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Found 19 results

  1. Displays a monthly calendar. Download Usage cal [month [year]] [<] [>] enter ↵ Open Supported Calendar Software with week view on selected week. <, > Display calendar of previous/next month. [month [year]] Display calendar with specific month and year. month can be numbers or English words. calconfig More configuration options. Supported Calendar Software BusyCal Fantastical 2 Google Calendar OS X Calendar Screenshots ChangeLog: Version 1.3.1 1. Support Google Calendar Version 1.3; 1. Support BusyCal and Fantastical 2. 2. Optimize write operation to config file.
  2. With the "new normal", many of us are working from home and jumping from one virtual meeting to the next to the next: from Zoom to Google Meet to GoToMeeting, etc. To save the pain of scrambling to open your next meeting link, I have written a workflow just for that! It's called "Open Conference URL", and its usage is simple: type conf to see your upcoming calendar events. Hit Enter to launch Zoom/Meet/etc. immediately. And even if you are 15 minutes late, the workflow will know what to do. (Download Workflow) If there are no nearby calendar events, the workflow displays all events for today: Download Workflow For documentation on all the configurable preferences, see the project's GitHub page: https://github.com/caleb531/open-conference-url
  3. Dear fellow Alfred users, I'm an Alfred user for some time now and love it. Recently after I updated to 2.0 I searched for the Calendar app with Alfred but couldn't find it! So I thought: hmmm strange lest start testing! So -My search scope is good (can find every other app in the applications folder) -Reinstalled Alfred -Spotlight finds it -Rebuild my database -Cleared application cache -Running Mountian Lion -Have a spotlight comment for calendar (iCal) I thought maybe this gives a conflict but it doesn't because I deleted it and added some to other files and it doesn't work for calendar but doesn't I've any problems with other files! Any suggestions?
  4. I'm trying to dump Fantastical so looking for a workflow to use with Apple Calendar. I came across "Add Calednar Event" (https://www.packal.org/workflow/add-calendar-event) and installed it but it didn't work. So I took at look at the workflow and it's leveraging various Applescripts. That's fine and I note that those Applescripts came with the package. However, it's clear that the problem is that the workflow doesn't know where those applescripts are located. As an experiment, I modified the workflow to put the explicit path to mainnew.scpt and got a little further (it opened the calendar) but still didn't actually insert the item. Presumably that script has dependencies on other scripts. So the question is, where is this package supposed to be installed so that the scripts can be found? It's rather odd that this isn't mentioned in the README for the package Thanks in advance
  5. This workflow allows you to enter a new event via Alfred using Calendar's quick entry box syntax. Type whatever you would enter in the quick entry box in Calendar in Alfred after the newevent keyword and hit enter. The workflow will pass what you type to Calendar through the Quick entry box allowing Calendar to automatically create the event. Click here to download the workflow.
  6. This workflow will query both or either Exchange Office 365 or Google Calendar to pull down a daily list of events. They will be organized by time and - if configured - it will extract online meeting information from either Skype or Hangouts and allow you to jump right into the meeting Usage You can use the following commands Available Commands: Today (shows the today list) Tomorrow (shows tomorrows list of events) tc Loads configuration options tcrest Restes data to default Download the Latest Release * Github Link (Documentation & Source) * Packal Link Version History: - 2.0.1 - Fixed a bug in exchange credential loading - 2.0.2 - Added Dateutil into the included libs - 2.0.3 - Fixed event sort order - 2.0.4 - Google calendar will now prompt for initial authorization (in theory) - 3.0 - Background fetching and significant speed up on UI - 3.1 - Changed the sort order so past events show up at the bottom of the screen now - 3.8 - Huge refactor of internal code base. Better debug logging and background processing - 3.8.1 - Minor bug fix where tomorrow was returning today and today tomorrow - 3.8.2 - Fixed a bug in the internal cache - 3.9.1 - New Fancy Help, and remove CA_CERTS requirement which was causing auth issues. &nbsp;Manual Auth support in documentation -3.9.2 - SSL Toggle ability - by default SSL is enabled - if you have troubles you can turn it off - 3.9.3 - Minor patch in SSL Stuff - 3.9.7 - Major bug fix in google authentication and SLL toggle support. - 4.0 - Multi Calendar mode for google - 4.1.0 - Updated quick look templates and enhanced protection for out of sync settings files - 4.3.1 - Fix for auto update mechansim - 5.0.1 - Ability to disable All Day Events (Outlook Only - google coming soon!) - 5.0.2 - All Day - Outlook and Google (BE HIDDEN) - SOON HAS COME! - 5.0.3 - Google Calendar Auth Fix - 5.0.5 - Client Secret errors resolved
  7. Hi, I have updated "Add Calendar Event" with feedback results. I hope it helps. http://code.google.com/p/tox-alfred-workflows/wiki/AddCalendarEvent It is very usefull for me Follow my Google Code page. I'm adding new workflows there Best, Tox
  8. Hi! I'm new to Alfred and thought I might just ask the forum for a workflow. In time, I'll contribute with my knowledge, but I'm not there yet Is it possible to start Alfred, type a keyword (e.g. cal), type "send report to my boss, (duration h/m) 0:15", hit enter and add that event at next available time in Calendar? Looking forward getting to know Alfred! Cheers, Fabian
  9. Hey, I decided to make my first workflow to test if it can be done in NodeJS. Apparently it can and besides the bigger than usual file size it's nice and easy. THIS WORKFLOW REQUIRES NODEJS About Simple Alfred workflow displaying current (today's or +/-1 day) TV shows. Installation Download the workflow file from and import it to Alfred (usually just double-click it). It's a bigger file than I'd like since it contains all the necessary NodeJS modules. Usage There are two keywords: tv displays short list (based on http://pogdesign.com/cat) of today's showsYou can also use it to display yesterday's or tomorrow's shows: `tv yesterday` / `tv tomorrow` tvl displays long list (based on http://thetvdb.com/rss/newtoday.php) You can use an optional argument to filter down the list (e.g. `tvl doctor`) Current version: 0.9.2 Known issues: caching doesn't workChangelog v0.9.2 (2015-09-01) fixed displaying shows from previous/next month Screenshots
  10. I've been looking for a workflow that is able to show my upcoming events in Alfred itself, with time and date. All the workflows I've found just open the calendar app on a date, which is not what I'm after. Is there anything like that out there, or would it be simple to make? Cheers.
  11. Another Applescript-based workflow. It defaults to M/D/YYYY date format but comments in the script explain how to modify for D/M/YYYY Years are optional. Follow the date with d m or w to change the view. It also recognizes "today" examples: cal 3/5 - opens Calendar to March 5 of the current year in the last opened view cal 10/15/2013 - opens Calendar to October 15, 2013 in the last opened view cal 8/8 d - opens Calendar to August 8 of the current year in day view cal 8/8 m - opens Calendar to August 8 of the current year in month view cal 8/8/2014 w - opens Calendar to August 8 of 2014 in week view cal today w - opens Calendar to the current date in week view Download: View Calendar on date with view…..alfredworkflow
  12. Hi there, I would like to share some workflows I have built. Play iTunes: pl [name|artist|album] Add Calendar Event cal meeting at 15 on 21 in shopping @Personal alarm 0 min 2 days Please, see my page: http://code.google.com/p/tox-alfred-workflows/ I am going to publish more. Thank you. Tox
  13. I'd like to search for my iCal calendar. In Alfred 1 i've done it as represented in the pic in attach. Frankly i don't remember how to add com.apple.ica.ics.event I've added only ICS File but the search not works. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  14. I'm new to Alfred this week, I love it so far! One thing I'm missing from Spotlight is the file searches displaying Reminders.app, Calendar.app, Mail.app, Messages.app, etc search results. I'd like to see these supported and integrated by default in Alfred, then it will be a total spotlight killer. I've found a workflow for Mail.app (by Vero), and I'm using a simple Reminders workflow, but I'm still looking for a satisfactory Calendar and Messages search function. I haven't found a way to search Calendar yet. With messages some integration of iMessage into the Alfred contacts would be ace, the problem with iMessage is they have emails & phones, and these already do something else in Alfred! (I've currently directed all phone numbers to Skype).
  15. This will probably be useful for very few people (e.g., archaeologists, palaeologists), but as I made this workflow, I share it! It converts BP times (Before Present) to BC/AD years, and reversely. The BC times have to be given as negative years. The result is copied to the clipboard, and alternatively as "cal. BP" or "cal. BC" when holding the action modifier Alt. Download
  16. Here's my first public workflow... you can enter a date, and it opens a page for that date in Google Calendar. As you can see, the workflow shows you the day of the week for that date immediately in the action title. It also does some simple date arithmetic, letting you go forward or backward a number of days, weeks, months, or years from a given date. Or you can leave off the date and just use +/-, and it will navigate forwards or backwards from today. Download Readme file (with instructions on how to change the date format to DD/MM/YY) GitHub source
  17. Hi, Can you help me creating a few workflows for: 1) Start a call with FaceTime 2) create a new note 3) create a new reminder 4) Create a new event in calendar 5) search for in Game Center 6) Search for an email 7) open photo booth in photo mode 8) open photo booth in video mode Thanks, Tecnoborder
  18. Display events and reminder from the OS X. agenda : today event, reminder agenda 1 : today + tomorrow agenda 2 : today + tomorrow + the day after tomorrow agenda n : no due date reminders This extension uses iCalBuddy by Ali Rantakari internally. Download : http://cl.ly/1P2J1v352O2z
  19. The default view in Apple Calendar is seven days; however, I sometimes like to see ten to fourteen days ahead and I don’t want to do that in the constricted monthly view. This Alfred 2 workflow will change the default number of days that are displayed in the Apple Calendar week view. Download the workflow here. Learn more about the workflow here. ---------- :: http://www.docstechnotes.com :: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/DocsTechNotes
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