. There is quite a lot of them and I rarely use them. My problem is I want to use Alfred to access my favorited bookmarks and to simply ignore the hundreds of other bookmarks. Is there a way to limit the types of bookmarks that Alfred searches? If not, how to I create a workflow that used keywords to open URLs and not to search URLs. It is only 15 websites, so it won't be too difficult to crete 15 workflows. I have tried to create a workflow to, lets say, open Facebook, but every time I type the Facebook keyword in, Alfred treats it like I am trying search Facebook through Alfred, instead of just loading up the URL. Thanks!
  24. Here's a workflow I knocked up for searching your bookmarks on Kippt and launching the URL in your browser. Important instructions: To set up, you must enter your Kippt username and API key into the workflow's script filter. The API key can be found here when logged in (under "api_token"). Download View source on GitHub
  25. Hi, I want to create a Safari bookmark search. Therefore I have to drop a file typ into the workflow like com.apple.safari.bookmark. Where can I find or create such a file? Thanks.
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