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Found 6 results

  1. Environment I am using macOS big sur, 11.1 (20C69) and also the newest version Alfred 4.3.1. Problem snippet doesn't expand if there are characters before the keyword. For example: The snippets I using are \ue --> ü, \oe --> ö, etc to write German words. if I write \ue only, it will expand correctly, but when I write f\uer, it won't expand, and if there is a whitespace before the keyword \ue, it works. Others snippets also. Troubleshooting I have read the page https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/snippets/ and follow it to solve my proble
  2. I activate a List Filter in a Workflow with a Hotkey combo: and when I press option, "Search for '(null)' in Spotlight" is shown as the subtext of the action: Hitting enter opens a Finder window, but of course it can't search for "null". It seems like this behavior should be prevented?
  3. Please see this thread in the Workflow Help & Questions forum.
  4. If you're having an issue with a workflow you've downloaded or one you're writing yourself, please follow these instructions. It will greatly increase your chances of getting a fast and useful response. It is extremely difficult to diagnose (let alone fix) a problem you're having unless we can reproduce it. If we can't, we're mostly just guessing. As such, it's very important that you provide what we need to do that, and post it in the right place. It can mean the difference between getting help within a few minutes and not getting it at all. Other people's
  5. When 1Password is locked on my machine the powerpack seems to work fine. It loads the site, and opens up 1Password mini in my menu bar and prompts for the master password. Once I authenticate it logs in as normal, works great. If I then logout of the website and try it again it opens the site in the browser and nothing more. Once I "lock" 1Password the functionality operates as it should for any website I have in my vault. Alfred - 2.8.2 (432) 1Password - 4.4.2 (442010) - Mac App Store OSX - 10.9.5 (13F1507) - Mavericks
  6. RESOLVED: I had to check "with space" to differentiate two file filters with similar keywords (e.g. fc & fcf) or the results were always from the first keyword. Thanks to all for feedback and assistance. ------------ Original post ------------ Simple File Filter to Open File Workflow. When I use File Type = public.folder, the results include files from inside the folders and swamp out the folder results. Any ideas or is this normal? I have no idea if this worked in the last stable release as I never used this one before. My apologies if this has been covered but Google
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