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Found 5 results

  1. Dear fellow Alfred users, I'm an Alfred user for some time now and love it. Recently after I updated to 2.0 I searched for the Calendar app with Alfred but couldn't find it! So I thought: hmmm strange lest start testing! So -My search scope is good (can find every other app in the applications folder) -Reinstalled Alfred -Spotlight finds it -Rebuild my database -Cleared application cache -Running Mountian Lion -Have a spotlight comment for calendar (iCal) I thought maybe this gives a conflict but it doesn't because I deleted it and added some to other files and it doe
  2. I'm trying to dump Fantastical so looking for a workflow to use with Apple Calendar. I came across "Add Calednar Event" (https://www.packal.org/workflow/add-calendar-event) and installed it but it didn't work. So I took at look at the workflow and it's leveraging various Applescripts. That's fine and I note that those Applescripts came with the package. However, it's clear that the problem is that the workflow doesn't know where those applescripts are located. As an experiment, I modified the workflow to put the explicit path to mainnew.scpt and got a little further (it opened the calendar) bu
  3. This workflow allows you to enter a new event via Alfred using Calendar's quick entry box syntax. Type whatever you would enter in the quick entry box in Calendar in Alfred after the newevent keyword and hit enter. The workflow will pass what you type to Calendar through the Quick entry box allowing Calendar to automatically create the event. Click here to download the workflow.
  4. This workflow will query both or either Exchange Office 365 or Google Calendar to pull down a daily list of events. They will be organized by time and - if configured - it will extract online meeting information from either Skype or Hangouts and allow you to jump right into the meeting Usage You can use the following commands Available Commands: Today (shows the today list) Tomorrow (shows tomorrows list of events) tc Loads configuration options tcrest Restes data to default Download the Latest Release
  5. Displays a monthly calendar. Download Usage cal [month [year]] [<] [>] enter ↵ Open Supported Calendar Software with week view on selected week. <, > Display calendar of previous/next month. [month [year]] Display calendar with specific month and year. month can be numbers or English words. calconfig More configuration options. Supported Calendar Software BusyCal Fantastical 2 Google Calendar OS X Calendar Screenshots ChangeLog: Version 1.3.1 1. Support Google Calendar Version 1.3; 1. Support BusyCal and Fantastical 2. 2. Optimize write ope
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