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Found 4 results

  1. I had originally posted these workflows in a previous thread (Toggle Caffeine), but it had a bunch of different ones posted in it. I just updated both to have Alleyoop update functionality. Caffeine Toggle — (Github Repo) (Download) Just just "caf" to enable or disable caffeine. There are others with more functionality (i.e. activate for a number of minutes) if you want those. Caffeinate — (Github Repo) (Download) Caffeinate is a native Mountain Lion utility that does the same thing as caffeine, but it has no menu icon. In this workflow, you can set the time in minutes. Here is the readme.md file from Github: --- RequirementsOS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) DescriptionIn Mountain Lion (10.8), Apple introduced a utility called "Caffeinate" that basically replicates what the Caffeine utility (web | app storefrom Lighthead Software does. CommandsAvailable Commands: status — Shows whether caffeinate is active and returns the number of minutes if it is. en — Enables caffeinate. en "minutes" — Enables caffeinate for X minutes. dis — Disables caffeinate." Screenshots Caffeinate Activated Caffeinate Help Caffeinate Launch Caffeinate Status
  2. Prevent your computer from going to sleep. Type coffee to turn it on. Action with ⌥ to also prevent the display from going to sleep. If you give a value it’ll be active for that amount of time. It defaults to minutes, but will also understand seconds and hours. Run coffee again to manually turn it off. Download | Source
  3. Wrote a little shell script that calls the native macOS caffeinate binary to prevent macOS from sleeping. Not a ton of functionality, basically: default, 1 hour specify # of hours turn caffeination off It has notifications and sounds, which you can of course disable in the workflow editor if you like. Hope you all like it! Source code and download here: https://github.com/paulsri/alfred-caffeinate
  4. Using keyword "caffeinetoggle" and output in Notifications Center. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5701386/Toggle%20Caffeine.alfredworkflow
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