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Found 2 results

  1. I was unhappy with the Alfred support for Continuity/Handoff calling via iPhone so I created this. It integrates with contacts. Use commands call [contact name or arbitrary number] and sms [contact name or arbitrary number] to make it work. 'im' is an alias of 'sms'. New in version 2 Faster than before Supports entering in numeric numbers also Now has primitive error checking. You should see the Facetime application pop up less. More hack-able FIXED: If Contacts isn't open when the command is invoked it will now close itself afterwards. Requires Alfred 3. Download from Github. Download from Packal.
  2. Edit : Updated this to make more sense We use Ringcentral at work but the RingCentral app for Mac is horrible, IMO. I've been playing around with the API where you pass variables in the URL and it will dial the phone number for you. See below for the example of what it looks like: Note: The URL is correct I've changed all my values. https://service.ringcentral.com/ringout.asp?cmd=call&username=8005551212&ext=123&password=password123&to={query}&from=4155551212&prompt=0 Now I can get this to work, for the most part, from doing the following. Go to features Click Contacts Click the + for custom actions Field = Phone Action = Pass to URL Scheme Then I put the above line in the next box This works. I use Alfred to look up my contact, click the phone number and it opens up a web page, passes the URL complete and dials the phone. Two Issues I have that I hope I can get some help with : I really would rather not have a browser open. Is there a way that something can be done behind the scenes without the browser opening to pass the URL (this might be a dumb question but I figured I would ask). RingCentral, for some reason, even though I'm passing my credentials via the URL still wants me to have a session cookie in the browser otherwise I get an invalid username and password. Seems kind of strange but it might be a RingCentral limitation. Thanks for the help Josh PS. While I love this program it's absolutely killing me trying to find new ways to use Alfred to improve my daily work.
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