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  1. This workflow allows you to search browser tabs from Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi & Safari. GitHub: https://github.com/epilande/alfred-browser-tabs Download: https://github.com/epilande/alfred-browser-tabs/releases/latest/download/Browser-Tabs.alfredworkflow Commands chrome tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Google Chrome and filter based on query. brave tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Brave Browser and filter based on query. vivaldi tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Vivaldi and filter based on query. safari tabs {query} – Fetch tabs from Safari and filte
  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of workflows that need to interact with a browser via AppleScript (usually to get a page’s url), but most of them seem to settle on a single browser (usually Safari), which is a shame. I can understand — applescript is a pain, and since each browser implements these functions however they want, finding the best way to do it with each one can be difficult, so here’s the code for most of them. The code for this may seem massive, but it is not. Read the comments to understand when to use what. You can find the latest version of this as a gist. -- AppleScr
  3. System Specs: MacBook Air 2017 13" macOS: 10.14.6 (18G1012) Alfred: 4.0.6 What I was doing: Sometimes when I open the Alfred Browser using <ctrl><alt>c, the window shows with the files in the last directory opened. It is more likely to happen on directories that are very large. But, it has happened some on small directories. What happened: Alfred quits responding to keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc. It totally hangs until I use a terminal and type `killall Alfred`. Then when I relaunch Alfred, it behaves just fine.
  4. I'm looking for a workflow that will search raindrop.io for bookmarks. I've gone to raindrop since my browser (Brave) was making a mess of my bookmarks sort every time I thought I got it straightened out. I think it may have something to do with the way it syncs bookmarks. Raindrop has both a mac app and a browser version in case that makes a difference to what's possible. Thanks.
  5. This Alfred workflow lets you select any Firefox profiles found in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/. It lets you open different FF profiles in parallel. This workflow is written in Ruby which I never worked with before. I think there are better ways to do it. Anyways, I am using it on a daily base. https://github.com/mikezahno/alfredworkflow-ffp It is not yet on packal as I am new to the community. Any suggestions and contributions are very welcome.
  6. I'm new here; I did scour the forums and also PacMax for help but couldn't find what I'm looking for. Alfred is doing some amazing things as far as within the OS but I'm looking for some very basic workflows that can interact within the browser. I've tried this extensively with Mac Automator but got nowhere. I am NOT asking anyone to build any workflows for me because I want to learn and customize it myself. I'm just asking for some similar templates or point me in the direction where I can start. Here's what I'm looking to do... Center my mouse cursor on a browser win
  7. I want to create a workflow that would open a few urls as pinned tab in my default browsers. I have tried with one url and it seems there is no option to do it. Workflow's file is accessible here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/geruuw94ac1ow1g/Open_As_Pinned_Tab.alfredworkflow?dl=0 Thank you.
  8. Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place. I'm new to the forum. Basically, Alfred 3 just randomly started to not opening the proper chrome pages when I do a google search using the bar. The same applies to bookmarks. What I mean is that I'll type something like this: When I hit enter, Chrome opens, but nothing happens.
  9. Hi! I felt a little hesitate to start my first topic, because I think my question is quite simple but I couldn't find the answer yet in the forums. But since this is the reason I started using Alfred, I might just ask the community On my Mac, I use different email applications and browsers to seperate work and private. I use Outlook and Firefox for work and Airmail and Chrome for my private stuff. Now, Chrome is my default browser. What I want to achieve is that all links that I click on in Outlook are opened in Firefox. Is this possible? Thanks for helping
  10. Google Chrome is my default browser. But as Firefox seems to have made some significant speed improvements I thought I could use both as "default browser". As it is not possible, as one can have only one default browser, I was wondering if there was a way I could set one "Open URL" action to open the url in the front browser whether it is Firefox or Google Chrome. As of today, I only can open the URL in the default browser.
  11. This is pretty straightforward feature request. Since Alfred 3.5 there is an ability to search through your browser bookmarks. It's super nice, except it is only bookmarks. Wouldn't it be awesome to search through entire browser history in addition to bookmarks? This is how pretty much all modern browsers search bars are working, and there is a reason for that, it's really useful and convenient, considerably speeding up the time you need to enter URL. Right now, I often find myself going back to enter URLs/search in Safari, shy away of using Alfred for this type of func
  12. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to configure Alfred to open non-specific URLs, using a partial or whole domain, in a specific browser using a wildcard or contains function. For example: I have a bunch of bookmarks to SharePoint URLs that I need to open in my Windows VM, but most other links I want to continue opening in Safari. The logic I'm looking for is something like "IF URL contains sharepoint.com, then open in Chrome in Windows". This would allow us to configure one Workflow for each domain (or one to rule if we could do multiple domains in one flow) rather than cr
  13. I have an Alfred workflow based on a JXA script. It acts as a control mechanism for focusatwill.com (an online music streaming service). It has basic functionality, play/pause, skip track... This was working fine in an earlier version, interacting with the page using query selectors, e.g. tab.execute({ javascript: "document.querySelector('.playerControls .playButton').click();" }) This site recently refactored their UI to use React. My basic controls still work (using querySelector), but one part of the setup (changing the genre) has broken. It used to use querySelectorAll f
  14. Good evening everybody, I am looking for directions (a) to find an already existing workflow (that I wasn't able to find) or (b) to allow me to create my own, in regards to the following "problem": I use Safari as my primary and have Opera installed as my secondary browser. While viewing a website in Safari, I sometimes would like to be able to use an Alfred-keyword to open the same website in Opera and vice-versa. Any directions? Thank you!
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first post and my first shared workflow, but I've gleaned so much through the forum as a lurker, so thanks! This is a utility for developers who are using Google's Firebase. I was so tired clicking around that I had to created this workflow, which simply opens a browser window directly to the given location in the Firebase Console. It also has live search thanks to @SamVerschueren's great alfred-firebase workflow, which mine triggers when `Documentation` is selected. Packal keeps giving me an error upon submitting, so I
  16. I've created a small workflow that automates something that I've find myself doing very often: copying a website as an HTML hyperlink text and pasting it into the footnote of my notes to track my sources. Simply type copylink (hyperlink), copylinkmd (Markdown) or copylinktxt (Textile) to see a list of open browser tabs (currently for Chrome and Safari only). Then, select one to copy the title of the page linked to the URL. Download v1.5 | Github See Github page for release notes. Hope you'll find it useful. Let me know of any bugs or feedbac
  17. Hi, I am a designer and for my job I need sometimes to find a bunch of pictures for my design presentation. I've read several thread regarding this but I think I am still clueless as to how it works. Maybe just need some one to point me to the right direction. What I am looking for: I have a small list (10-15 words) with keywords on txt file: one two three ... ten And there is one site which I want to open in standard browser (safari) with this list of urls: ht
  18. I made this to fit my web development workflow, primarily for responsive testing. This workflow opens a new resized window of the active tab for small, medium, and large devices in Google Chrome Canary, or Google Chrome. There's also an options to open two new windows, small and large, side by side, or open a new resized window and open DevTools at the same time. I've also included the Firechrome Alfred workflow to open Chrome's active tab in FireFox. Hopefully some of you fellow web developer's will find this useful. Feedback would be much appreciated. Window positioning stil
  19. Github: https://github.com/dearrrfish/browser-sugar-alfredworkflow Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/browser-sugar Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/gYqc8 Please read README on Github if you are interested. This workflow helps to: Switch tab(s) from one browser to another ( currently supports Safari and Chrome ) Copy data from browser tab(s) or application in text Open URL(s) from text of selection or the clipboard Stash group of tabs from browser, save for later Unstash saved group of tabs, into browser It also provides syntax patterns, allowing user to config de
  20. # Copy URL for Alfred You can copy browser's URL and title with various formats like markdown, anchor tag and your own. ## Installation 1. Download copyurl.alfredworkflow. 2. Open file by double-clicking or dragging into Alfred. 3. Open Alfred and type url. 4. Select URL format. You can change everything at Alfred Preferences > Workflows menu. ### Add your own template 1. Open ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.fallroot.copyurl/config.json file. 2. Edit contents with valid JSON format. ## Links - http://www.packal.org/workflow/copy-ur
  21. Hi, Just uploaded two new (old for me) workflows that I find very useful and thought someone else might like them. They are: Copy/Move To Workflow This workflow starts with a "Add Directory to Copy/Move locations..." File Action to create a list of directories to use as targets for a copy/move operation. If actioned on a file, the directory of the file is saved. Once you have a list, you can use "copy to..." or "move to..." file actions to move or copy files to a previously saved directory. The keyword "cm:fav" is used to view saved directories, remove one, go to one in Alfred Brows
  22. It would be good to have some support for Kiwix. Kiwix is an offline reader for web content, most notably Wikipedia. Here's what I suggest: By typing in the keyboard wiki, and then following it with some text, it will preview the associated Wikipedia artice. Pressing enter will open the article in Kiwix. http://s28.postimg.org/4b8kcllmj/2016_02_18_at_21_27_13.png http://www.kiwix.org/wiki/Main_Page
  23. Use this one to highlight a URL found in some text somewhere and open it with your default browser. Download link: http://cl.ly/022J311A1e0q/download/Open%20URL%20with%20hotkey.alfredworkflow
  24. I would like to build a workflow that will take a URL (or more than one) and some text, run the 'find' (⌘-f) function to search the site for that text and return the URL in a new tab if text is found. Example: URL: http://ontap.me/thefriendlyspot TEXT: IMPERIAL If there is an 'IMPERIAL' beer on the list, I would see the URL loaded in a new browser tab and the first instance of 'IMPERIAL' would be highlighted! If not I would get a "Sorry, 'IMPERIAL' not found" growl or notification or some such. This could have many different uses, but I want to know if the bars near me have wh
  25. Hi, i'm trying to open directly an incognito window, but i could not find the parth to the incognito window. Would be great if somebody could help what to do. yours, anbru
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